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“Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.” That will just never get old. From the moment Lifetime’s “biopic” (term used incredibly loosely) of the tumultuous relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, now known simply as Liz & Dick, was announced, we’ve had a bit of field day with the project here at FSR. Well, more specifically, I’ve had a field day with it. Is it even remotely possible that this film will be good? (The answer, according to the recent glut of reviews of the film, is a resounding “no.”) That question out of the way, is it even remotely possible that this film will become a modern camp classic? (Sight unseen, we’re going with a big old “yes.”) One hint (beyond all those smashing, in every sense of the word, reviews)? Just look at the marketing on this thing! Specifically, look at some of the stills that Lifetime has released in support of the project! From the first official still, to a closer look at the film’s two stars in character, to one of the worst movie posters we’ve ever had the good fortune to post, not a single frame of Liz & Dick has managed to convince us that the film is a good idea. With the film’s television premiere just days away, why not spend some quality Black Friday time looking back (and looking forward to the film) with a nice, juicy gallery of Liz & Dick stills. So much more satisfying than stuffing. Check out 14 photos from Liz & Dick […]


Liz and Dick Poster

Almost unfathomably, Lifetime’s (your life! your time!) Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton pseudo-biopic, Liz & Dick, continues to actually exist. Sure, star Lindsay Lohan had some troubles while filming (and even before filming, let’s be real here) and, yes, every still we’ve seen of the film has been heinous, but this movie is going to be on your TV soon, goddammit, so let’s look at it. On second thought, maybe not. Here’s the root of the production’s problem (Lohan aside) – it’s a television movie. Liz & Dick just doesn’t have the backing, the funding, or the time to be the sparkly production a Taylor-and-Burton film should be. These two were Hollywood royalty! They were Hollywood! And this is how they’re remembered? As further proof of the slapped-together nature of the film, we’ve got the first poster for the film. It speaks for itself (no, really, it’s just a bunch of words that yell out things we’re supposed to know – “tabloid front page”!). Check it out after the break, if you’re into sullying the memories of stars and such.



Despite what many people say, biopics don’t live and die based solely on how much actors look like the real-life people they are portraying. It’s surely the easiest element to pick at, but a skilled actor or actress can inhabit anyone, no matter how much they may or may not look like someone. Of course, I said “skilled.” Deadline Fort Collins has provided us with yet another official still from Lifetime’s hilarious Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton biopic, Liz & Dick, and, unlike the first still from the Lindsay Lohan- and Grant Bowler-starring film, this one is in color. It does not help. Whereas that first black and white vampire neck-lock made it seem as if just anyone was playing Taylor and Burton, this one removes all doubt – it’s Lohan and Bowler, and damn if they don’t have even an ounce of the spark that Burton and Taylor did. What these (posed, blank, studio-shot) looks show is that Lifetime is desperate to prove that they can make Lohan and Bowler look like Taylor and Burton (too bad they can’t) and they’ll rush these stills if they have to (apparently, they thought they had to). With a number of highly unflattering paparazzi stills of the production hitting the internet over the past few days, who can blame them? But these are boring, bland skills without context. Lifetime, ease up. Sit on it. Wait. Then release some clips or trailers that can help prove once and for all that Liz & […]


Liz and Dick

While first look images of Lifetime television movies aren’t exactly our bread and butter around these parts, I’ve spent enough time ripping into Liz & Dick that I thought we’d be remiss not to provide a look at the film, no matter how scant it may be, particularly now that it’s actually (almost unfathomably) in production. The Lindsay Lohan- and Grant Bowler-starring film centers on one of Hollywood’s greatest (and most notorious) love stories – that of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. As Lohan and Bowler don’t exactly ring bells as Taylor and Burton (Lohan in particular is really pushing the bounds of cinematic believability), the team behind the inexplicable film seem aware of what they’re working with – which is likely why this first look conceals both actors’ eyes and half of each of their faces. It’s the Magic Eye image of movie photos – it all but begs for squinting and head-tilting, which just might bizarrely result in brief flashes of recognition. Sure, they could look like Taylor and Burton, but who’s really to say? It could be anyone in this picture (and isn’t it fun to pretend it’s anyone but Lohan and Bowler?). Deadline Hampstead first posted the picture, which you can get a bigger look at after the break.


Grant Bowler Cast as Richard Burton

While most people would likely rather eat a shoe (or place some sort of bet on the shoe starring in a Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor) than see the train wreck that will be the Lindsay Lohan-starring Liz & Dick, the production just keeps chugging along. And good on them, too, with rumors abounding that Lohan has been displeased with the parade of actors who have been brought around to try their hand at the Richard Burton role, adding still more fuel to the fire that Lohan is a bad choice for the role both in terms of her behavior (bad) and her talent (negligible). Somehow, though, they’ve finally found the Dick to her Liz! Deadline Wellington reports that, “after an extensive search,” Kiwi actor Grant Bowler has been set to co-star as Burton in the film. Executive producer Larry A. Thompson continues to be unusually chatty about the production, proudly nattering on about how he wanted a Welsh actor for the role but how Bowler’s “gravitas” made him the perfect fit for the part. For good measure, Thompson even recited his own mini-Burton history: “Burton was a Welsh poet, a rascal, and a man’s man, who swept Elizabeth Taylor off her feet and flew her so close to the sun that they both exploded into stardust that still lights up Hollywood.” So…he was Icarus? Cool! Old Hollywood was so wacky and mythologically obtuse! Of course, this all begs the question: just who in sweet hell is Grant Bowler? Only […]


Atlas Shrugged Part 1

Atlas Shrugged Part I is a movie brimming with so much frustration that you almost expect the screen it’s playing on to have an aneurysm. It’s an honest attempt at adapting difficult (frankly, non-cinematic) material, and it fails spectacularly on almost every level. Dagny Taggart (Taylor Schilling) is the brains behind a legacy railroading corporation that faces the internal dim-wittedness of its President, James Taggart (Matthew Marsden) and the external hell of a government bent on regulating businesses into non-existence. It’s a Dystopian 2016, but Taggart is on the verge of a sexy and profitable partnership with steel head Henry Rearden (Grant Bowler). He provides an incredible new metal product for her to reform her lines in Colorado, and the day might be saved. But with the government actively trying to redistribute the wealth, will success even matter?



Who is John Galt, and does anyone care? For all I know, “meh” is not actually a word, but somehow it perfectly describes the new Atlas Shrugged trailer. This movie has been through true development hell – detailing every incarnation would be a long, strange trip, but for some reason, no one’s ever pulled the trigger on it until now. Its 40 year ride through development, through Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe, through Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron, has deposited it here – without any big stars and split up into three films. It sees an appropriate release on April 15th, 2011, and you can check out the trailer for yourself:

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