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“If it’s Halloween, it must be Saw.” That was Lionsgate’s tag line to the Saw franchise for years. It all began in 2004 when then-unknown horror director James Wan delivered a very low-budget but very grisly thriller about a new killer named Jigsaw who didn’t actually kill people… he simply set them up to kill themselves. Fine line, there. The rest was history. Wan went on to direct other iconic horror films, including Insidious and The Conjuring. Star Tobin Bell and his sidekick Billy the Puppet became as recognizable as Jason’s hockey mask. Torture porn (a bit of a misnomer for the earlier, better Saw films) became its own sub-genre. And for nearly a decade, most studio horror movie releases cleared the way for Lionsgate to drop a new sequel in October just before Halloween. However, before it became a full-blown phenomenon, director James Wan sat down with the film’s writer and co-star Leigh Whannell to talk about the original for the DVD release. Now, for the film’s 10th anniversary, it’s time to look back at this new classic and learn.


Boiling Point

This weekend the “final” installment of the Saw franchise cut into theaters, slicing off about $22 million in ticket receipts for itself, an improvement over the opening weekend take of the previous installment of the trap-based gorefests. Of course, making money has nothing to do with being good or not, and in my opinion Saw 3D fails almost across the board in being either interesting, entertaining, or a movie following the rules of the franchise. When it comes to getting my blood boiling, Saw 3D has managed to get it going on two different fronts, both of which will be addressed here. From the quality of the film to the idea that this is the last installment of a very profitable series, strap yourself into the reverse beartrap and come along for the ride.



This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr celebrated Halloween by dressing up as a slutty nurse and watching the latest Saw movie. Then he dressed up as a slutty lawyer and watched the latest slice of Oscar bait known as Conviction. Now, he’s changed costumes once again to dress up as a slutty schoolgirl to hand out grades to these movies and contemplate whether you all would be better off catching up on the awesome recently Halloween-appropriate Blu-rays releases like The Exorcist, Psycho, Alien Anthology or The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Saw 7

While the series has taken a beating over the past few years, it showed some promise with its last installment, but even that excitement was curtailed by the franchise showing its age. For whatever reason, the creative forces behind the Saw films have never upped the ante or expanded the world in any way. That might be something fans complain about as forced with other sequels, but heading back into the same dank squalor to hear the old familiar voice on the tape recorder is a little faulty and repetitive. Fortunately, the new teaser trailer for the seventh installment in the horror series shows some promise that the producers are thinking outside the box by putting someone in it.



This week on a very special Reject Radio, special guest Peter Hall from Cinematical threatens us with a pumpkin carving knife and digs into the horror flicks that rolled out randomly (in October of all months!) last week. We also talk more intelligently about Antichrist than anyone else so far.



Back up from the mat and ready to fight again, Saw VI redeems the franchise and puts Jigsaw back on the map for horror fans.



Absolute shocker of the day, deals are in place and Saw VII is greenlit. In other shocking news, bears shit in the woods.



This Fall, we’re getting yet another installment of the Saw franchise. Now, Tobin Bell is hinting that we may be seeing them as far into the future as 2012.


Saw V Needs more Jigsaw

You were right, makers of Saw V, I didn’t believe how it ended. Or most of the rest of it. Or that any of you are literate.



If you need a little somethin’ somethin’ to numb your brain while you watch human mutilation, why not try this on for size. Like Jigsaw might say: “Would you like to play a drinking game?”



The Fat Guys discuss Neil’s unconventional love for Zac Efron (aka “Zefron” to his fans) while Kevin rants about drunken Irish cops in Pride and Glory.


The Poster for Saw V

A look at the poster for “Saw V” as well as some cast insight into the type of ride we’re in for. Their consensus: terrifying.

Kevin Carr

Saw IV

Movie Reviews By Kevin Carr on October 26, 2007 | Comments (6)

Ever since the first Saw cut into the American mainstream in 2004, it has been often imitated but rarely matched. The fourth installment of the series hits the theaters in time for Halloween, making a visit to the theater for more of Jigsaw’s antics a seasonal tradition for me.


Yes, it’s another week of torture porn in the movie theaters. We’ll see if the Saw franchise can do better than the Hostel or Hills Have Eyes franchises did earlier in the year. But just because some people like to watch torture and murder doesn’t mean everyone’s cool with it.

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