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Welcome back to This Week In Discs! As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it. Drive-In Collection: Death Force / Vampire Hookers In Death Force, Doug Russell (James Iglehart) is a soldier on the way home to his wife and infant son, but when he runs afoul of two supposed friends he’s left for dead in the middle of the ocean. Luckily he washes up on an island beach where he’s found, nursed back to health, and trained in the way of the samurai by two Japanese soldiers unaware that their war (WWII) ended years prior. Vampire Hookers doesn’t really need a synopsis, does it? Vinegar Syndrome’s latest double feature of obscure drive-in favorites is one of the good ones thanks mostly to the first feature. At its core it’s a revenge flick, but the story touches and fight choreography make it a surprisingly good time. In its uncut incarnation, aka Vengeance Is Mine!, it does for decapitations and gut slashings what Olympus Has Fallen did for head shots. Better, the numerous fight scenes are actually pretty great. And best? The ending! Vampire Hookers meanwhile comes from the same director (Cirio H. Santiago) but is a completely different beast tone-wise. It’s a comedy through and through, complete with physical gags, bats on strings, and a very vampy John Carradine. The seven minute-long (but relatively tame) sex scene stands out though. [DVD extras: Trailer]


Frankensteins Army

As we all know, the Nazis did some crazy secret experiments where they brought dead bodies back to life and turned them into Edward Scissorhands. Frankenstein’s Army is the story of that terrible history. From conceptual artist and first-time feature director Richard Raaphorst, the film follows a group of Soviet soldiers as they stumble upon a lab where the famous Dr. Victor Frankenstein is sewing together dead Nazis as a last ditch effort for Hitler to avoid ending up in a ditch. Part practical nightmare, part Silent Hill with swastikas, check out the new trailer for yourself:


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“Original” isn’t a word often used in association with found footage films. Dull, repetitive, monotonous and generic are the adjectives you’re more likely to see used as descriptors for the sub-genre. There are stand-outs of course including the first two [Rec] films that rise above the tedium, but more often than not you know exactly what you’re going to get. Frankenstein’s Army isn’t interested in playing the typical game though. Instead of being set in a haunted house populated with ghosts or zombies it moves the action to World War II. Even better, the monsters at the heart of this POV nightmare are man-made monstrosities that resemble the twisted love children of H.R. Pufnstuf and the Saw franchise.


Fresh Meat

What makes for a great midnight movie? It’s sort of hard to pin down, one of those “you know it when you see it” sorts of things. Yet looking at the best of this year’s Tribeca Midnight slate, a few commonalities emerge. Honestly, I think it boils down to one thing – a midnight movie needs to keep you awake. It’s got to be effortlessly entertaining, able to keep you energized well after your bedtime. Many of the best of them are hilarious, sending you into peals of raucous laughter almost nonstop. Others are frightful, using fear and the thrill of the cheap scare to keep you on edge.



The spring film festival season is about to kick off in a big way with the opening of New York’s own Tribeca Film Festival later this week, and with a schedule that spans eleven days and includes hundreds of features and shorts, the festival is crammed with solid picks for everyone from the casual moviegoer to the hardcore cinephile. This year’s Tribeca is a more down-to-earth affair than it has been in years past (there’s certainly no massive Marvel film opening of closing Tribeca 2013), and that’s a good thing for movie fans looking to make some true discoveries. Here at NY Reject HQ, we’ve already spent plenty of time poring over the fest’s schedule, all the better to bring you the very best that the festival has to offer. We’re reasonably sure we’ve already picked out some winners for you (just reasonably, really). After the break, check out Team Rejects’ twelve most anticipated films of the Tribeca Film Festival. Trust us, this is one list that has everything.



With the anniversary of the announcement of Hitler’s death yesterday, and the announcement that Larry David will be playing a nun named Mengele, it’s obviously Nazi day around here, and what better way to celebrate than with a killer new teaser for Frankenstein’s Army. Unlike other movies that have to start filming before showing off a trailer, the forthcoming horror film from director Richard Raaphorst seeks to sell you on the bit before even cranking up their cameras (that’s how cameras work, right?). We showcased the first teaser, which feature a lot of found footage grave robbing from WWII, but this trailer (courtesy of Twitch) shows a lot more polish. It’ll be interesting to see how Raaphorst marries the real footage together with what he shoots.


Frankensteins Army Trailer

Oh, Hitler. What will that wacky dictator think of next? He’s become such a web celebrity (or welebrity if you’re a moron) in recent years, that most high school students probably don’t even realize he initiated the deaths of millions upon millions and millions of people. Those same high school students probably also don’t realize that Hitler once had the Nazi forces dig up dead bodies in order to reanimate them. Because he didn’t. Even though I now choose to believe he did. Back in 1995, Richard Raaphorst directed a short called Zombi 1, and it looks like he’s trying to get back to those genre roots (and a job as a director) with Frankenstein’s Army. Raaphorst has done a healthy bit of work as a conceptual artist and title designer, but he’s yet to tackle a feature length film as a director. That needs to change immediately based solely on the teaser trailer for his undead Nazi faux-documentary:

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