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The longtime attempt at making a movie out of Arthur Herzog‘s “IQ 83” is finally seeing some real progress at Paramount, where Charlie Kaufman has been tapped for a full rewrite and Steve Carell has been cast in the lead. The premise of the sci-fi novel is rather simple: an outbreak of a virus that doesn’t wipe out the population, just lowers its IQ substantially. Firstly, this plot seems quite relevant to anyone frustrated with the idiocy of fear going around concerning Ebola when only one person in the US has died from the disease and only two others diagnosed as having contracted it here. Secondly, it just seems quite familiar to anyone who has enjoyed science fiction set in the future. It didn’t take very long for someone to comment on Deadline’s news posting with the obvious comparison that it sounds like Idiocracy. As far as the parallel that both IQ 83 and Idiocracy are (or will be) movies focused on humanity getting dumber, and both have a satirical intention regarding the idea that we are already proving to be heading in that direction, that’s a foundational element they share. But there are plenty of other movies — many of them based on sci-fi books — that also involve a future that comes off as being collectively of a depreciated intelligence. This is particularly noteworthy now as we await Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and its apparent attention to be smart about the prospects of human progress in the years ahead. We’ll […]



It wouldn’t be a bad bet to wage that there’s no one walking around Comic-Con with more muscles than Terry Crews. I’ve spoken with Crews before over the phone, but interviewing him in person is considerably more emasculating. Not only because the guy is a mammoth of all things brawn, metal, and steel, but because Crews is a guy with charm out the wazoo. I think I could throw some of the meanest insults at the guy and still see a smile on his face. Or he could crush me with his pinky. I sat down with Crews at Comic-Con to discuss his work in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, the sequel to the 2009 animated surprise hit. Crews, playing officer Earl Deveraux, is filling in for Mr. T this time around, and while the actor said he had big shoes to fill, I’d say Mr. T couldn’t step into Crews’s boots.



So, Barack Obama is keeping his job as our next President of the United States. Neat. While morale is no doubt varied because of this, I’m sure the one thing we can all agree is that 100% of us would rather see our mother get punched in the face than deal with another second of politics. So to ease us back into reality and adjust our eyes to the light, here is a list of made up presidents in films. Guys who, no matter what party affiliation, we can all agree would beat out either of this year’s candidates. And by “beat out,” I mean with fists.



Though Idiocracy was a bit too uneven to be the Office Space followup that fans of Mike Judge were hoping for, it was full of enough funny concepts that it’s gradually built up a cult following of its own, nonetheless. When Idiocracy first hit theaters, Fox gave it a paltry seven city release and almost no promotion, and seeing as this was well before the days of simultaneous theater and VOD distribution, the film initially came and went without too many people being aware of it at all. But six years of gradual growth in awareness due to word of mouth recommendations means that, these days, if one were to make casual reference to Idiocracy gags like “Ow My Balls!” or “Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator,” chances are a couple people in the room are going to know what they’re talking about. One of the most memorable parts of Judge’s bleak look at our increasing stupidity was the man who becomes the President in this future world, former porn star and professional wrestler Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. It turns out that not only have comedy fans kept a place for Camacho in their hearts over this last half-decade, but so has the actor who portrayed him, Terry Crews.



The Mayans, the wise race of ancients who created hot cocoa, set December 21st, 2012 as the end date of their Calendar, which the intelligent and logical amongst us know signifies the day the world will end, presumably at 12:21:12am, Mountain Time. From now until zero date, we will explore the 50 films you need to watch before the entire world perishes. We don’t have much time, so be content, be prepared, be entertained. The Film: Idiocracy (2006) The Plot: Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), a private in the United States Army, is the quintessential average joe. He’s not smart, but he’s not dumb. He’s not handsome or ugly, physically gifted or deficient. He is, by all accounts, the exactly average American. As such, he’s selected to be a guinea pig in a top secret hibernation experiment for one year. However, when the commanding officer of the experiment is busted for running a prostitution ring, Joe and fellow guinea pig prostitute Rita (Maya Rudolph) awaken 500 years in the future where America is really, really dum. (Get it, I spelled dumb wrong on purpose?)



Are you ready for the most high energy interview of all time? That’s too bad, because Mike Judge is a pretty mono-toned guy. Luckily, what he has to say is pretty damned interesting, and as a bonus you get to look at my ugly mug on video. Seriously, I’m like the Charlie Rose of the internet.



With just a week to go, Miramax is (gasp) actually marketing a new Mike Judge movie. It’s like it’s a real movie! Hitting theaters near you and everything!



It’s possible that you’ve seen this around the web, as a number of our friends and neighbors in the movie blogosphere have also picked it up. But just in case you missed it, I would like to share with you something very cool.

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