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Ryan Reynolds may have just had a baby (with wife Blake Lively), but the addition to his life that matters most is this: according to The Wrap, T.J. Miller is in talks to join the cast of Deadpool. You should know the actor for his role on HBO’s hilarious series Silicon Valley and, because we’ve recommended it plenty, the short film Successful Alcoholics, which he co-wrote. His voice will also be familiar to anyone who has seen the How to Train Your Dragon movies and Big Hero 6, in which he voices Marvel superhero “Fred” (aka Fredzilla). In the report on this casting at The Wrap, he’s recognized for having been part of three of the top-grossing movies of last year, and that would make you think he’s a bigger name than he is. Two of those movies were animated features and the third was the latest Transformers installment, where he disappointingly got killed in the first act. Yeah, I don’t care about spoiling that. It made me too angry for me to keep it in. He was its only redeeming element, briefly.


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Even the Coen Brothers deliver a dud on occasion, but the films usually still have something going for them. That isn’t the case with their penned remake of Gambit, directed by Michael Hoffman. It’s sad to say, but Gambit is like some fan aped their style in service of their flimsy idea of remaking Gambit. Replacing Michael Caine as Harry Deane is Colin Firth, playing a dweeby, undervalued Englishman. For years he’s suffered at the hands of his intolerable nudist boss, Lionel Shahbandar (Alan Rickman). To stick it to the art collecting Lionel, Harry decides to pull a fast one on him. Deane’s con involves pretending he’s found a famous painting by chance, owned by a small town American woman, PJ Punznowski (Cameron Diaz). Everything sounds so perfect in his head, but once he involves the unpredictable Punznowski his plan becomes less and less promising. Unfortunately, so does the film.


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Back in January, uber producer Lauren Schuler Donner said she wanted Channing Tatum for a movie about everyone’s favorite card-flinging Cajun X-Man. Now Tatum has confirmed (while blazing trails for MTV) that he’s taken a meeting about it and is definitely interested. Something we’ve all known since he auditioned for a part in X-Men: The Last Stand. So it goes. If a million things line up correctly, Channing Tatum playing Gambit might be our future. The thing is, of course, that if a movie is an adult who can vote, this is the movie news equivalent of hearing two people fucking through your hotel wall. But grains of salt aside, it offers us an interesting opportunity to look at what went wrong with the first live-action Gambit and how a solo film with the character might be a much-needed antidote for comic book movie fatigue.



Fox’s X-Men franchise is unique amongst most of the other superhero movie franchises in that its current incarnation has been a pretty mixed bag, but it still keeps on going without experiencing a reboot. Other franchises like the Fantastic Four movies or Daredevil and its spinoff were terrible from the start, and were put to bed pretty quickly. Or, all of the movies tied into the current Avengers universe are pretty good, so they seem like they’re going to go on forever. Heck, all it took was one stinker in the Spider-Man franchise for it to go from being a huge money-maker to a new series that was rebooted with a completely new cast and a completely new filmmaking team. The X-Men movies have been going ever since 2000 though, with legitimately good movies and real stinkers right next to each other in its catalogue. It seemed for a minute like 2011’s X-Men: First Class was going to finally be a clean restart for the Marvel-created mutants, after a decade of cinematic ups and downs, but by now it’s clear that director Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past is going to be linking that movie into the first franchise, in order to create one big, weird family of movies that it’s always hard to anticipate the quality of. Channing Tatum’s acting career, similar to the X-Men movie franchise, has also seen its share of ups and downs. When his name first started to become known, he was vilified […]


Gambit 2012 Movie

In the original Gambit, Michael Caine went up against the great Herbert Lom, but in the updated version, it’s Colin Firth attempting to pull one over on Alan Rickman. It’s a little bit like Ocean’s One, and instead of a dancer played by Shirley MacLaine, we get a Southern stereotype played by Cameron Diaz. Fortunately, everyone drops their pants in the trailer. The movie was written by The Coen Brothers and directed by Michael Hoffman (The Last Station, Soapdish), so it’s definitely got a pedigree. However there’s just something flat about this particular piece of marketing. Something sort of tired and silly without being funny. Check it out for yourself:



Hello, and welcome to Friday afternoon in Hollywood. With the better part of the industry coasting along on nothing but the fumes of Frappucinos to get to the weekend, there’s nothing left to report but the thrills and chills of release date shuffles. But we here at FSR won’t rest until you have all the news you could possibly need to get you through the weekend – we’re working for the week,man -so let’s all get hip to the latest release date movements by way of our handy Release Date Round-Up form (easy to understand and to digest, yum yum). After the break, get the latest release dates for Anna Karenina, Trouble With the Curve, This Must Be the Place, Runner Runner, Seven Psychopaths, and that Gambit remake no one wanted.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve got like 610,000 words in this article, without actually typing any words! Ain’t the internet the greatest? Take a peek at what we thought was the coolest stuff around on Thursday and then dive into our expanded gallery! Above: Some characters from Hotel Transylvania. We found these two weirdos wandering around the floor and had to say hi. The Mummy is looking pretty righteous!



With the success of X-Men Origins Wolverine, we’re a step closer to some new X-Spinoffs. But do we want them?



Empire Magazine’s upcoming issue has an in-depth look at the upcoming Wolverine movie, including a first look at Taylor Kitsch as Gambit. And guess what, we’ve got the image to show you in advance.



The Friday Night Lights star will be throwing cards in May ’09.

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