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Diane Kruger and Anton Yelchin

Ever since Diane Kruger stole everyone’s hearts in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds back in 2009, she’s just been doing far too many French films and not nearly enough English language work. It’s time they lent her back. They’ve been bogarting her. And Anton Yelchin, well he’s been spending far too much of his time starring in rehashes of properties from decades ago and providing voices for children’s movies. It’s high time he makes us all tear up in another relationship drama, like he did with Like Crazy. It’s good news for everyone, then, that THR is reporting the duo will soon be teaming up for a project called 5 to 7, which is both an indie romance as well as a movie that was written and will be directed by a guy who speaks English. The good news doesn’t stop there though, because that English-speaking guy isn’t just some jerk off the street. No, 5 to 7 is the latest work of Victor Levin, a creative type so talented that he’s been spending the last couple years serving as a writer and producer on TV’s Mad Men (you know, the Mad Men that was already the best show on television, but then just topped itself with its stellar season 5). Sure, he also wrote a romantic comedy called Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! back in 2004 that I don’t think anybody remembers much or liked all that well, but let’s focus on the positive: Mad Men!


2 Days in New York

While she’s best known as an actress (Before Sunrise, represent!), Julie Delpy has, in recent years, been making the transition to becoming a writer/director as well. Probably her best known work so far is her 2007 relationship comedy Two Days in Paris, which was kind of a comedy of manners where Delpy’s character and her boyfriend (Adam Goldberg) went to Paris to visit her crazy family and have some uncomfortable run-ins with her ex-boyfriends. 2 Days in New York seems to be a sequel in the classic sense. It tells basically the exact same story, except in reverse. This time the crazy family and the awkward ex-boyfriend are coming to New York to visit her and her new boyfriend (Chris Rock). It’s kind of like how Linda Kozlowski was first shocked by Crocodile Dundee’s Outback home and then Crocodile Dundee was shocked by her New York home. Kind of.


Disney Memo

On January 11, 1991, the then-head of Disney studios, Jeffrey Katzenberg, circulated an incredibly important memo about the state of the movie industry and the products they were making. It was called, “The World is Changing: Some Thoughts on Our Business,” and it had a simple purpose: to locate the root of a growing problem and to take steps to avoid falling victim to it. Katzenberg began the memo by stating: “As we begin the new year, I strongly believe we are entering a period of great danger and even greater uncertainty. Events are unfolding within and without the movie industry that are extremely threatening to our studio.” As we begin a new year two decades after this memo was written, it’s critical to look back at the points Katzenberg made to see that his period of great danger is now our period of great danger, to note that the same events unfolding within and without the industry still threaten the entire studio system in 2012, and to predict our future based on the past.



People best know Taylor Lautner for running around in jean shorts with no shirt on as the werewolf in the Twilight series, but that’s not all the actor has to offer. It turns out cutoffs and glistening abs aren’t what defines him, he contains multitudes. In order to branch out a bit and diversify his portfolio, Lautner is going to produce and star in his next film, which is going to be smaller, and more indie. Lautner and his production company Quick Six have acquired an article that appeared in ‘The New Yorker,” and if that isn’t indie sounding enough for you, he’s hired indie legend Gus Van Sant to come on and direct. Sources say that after the relative failure of his big budget starring vehicle Abduction, Lautner is looking to take his career in a different direction, away from being a big name action star. From this point on he only intends on working on projects that involve the best writers and the best directors. I’d say that getting Van Sant on board is a good start to that goal, so it will be interesting to see who he hires to adapt the “New Yorker” article. Putting together dream projects that you can star in isn’t a luxury that a lot of young actors have, it must be nice to be sitting on all that Twilight money. A lot of people are probably going to view his decision to only work with top people as presumptuous, but I […]

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