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Here’s a question: when we did we stop being fans of movies and become defenders of them? Follow up: when did it become a punishable offense not to enjoy things the same way others do? Sub question: since when is not liking a film as much as someone else the same as hating it? I’m assuming that since movies have existed, people have enjoyed talking about them. Shortly after the awe and wonder faded, they probably also enjoyed (or at least engaged in) debating over their particular merits. You know, once there started being more than one released every few months. Here’s a troubling trend I’m noticing: movie critics now consider themselves defenders of films, rather than critics or writers. With the rapid spread of information (and random words) through things like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, it has become increasingly difficult to even properly identify someone as a critic. What makes a critic? If you publicly reveal your opinion to the masses on the internet, is it not a topic for conversation? Is it not then welcomed for people to engage in debate? Doesn’t that make you a critic? If you didn’t want people to comment on your comment, shouldn’t you have kept it to yourself?


There are pros and cons to making a kick-ass, critically acclaimed film for your debut feature. On the plus side, well, you made a fantastic movie. But then you have to follow it up and prove it wasn’t just a fluke. Just ask Richard Kelly, Kevin Costner, or Rian Johnson what it feels like when that effort fails. And now French directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury have joined that sad walk of shame with the release of their follow-up to the brilliant and brutal thriller, Inside. That film features two women, one pregnant and the other psychotic, battling to the death in the mother-to-be’s home. It’s terrifying, exciting, surprising, and shocking… everything that their follow-up isn’t.


This week, on a very special episode of Reject Radio, we speak with legendary actor Ron Perlman about his white dreadlocks in Bunraku, we’ll chat with The Dark Knight Rises executive producer Michael Uslan about his incredible journey to bringing Batman to the screen, and we’ll talk with Brian Salisbury and Luke Mullen about favorite films from Fantastic Fests past to get excited for the debauchery of this week. Plus, Screenrant editors/Screenrant Underground Podcast hosts Ben Kendrick and Rob Keyes fight to the pain in our Movie News Pop Quiz. Is it any wonder we end up talking about Qwikster? Download This Episode


This week, on a very special episode of Reject Radio, Luke Mullen and Brian Salisbury stop by to dig into the problems of the MPAA, review three terrible awful no-good very bad films, and share with us 6 things they’ve seen on film that they can’t un-see. It’s incredibly effective, and you’ll be moved. Plus, we make jokes about Pepe Le Pew. En Francais.



Robert Fure takes a trip down memory lane and examines the most entertaining, most violent, and most significant horror films of the past decade.



Inside is a grisly, bloody suspense film from French cinema that will make you think twice before you open the door to a stranger.



Back in early August we told you about an exciting little horror project known as The Home, which involved a few cool friends of the site. Now that project has some exciting producers — a couple of folks who know how to deliver violence and mayhem.



The year of 2008 will most definitely not be remembered as a great year for horror, but that didn’t stop us from trying to pull together a list of the best of what was offered.


Foreign Objects: A Look at Inside on DVD

Welcome to Foreign Objects, a new weekly review column covering the world of film outside the USA. I know what you’re thinking, ‘They make movies outside of Hollywood?’ The answer is yes.

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