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A cast can go a long way towards making a mediocre movie watchable, and while it’s always best to have a script and direction to match sometimes the best you can hope for is a parade of familiar, engaging and talented faces. Several such faces appear in the overly busy and cluttered new film, The Lookalike, and — wait for it — they make this mediocre movie watchable. A pair of drug dealing/club owning crime bosses (Steven Bauer, John Corbett) have a deal with a major supplier (John Savage) to provide him with a particular girl (Gillian Jacobs) for a night of expensive fornication in exchange for his drug business. When she dies in a freak chandelier accident they’re forced to find a passable substitute, and through a series of convenient coincidences involving their bartender Joe (Jerry O’Connell) and his brother Holt (Justin Long) they settle on a young woman named Lacey (Jacobs). Also along for the ride are Gina Gershon as a detective, Luis Guzmán as a heavy and Scottie Thompson as Mila, a one-legged deaf woman with cancer. Like I said, it’s cluttered, and it only gets more so as the various plot threads and characters come together in a tale that boils down to the sad conclusion that everyone has their price. It’s far from an original idea — although so few movies are these days — but the problem rests in the execution outside of the actors’ hands. The script is convoluted and contrived, and it doesn’t […]


My Big Fat Greek Wedding

If you’re a hopeless romantic, Greek, into the career moves of John Corbett or just really passionate about the films of the year 2002 (what?, I don’t know your life), then the news that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is getting a sequel 12 years later should be music to your ears. For a refresher — it was 12 years ago, after all — the original story followed the mousy, frumpy Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos), a woman from an overbearing but loving Greek family who just wanted to see her wind up with a nice Greek boy. She wanted more out of life, and that meant a career and love on her own terms, specifically with a dreamboat in the form of John Corbett, as many a woman in pop culture are wont to do (attn: Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah from Parenthood). She was able to find love and happiness with her new guy, who adapted to her huge family’s culture as Toula learned to accept that maybe she liked it a little bit, too. The new film will follow Corbett and Vardalos (who will also write) and her whole gang, who deal with a family secret getting revealed and an even BIGGER (even fatter?) wedding that brings them all together again. So what’s the secret? Who’s getting married? Will it really be bigger? Fatter? Greeker? Wedding-ier?


Ramona and Beezus

This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr sulks his head at not being able to see all the cool stuff that’s going on at Comic-Con 2010, but he knows he’s the lucky one because he was able to see Ramona and Beezus, Suck on that! Oh, and he gets a gander at Angelina Jolie in Salt, which ain’t bad, either.



I’m not quite sure why I decided to watch Sex and the City in its entirety. It could have been my curiosity about the show, or my desire to put Sex and the City 2 in some fair context in an Internet blogging landscape overwhelmingly composed of male writers and male readers, or maybe I was seeking out some sort of endurance test…or maybe all these are lame excuses to shamelessly justify watching a show that one would so easily encounter ridicule for watching.



The new film from Guillermo Arriaga, writer of Amores Perros and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, is a heavy-handed, oppressively somber affair starring a lot of deadly serious actors.

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