What is Movie News After Dark DRINKING? It’s what happens when Neil leaves and Kate Erbland and I joke about me doing this column drunk and then don’t realize that’s probably a bad idea until the next day. So hello and welcome to maybe the only installment ever of Movie News After Drinking, brought to you by Old Crow Bourbon. Old Crow Make it a Double! (Note: We should get paid for this). I think my introduction needs to be longer before I put that page break thing here and before I get fired for making a mockery of this column. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance came out today and it should come as little surprise that most people hate the movie. Our boy Jack Giroux reviews the flick over at TheFilmStage where he politely points out that Jerry Springer jokes are old enough to be getting paternity tests themselves (that means they’re like 15 years old).



Opening in select theaters tomorrow and currently available on Video on Demand, Kill List is a clever little film from writer/director Ben Wheatley that’s been garnering a good bit of attention around the ol’ internet. It follows the journey of hitman Jay (Neil Maskell) and his buddy Gal (Michael Smiley) as they take on a contract to kill three men. As you might guess, things don’t go entirely smoothly. If you haven’t yet seen Kill List, you should probably stop reading, go see it, and then come back. You should watch it. It’s good. Don’t read anything else about it. Ignore everything you’ve heard, just walk into it blind and experience it. If you’ve already seen the movie, read on, or if you need extra convincing, read on, but for best results, see it with as little foreknowledge as possible.



The United States gets no respect. First, they screen Rio in a bunch of other countries first, and now we’re finally seeing the film that made seasoned Fantastic Fest attendees openly weep, scared the British into cutting four minutes of it, and got the director of the SITGES Festival charged with exhibiting child pornography. Finally! Twitch is reporting that the highly controversial Serbian Film will see select theaters on May 13th, wearing its NC-17 rating proudly (although apparently it’s still been slightly edited). It’ll also hit VOD via FlixFling with five more minutes of goodness (although even it will have two minor cuts that add up to less than a minute). So, we may never see what Fantastic Fest audiences saw, but we’ll see most of the full Monty. Thus far, the film has been a boogie man as people have talked more and more about it, but here’s a trailer showcasing the look and feel of the film without giving anything away:



We call them threesomes here, but this fancy film deserves something more high brow. Masterpiece Theater-style offerings get a bad reputation because they’re usually chock full of people being extra polite and eating finger sandwiches. The trailer for The Princess of Montpensier seems to buck that trend by trading the politeness for swordfighting, and the finger sandwiches for human nether regions. There are both kinds of passion swinging free in this trailer, and it’s all over a beautiful woman. Figures. Check it out for yourself:


Vintage Trailer Logo

Every day, come rain or shine or internet tubes breaking, Film School Rejects showcases a trailer from the past. I take no responsibility for this. Rob Hunter sent it to me and threatened to expose my horrible secret if I didn’t post it up. Fortunately, if you have the W, T, and F keys on your keyboard close at hand you’ll be able to adequately respond to what you’re seeing. This isn’t at all the weirdest trailer for a Japanese flick out there. Far, far from it. However, when Western culture attempts to make an English-language trailer of a strange Japanese movie, things get even weirder. I love how sweet the narrator’s voice is when he finally says the title. Think you know what it is? Check the trailer out for yourself:



Afterdark Horrorfest 4 finally comes to a belated close with Hidden.



When The Substitute is in, does the Coroner play hooky or raise his hand for some sweet matronly attention?


On the second installment of The Coroner’s Report we’re kicking off the start of our After Dark Horrorfest coverage with 8 Films to Die For by taking a look at the French “Frontiere(s).”

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published: 01.27.2015
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