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It’s not always a good sign when you see Paul Walker outside of the Fast and the Furious franchise, but maybe Hours, the film starring Walker as a man dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, could be the role to finally get him some leverage outside the world of street racing. Rather than making a “Hurricane Katrina movie,” the film is focused on one man’s experiences during the disaster. Walker’s wife (Genesis Rodriguez) has just given birth and the newborn baby is in the NICU on a ventilator. When the hurricane hits, all power goes out and it’s up to the new father to keep the battery powered until help arrives, whenever that may happen. It looks like a mentally anguishing story that’s part disaster movie, and part “stranded” narrative as well. Though Walker’s in a city full of people, he’s all alone in that hospital with just the baby, his wife, and his thoughts; the flashback sequences to happier times in the trailer remind me a bit of the hallucinations from 127 Hours. Check out the trailer here:


Casa de mi Padre

To Say Will Ferrell is an incredibly polarizing figure in comedy is to just point out something all our mothers already knew. Is he a comedy genius, or a man-sized enfant terrible? Is he one step ahead of us, or are we justified shaking our heads at his absurdity? This is the constant tango most movie-goers partake in when setting foot into one of his new films, never knowing for sure if Ferrell is going to leave us sated or enraged. While we all have our favorite (or not so favorite) Ferrell offerings, his newest film Casa De Mi Padre is so full of heart and balls that it is almost impossible to not see it taking a cult favorite status amongst film lovers. Set on a Mexican ranch with a nearly entire Spanish speaking cast, the film explores the tumultuous relationship between brothers Armando (Ferrell) and Raul Alvarez (Diego Luna) as they try to protect their family’s land from the looming threat of drug lord Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal). Raul is the prodigal son whose return brings joy to his father Miguel Ernesto (Pedro Armendariz Jr.) with the news of a wedding to his new fiancé Sonia (Mexican pop sensation Genesis Rodriguez) but also a sense of change for Armando, who is less than trusting of his brother’s new riches (spoiler alert, he dabbles in the illegal). Unlike the typical idiot savants Ferrell normally plays, Armando reveals himself to be quite intelligent and forward thinking. His love of his […]


Kevin Carr

This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr dresses up in skinny jeans and bling-bling (‘cause that’s what the kids nowadays are wearing, right, dawg?) so he can sneak into his old high school and pose as a student. After spending the following night in jail, he heads to the multiplex to watch the biweekly Channing Tatum movie spectacular. Unfortunately, he goes in the wrong theater and ends up seeing a movie that requires him to read the whole time. And he doesn’t even get to see Genesis Rodriguez’s breasts. It’s a sad day.


Man on a Ledge

“You know, Mikey, one day you’re going to stick your dick in the wrong door, and somebody’s going to slam it,” and that line represents Man on a Ledge in a nutshell. Goofy and laughable, but overall kind of charming. Director Asger Leth, with the assistance of commercial honcho mega producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, has made a through and through B movie. What you’d expect from a movie called Man on a Ledge, you get. It’s all fairly preposterous and thin, and Leth knows not to let it go on too long before its cheesy charms lose steam. The plot, well, you already know it. Anyone who’s seen that trailer has seen it all. For those of you who live under a rock though, Ledge follows Nick Cassidy, played compellingly enough by Sam Worthington and a dodgy accent. Cassidy wants to prove his innocence over a stolen diamond, so like any wise man, he escapes prison and goes to hang out on a ledge. But things aren’t what they seem, as is always the case. As he teases a suicide, his brother Joe (Jamie Bell) and his eye-candy girlfriend, played by the suavely named Genesis Rodriguez, go about robbing the man who may have framed Nick, the snarling David Englander (Ed Harris).


Last April, an amazing trailer hit the web that was subsequently taken down. While it lasted, it showed Will Ferrell playing a character named Armando Alvarez in a ridiculous Spanish-language film that looked a heck of a lot like one of those super-sexy and deadly dramatic Mexican telenovelas that you can catch on Telemundo during the day. It had comedic actors like Nick Offerman, dramatic actors like Gael Garcia Bernal, and a mocha-skinned (TM Ricky Martin) hottie named Genesis Rodriguez. It instantly became one of my most highly-anticipated films on the release date horizon, but after the trailer got jerked, I had not heard hide nor hair of it. That all changed today when I read a report from THR that Pantelion Films has announced that they have acquired the U.S. distribution rights to the film, and will be putting it out in theaters on March 16, 2012. Pantelion CEO Paul Presburger said of their acquisition, “We cannot imagine a better vehicle than Casa de mi Padre to demonstrate how a Spanish language film can appeal to a broad mainstream audience. We are enthusiastic about joining forces with NALA Films on this project and feel that Will, Matt and Andrew have proven that if it’s funny, we all laugh in the same language.” These are, truly, deeply poetic and moving words from Mr. Presburger. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go call my Mexican friend Eric.


In a week where a trailer was released where apes take over the planet, I think that this trailer for the upcoming Will Ferrell comedy Casa de mi Padre is still the coolest, weirdest thing I’ve seen. In former SNL writer and Funny or Die contributor Matt Piedmont’s first film, you’ve got Will Ferrell playing a Mexican named Armando Alvarez and speaking only in Spanish, Nick Offerman in full Ron Swanson mustache asking people if they speak American, awesome dramatic actors like Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal trading ridiculous dialogue, and a hottie named Genesis Rodriguez two palming Will Ferrell’s bare ass. The film plays like a big budget telenovela, and while it is clearly a ridiculous comedy, it seems to get the telenovela feel right by taking itself terribly seriously. In Casa de mi Padre’s own mind, it is the awesomest movie that ever existed. The trailer goes as far as listing for you all of the awesome things it features, up to and including, guns, cigarettes, special effects, and slaps. I don’t know how you can argue with that.  Take a load off and give it a gander, you won’t be sorry.

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