Hatchet II


Hatchet II is probably going to end up like the first film: not exactly a success in theaters, but destined for cult status instead. So far, that’s basically all of director Adam Green‘s films. From Hatchet to Frozen to Spiral, they’ve all found life and a fan base on home video. If you were a fan of the first Hatchet, it’s difficult to imagine you wont enjoy the second film. It’s the same setting and routine, except with bigger and better and, of course, bloodier kills. Hopefully Green’s Killer Pizza, which Chris Columbus is producing, will be able to tap into a mainstream audience. As of right now, most of his fan base is present in the online film world. And, from the sound of it, that’s a double-edged sword. Green deals with some odd folks on the web. Fans can be great, but they can be total crazies as well. There’s the regular old lunatics on the IMDB boards and, of course, the pirates that are obviously hurting both Green and his films. Once this topic came up, Hatchet II basically went out of the conversation.



This is a busy and full week for DVD releases with a common theme… many of them are movies you’ve probably heard of over the past year, but judging by their minuscule box-office you most likely didn’t see any of them. The other common theme? Pretty much none of them are as good as the internet told you they were. I know. It’s shocking. But sometimes the internet does in fact tell lies. Titles out this week include The Tillman Story, Conviction, Let Me In, Hatchet II, Welcome To the Riley’s, Never Let Me Go, Monsters, and more.


Boiling Point

This rant is entitled “Hey, Horror Movie Characters” for three reasons. One, 31 Days of Horror is in full effect and we’re talking horror every day. Two, it’s directed at characters in a horror movie. Three, I can’t put “Kill the Mother Fucker” in the subject header. I love horror movies. This much is true and obvious. That doesn’t mean I give them a blank check written out to idiocy. There are plenty of bad things in horror movies, even in good ones. Primarily, people making bad decisions. Granted our victims are almost always young teenagers, unwise in the ways of the world, potentially inebriated, and often thinking with their sex organs rather than their central nervous system. Still, even in my most obliterated of states I know that I’m not going to fit through the doggy door in the garage. So hey, horror movie characters. Quit making dumb decisions and kill the mother fucker.


movie theater stadium seating loner

Odds are since you’re reading this, presumably on the internet and not on our weekly printed newsletter distributed at your local Whole Foods, you’ve heard that Hatchet II is, for the most part, no longer playing in theaters. I don’t want to use the word “pulled” because that just sounds so violent – this is a kid’s site, for fucks sake. So you’re cruising around the internet and probably reading a lot of people’s opinions on why the film was removed from AMC screens. On one hand, the film didn’t make a lot of money. On the other, the film was unrated and some are suggesting the MPAA leaned on AMC to force their hand in removing the film from theaters. I’m sure there are a few other theories out there, at least one of them involving lizard people. Not one content to just blame the lizard people at every turn, I decided to put on my journalist hat (it’s a fedora) and actually talk to someone at AMC. That man is John Campea who has been a presence for years with AMC’s movie blogging and had a hand in helping Hatchet II find its way into theaters.



When the calendar page turns to October, we Rejects have only one thought: horror. To celebrate this grandest and darkest of months, we’ll cover one excellent horror film a day for the entirety of the month. That’s 31 Days of Horror and 31 Films perfect for viewing on a dark, chilly, October night. If you, like us, love horror and Halloween, give us a Hell Yeah and keep coming every day this month for a new dose of adrenaline. Synopsis: Picking up about a frame after the events of the first film, Victory Crowley is still in full effect when it comes to killing people in the swamps of Louisiana. Marybeth manages to narrowly avoid death at the hands of Hatchetface, slipping away back to the Reverend Zombie’s shop looking for answers. Intent on recovering the bodies of her deceased relatives, and getting some revenge, Marybeth teams up with a band of hunters to bring back the head of Crowley. Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.



Back in 2006 I had the great pleasure of viewing Hatchet in theaters, something not many people can claim. At the time, I had an immense amount of fun with the flick. Whether it was the movie, the film festival, or Kane Hodder sitting behind me like a behemoth, I was into it. Press fast forward on the button of life and it’s 2010 and this “old school American horror” flick is available in the high definition Blu-ray format, courtesy of Anchor Bay. If you’re unfamiliar with the title, Adam Green’s first foray into features follows a group of young twenty-somethings, and a few older folks, as they journey into the swamps of Louisiana on a haunted tour. As any learned horror fan would expect, soon things go south and Victor Crowley, the local boogey man, is tearing them limb from limb.

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