Pacino, Moore, and Renner

It was all the way back in June of last year that we first heard about Dan Fogelman’s Imagine, a movie he plans to tackle as both writer and director. Imagine was said to be a story about an aging rock star who gets inspired to reconnect with his estranged son after receiving a posthumous letter from John Lennon, and the rumor at the time was that Al Pacino was being courted to star. Well, here we are, a year and some change later, and not only has Pacino’s casting solidified, but it turns out he’s brought a couple of other big names along with him. And, in addition to that, new reports give us a little bit more of an idea what this story is all about. According to Deadline Hollywood, in addition to Pacino playing the aging rocker who’s still out there on the road playing all of his old songs, Fogelman has recruited Jeremy Renner to play the part of the adult son, as well as Julianne Moore to play the part of a hotel manager Pacino’s character befriends. Now, about that letter from John Lennon. The additional story bits here are that it was originally meant for a 19-year-old version of Pacino’s character, who had written to his music hero. Unfortunately, the letter was lost in the mail for decades, and delivered its words of wisdom quite a bit too late to get the guy’s life on the right track. All is not yet lost, however, […]



Writer Dan Fogelman is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in Hollywood. He started his career strong by penning hugely successful animated film like Cars and Tangled, and recently he has upped his game by getting a lot of live action projects going. He has written a script for the Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand road trip comedy My Mother’s Curse, he made big money selling the script Crazy, Stupid, Love which is becoming a Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling comedy, and recently he even sold a script for a political comedy with Tom Cruise attached to star. That’s a lot of successful screenwriting he’s got going on. But, not content with just being a titan in the writing game, Fogelman is now looking to get his directorial debut together. The film will be called Imagine, and it’s about one of those old guy rockers who’s still hanging on to the lifestyle, but who wants to become a better person. In this film the catalyst for change is a letter from John Lennon that was sent 40 years earlier but never successfully delivered until recently. Whatever Lennon says in that letter sets the protagonist off on a path that leads to him reconnecting with an estranged son. Originally, Steve Carell was going to play the adult son, but he has had to drop out of the project in an acting capacity due to being Steve Carell. He’s a busy man. Someone who may be able to fit this film […]


Universal Pilgrim Variant Logo

Studio logos are an iconography all their own, but nothing puts a grin on my face like a spiffy send-up of a traditional company emblem tailored made to gel with the film I’m about to watch. Don’t get me wrong — nothing’s going to top classics like Alfred Newman’s Fox fanfare, Jerry Goldsmith’s Universal tune or the countless other openings ingrained in our cinematic memories. But when someone takes the recognizable logo and makes it their own…well, that’s when I get giddy. For decades, movie studios have been allowing filmmakers to tinker slightly with the prestigious logos that preface every film they release. Nothing too crazy — maybe a color shift or a throwback to a retired bumper — but nothing that would tarnish their reputations. These days, most movies are free to run wild. Many stick to the time-honored traditions of their studios, but the ones that don’t feel that much more special. Regardless of a film’s quality, a great logo is like the cherry on top for most movie buffs. Here are fourteen modern variants that bring a little extra magic to the pictures they kick off:

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