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You can tell how boring a movie year is by the state of new Halloween costume ideas each fall. At least in terms of memorable characters. When I walk into one of those seasonal pop-up shops and see the same superheroes year after year joined still, a decade after, by Napoleon Dynamite-style “nerd” package costumes, I worry that there isn’t enough fresh and popular movie iconography being entered into the history books of late. What is the 2014 film zeitgeist but more Spider-Man, Captain America, X-Men, Transformers and Hunger Games? New costumes are repeats of old, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and even my old unlikely X-Men meet Forrest Gump and Smurfette ideas), or based on already familiar icons, like LEGO people. Frozen is new but familiar. Same with most of the characters in Guardians of the Galaxy, to a degree. If you want to go against the grain of the mainstream and easily recognized, though, here’s my 7th annual list of unique Halloween costume ideas based on recent movies. If you don’t mind explaining your outfit to everyone at the party or every homeowner you encounter while trick or treating, many of these are relatively obscure. Some of them may stump even your friends who regularly went to the movies over the past 12 months. Others might just seem unnecessarily different or inappropriate or just plain dumb. That’s why I always label them as being unlikely options.  As always, if you use any of them, you’re obligated to share photos with us. And let […]



Welcome to my 6th annual list of halloween costume ideas. These are mostly original, yet also mostly unlikely suggestions. One thing a lot of them have in common is the fact that you’ll need to explain exactly what you are, even if there is some mainstream-recognized foundation. For example, if this was a list of costume ideas based on movies that haven’t come out yet, one might be “Justin Bieber as Robin in Batman vs. Superman.” The basic Robin uniform would probably be easily understood, but the fact that the colors have been changed to purple, white and black, and why you’ve got a mop top will require the clarification that it’s based on a casting rumor the singer made up. I’d like to preface this year’s list by saying that I feel the past 12 months have either been uninspiring compared to other years — and/or I haven’t seen the hip movies of 2013. And I didn’t bother with much from the last quarter (as in post-Halloween) titles from 2012, because they all just feel like they’re from a century ago. Seriously, if you see anyone dressed as Abraham Lincoln and mention Spielberg’s movie, you’re sure to get a reaction of “oh yeah, there was that movie.” Feel free to borrow any of the following ideas for your Halloween festivities, especially if you want something that’s a conversation starter. But you must send us pictures. And if you don’t like my suggesions but you come up with your own very […]



Continuing a yearly tradition that began at the defunct movie blog Spout, this is my 5th annual list of mostly original yet highly unlikely Halloween costume ideas. You can take any of these suggestions if you want, especially if you want to avoid having the same outfit as another person at the party you attend, and particularly if you want something that needs a lot of explanation — these tend to be good conversation starters for people looking for excuses to hit on you. Mostly, though, the following ideas are not to be taken too seriously. Some are really just stupid jokes. But they’re primarily intended to visually remind us of some of the trends, criticisms, immediate icons and zeitgeist of the past year in film. For instance, last year‘s “Forrest Gump wearing an X-Men uniform” costume illustrated 2011’s penchant for Gump-like revisionist history in blockbuster movies. And back in 2008, there was a costume called “Nuke the Fridge.” Sadly, in looking over 2012 for this year’s ideas, I realized that it’s been a very weak year for movie references worth calling back. Where are this year’s “nuke the fridge,” Antichrist fox, “Why cookie Rocket?” and “Winklevi”? Before too long, I might need to spin-off a TV version of this tradition to make it easier on me and more interesting to readers. Because we all know film culture is dead anyway, right?  


IMAX Watchmen Poster

That’s right. There’s another Watchmen poster out there for all of us to drool over. This time, it’s IMAX style.

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