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Eli Wallach Transformation

The excellent Eli Wallach, whose career spanned over sixty years, passed away this week at the age of 98, and I’m consumed with thoughts of transformation. Of course, he lived and worked for so long that life was a transformation in and of itself. The man from The Godfather Part III is the same man who hilariously shuffled about with Cloris Leachman in New York, I Love You. But he was also a man that melted into his roles. It’s an amazing, yet eternally undervalued talent. We gush for the names who always, and will forever look like themselves – the Robert Redfords and George Clooneys — but the real magic comes from the character actors whose roles trump image, those who disappear, those who leave little to no taste of the real person behind the performance. Some need full masks and CGI to transform, but others need just a hint of makeup or sometimes (shockingly) nothing at all as they’re enveloped by their characters. Elite actors like Wallach allow us to simply enjoy the character and pretend, briefly, that they’re real.


James Franco

It’s been no secret that A24, the distributor behind Harmony Korine’s bonkers blast of pure adrenaline (and, like, a lot of drugs), Spring Breakers, has been stumping for some awards acknowledgement for co-star James Franco for quite some time now (he’s wisely been touted for a Best Supporting Actor role). What started as a bit of a laugh and a lark has now blossomed into what appears to be an actual campaign, albeit one that stays true to the grilled-up idiocy of Franco’s Alien, a low-tier gangster who demands that we “consider his shit.” The distributor has now released a For Your Consideration video (fine, a Consider This Shit video) touting some of the major praise heaped on Franco in the role alongside some of his greatest hits in the film. It’s a relatively straightforward FYC vid, much like the type we’ve seen for other, more traditional work from this year’s finest actors, but because it’s so serious and, yes, straightforward and traditional, it’s also something else entirely – it’s totally brilliant. After one minute of this video, you’ll be sold on nominating Franco for any and all awards for his work as Alien or, at the very least, you’ll be sold on the idea that this is work worth considering for the most prestigious awards in Hollywood, despite how low-brow this all looks (at least on the surface). Give it a look and get ready to consider some shit:


Joseph Diamond in Miami Connection

Yes, you read that right. Putting aside the fact that Miami Connection was made in 1987. Discarding the notion that traditional Academy voters (prudes) might think it to be of a quality that is far below that of precious Oscar. And completely ignoring the part where the “martial arts rock bands vs. motorcycle ninjas” genre doesn’t quite fit in with any of the Golden Globes categories (because that shit is highly dramatic and comedic, ya dig?). All of that aside, the folks at Drafthouse Films are still spending money (what we can only envision is about $35) on a For Your Consideration campaign for the upcoming re-release of Miami Connection. We’re proud to be a part of it with this exclusive look at the FYC ad for Joseph Diamond as Best Supporting Actor. It’s a fistful of awards potential, that’s what it is. To talk about why Diamond is a shoe-in for Best Supporting nods throughout awards season, we consulted our own motorcycle ninjas expert Michael Treveloni. “The emotional complexity helmed by Joseph Diamand is a rare glimpse into the maw of perfection,” explains our pundit. “Like a table saw wobbling on unsteady legs, the threat of violence is there, but it is his control that keeps the cuts from being unkind. With deft execution, Diamand breathes life into the role of Jack, unfolding the character like a two thousand thread-count sheet we’ve all secretly experienced. When he loves. We love. When he is hurt. We are hurt. When he sings… we listen. […]



Earlier today I caught a glimpse of a ‘For Your Consideration’ ad (click to enlarge above) for Warner Bros.’ comedy The Hangover over on First Showing. Then after seeing it for myself on, I was sold. This is an awards contender.



With Awards Season now in full swing, it is time for studios to spend the money to get their movies into the hands of voters across Hollywood and the world. Up first, its time for some ‘For Your Consideration’ posters…

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