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We’re still months away from Election Day in November, but already the country is in the throes of full-scale campaigning, complete with mud-slinging, flip-flopping, and back-biting. Ah, politics! Nothing like them! But if you’re already sick of the machinations of the 2012 campaign, Stephen Gyllenhaal’s new film, Grassroots, just might be the right antidote. Based on a true story, Grassroots pits a starry-eyed newcomer (Joel David Moore) against a big dog city councilman (Cedric the Entertainer) in a 2001 political race. Moore’s Grant Cogswell has one dream, one platform – a new monorail for the city (shades of Singles here). Cedric’s Richard McIver is old school, resting his mass transit ideas on a ground rail train that’s so poorly thought out that Grant is convinced it will destroy the entire city. It doesn’t sound like Grant is going to get anywhere, but then Jason Biggs‘s recently-fired reporter pops up to run his campaign and then the volunteers start rolling in and then…well, you’ll just have to see the movie. We’re pleased to premiere the first poster for Grassroots, one that makes equal use of Moore and Bigg’s offbeat tactics, the beauty of Seattle, and the film’s well-rounded cast. Check out the full poster for Grassroots after the break, especially if you’re in need of some political maneuvering with an actual sense of humor.



There’s always a very certain moment when you realize you’re watching a bad film. The magic of that moment comes from the small inkling of hope you have that the bad film you’re watching will turn out to be one of those gloriously bad films that’s highly entertaining, if light on good filmmaking. Thankfully, many films fit that bill. Unfortunately, Gone is not one of them, vacillating between hilarious ineptitude and mind-numbing stupidity. The plot centers on Amanda Seyfried‘s character Jill, who has apparently crash-landed on a planet similar in appearance to Earth. Despite being populated with humanoids, none of the aliens on Earth 2 behave in any way resembling an actual human being. Jill is a young woman trying to cope with a traumatic past. She claims to have been abducted by a mysterious man and kept in a deep pit in the forest littered with human remains. She was able to escape and tell the police her story, but they found no traces of the pit nor of any foul play in her apartment and thus concluded that she was batshit crazy and had her committed to a mental institution. Jill has been living with her sister Molly and trying to readjust to the world, but everything is turned upside when Molly goes missing one night. Convinced that her sister was abducted by the same man, Jill goes to the police, only to be mocked and told there’s nothing wrong. Flummoxed, Jill takes matters into her own hands, embarking on a Scooby […]



This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr readies for a Labor Day vacation at a lake house surrounded by bloodthirsty sharks. Once dinner is over for the little beasties, he goes undercover in 1960s-era East Berlin to help a bunch of emotionally brittle Mossad agents to kidnap a Nazi war criminal. Unfortunately, all they uncover is dozens of hours of video recordings from a lost NASA moon landing. So Kevin decides to edit all of this footage together into a feature film and hock it to the Weinsteins, convincing them that it really happened… or did it?



If you were looking for the camp that a school of piranhas could deliver, look elsewhere. The new trailer for Shark Night 3D makes it clear that the filmmakers aren’t joking around (no matter what the title might make you believe). Kids. A lack of clothing. Water sports. Actual water sports. Sadly, there are sharks infesting the waters, and from the looks of the trailer, they might not have just wandered up from the estuary.



This is about to get very specific to my own personal tastes, so bare with me. Today brought us two separate reports that, when combined, put two people that I enjoy watching immensely into the same film. DC Pierson, of Derrick Comedy and Mystery Team fame, and Cobie Smulders, of How I Met Your Mother fame, have both joined the upcoming Stephen Gyllenhaal directed political comedy Grassroots.

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