Slap Shot

Ever since I became a full-fledged movie geek (which happened sometime between Kevin Smith filming a bunch of unknowns playing hockey on the roof of a convenience store and Doug Liman filming Vince Vaughn making Wayne Gretzky’s head bleed), it’s seemed to me that there’s been some strange connection between being a film buff and being a hockey fan. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that hockey is always our least popular major sport and most people only pay attention to it when their home team is doing well in the playoffs, much in the same way that they only pay attention to art films when it’s Oscar time. There’s something scruffy and outside the norm about movie geeks, and there’s something scruffy and outside the norm about hockey, so the two see a lot of overlap. That general scruffiness explains why the go-to hockey movie for people who really like hockey and really like movies has always been Slap Shot, the 1977 comedy from director George Roy Hill that stars Paul Newman as the aging player/coach of a down on their luck minor league hockey team. It’s not about the players with the most potential or the biggest hearts, it’s about the scruffy rejects who earn their notoriety by becoming the detestable goons and enforcers of the league. These guys don’t beat your team by out-skating your best players, they beat your team by pounding your best players so hard that they can’t play. Fans of […]


Drinking Games

Hockey films may be seen as a fringe genre, but there are definitely fans out there that are devoted to them. The latest brutal hockey movie to hit DVD and Blu-ray is Goon, starring Seann William Scott as a nice guy hockey player who has a real talent for fighting. With much of the film taking place in the cold months in Canada, there’s plenty of snow and ice. There’s also plenty of beer and drinking. So join in with the cast and characters as they knock a couple back before knocking out some teeth. Grab your favorite Canadian beer and enjoy this drinking game.



I make no effort to hide my love and appreciation for Seann William Scott. I’ve always thought he was hilarious and on top of that, he broke my journalism cherry. My first ever interview/junket experience was for Role Models where I was seated, along with two other journalists, and Seann William Scott. To put the sweet love icing on the cake, Scott complimented me while I sat there quietly, in a bit of audio I’ve kept ever since. Why am I telling you this? Just so you know, because I’m about to gush all over Goon. You can make your own judgement call whether or not my view is too tainted, but when you weigh this review against other reviews, you’ll find that in all likelihood, this is just a good movie. Goon currently has a 76% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Now that the unpleasant awkwardness of my manlove is out of the way, Goon is the story of very talented ass-kicker and mediocre hockey player Doug Glatt as he makes a bloody splash on the ice. Early in the story, Glatt moves from fan to fan who kicks a hockey player’s ass to low level hockey star to semi-pro star enforcer.


Goon movie trailer

The fine folks over at JoBlo have the world’s first full trailer for Goon – the fighting movie that has some hockey in it. It stars Seann William Scott as a major fanatic who busts the face of a visiting fan during a game and is invited to try out for a local team. Of course, they don’t want him to play. They want him to bleed. Co-written by Jay Baruchel (who plays a cable access hockey show host) and Evan Goldberg, the film is directed by Michael Dowse (who also did Take Me Home Tonight and the wonderfully ridiculous Fubar movies). The trailer shows off Scott’s character being very quick to throw a punch but very slow with the comebacks. Prepare to watch idiocy slam your face into the glass:


Kevin Smith

Rumors that Hit Somebody – Kevin Smith‘s forthcoming final film about a young man named Buddy making his way up through the ranks to play pro hockey – would be two movies have been floating around, so we decided to go to the source himself for confirmation and a few questions over the old email machine. As for the rumors, we can confirm that they’re true, and Smith had a brief plot outline of where the split would be, saying, “It’ll be one flick cleft in twain. Looking like part one ends at the close of Buddy’s first pro game, 1972-ish. Flick starts in 1954. Part 2 ends in 1980.” No matter how many movies it’ll be, this project is definitely his last. To that end, I asked why he didn’t want to make a trilogy, and he responded, “Everybody does trilogies. I’d rather end with a less predictable closer. Predictable would be Clerks III, but a two-part hockey epic that’s largely about Canada, featuring an all-star cast? That’ll have some scratching their heads and others saying ‘It’s kinda perfect.’”


Every once in a while a movie comes along that I know must be seen. ‘The Rocket’ is one of those types of flicks.

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