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Endless Love 2014

About halfway through Endless Love I made the unnerving revelation that this is, in fact, not a movie about young love, first love, or any kind of love. This is a vile and manipulative film about an abnormally malicious father and his unhealthy relationship with his daughter. That it is being sold as the next The Notebook is unsurprising, as director/co-writer Shana Feste’s trite and sappy sophomore effort contains the necessary components to dupe unassuming customers. The two attractive and compatible teenagers who fall for each other at first sight, Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde) and David Elliot (Alex Pettyfer); the disapproving father (Bruce Greenwood) and the pragmatic mother (Joely Richardson); the rebellious brother (Rhys Wakefield) who constantly disappoints the patriarch of the family; and the limbo-like summer between high school graduation and college where one’s future appears to be infinite. All the necessary pieces for a predictable, but sweet love story are in place. Jade is an exquisite beauty – shy and ambitious – with plans to attend Brown and study pre-med (like her father) in the fall. Conversely David (although smart enough to receive a 2020 on his SAT) has no collegiate aspirations, instead deciding to work at his father’s car shop. The two young lovers soon begin a courtship of sorts. They run and scream and dance in the summer wind, laughing and making love as they please. Happiness and excitement is in air as the two embark on the type of whimsical summer most teenagers’ can only dreams of. […]


Endless Love

The trailer for Endless Love touts that its star-crossed lovers (and presumably us folks in the audience, too) will “say goodbye to innocence.” It’s a surprisingly easy pill to swallow, especially when 75% of the trailer consists of lead actress Gabriella Wilde taking her clothes off. Let your emotions soar as she disrobes in a car! In a field! On a boat! There’s a story to Endless Love amidst all the frenzied garment removal. Jade Butterfield (Wilde) and David Axelrod (Alex Pettyfer) come from wildly different households, but fall in love despite (or maybe, just maybe, because of) the vast gulf between them. Forces will seek to keep the two young lovers apart; forces like parents and teenage stupidity chief among them. But when Jade and David’s love spurns on an act so stupid and dangerous that their relationship is threatened forever, can the two persevere? We’ll have to see the film to find out. Or just watch the original 1981 version of Endless Love that this film is based off of. If you’ve seen the original, you know that the biggest draw was the film’s theme, sung by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. The theme, which went on to be a truly massive hit after the film’s release, is nowhere to be found in this trailer. Instead, we get a breathy rendition of “Addicted to Love” – same basic idea, but perhaps a shade too generic. Sounds familiar, no? Check out the trailer for Endless Love below (courtesy of […]


Saoirse Ronan

What is Casting Couch? It’s just trying to cram its foot into this shoe. Just last week, we learned that Cate Blanchett was likely to be Mark Romanek’s wicked stepmother in the new Cinderella movie that he’s doing for Disney, and now Variety gives us word that the project is closing in on its Cinderella as well. According to the trade, Atonement actress Saoirse Ronan, Anna Karenina actress Alicia Vikander, and The Three Musketeers’ Gabriella Wilde have all been in to see Romanek for screen tests. So, clearly, the sweet spot for getting this role is to have an interesting accent and some period work under your belt. Keira Knightley better watch her back, because it looks like there’s a whole upcoming generation of ladies gunning for her roles.


Isla Fisher

What is Casting Couch? Today it’s a casting column that’s relying on the dreaded “short list” for content. You can’t really say that The Switch is a Jackie Brown prequel. Its story doesn’t really connect with the goings-on of Jackie Brown in any way, and Quentin Tarantino isn’t involved or anything. But it is an adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel that features many of the same characters Jackie Brown did. Case in point: Variety reports that fiery redhead Isla Fisher is in negotiations to play Melanie, the same stoner surfer girl that Bridget Fonda played in Tarantino’s film. The Switch also features Mos Def and John Hawkes in the roles Samuel L. Jackson and Robert De Niro originally played, and Jennifer Aniston as a kidnapped housewife. Fisher’s character is said to be the manipulator of the story, and isn’t that always the case with these pretty girls?

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