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There might be just one movie in the history of American pop culture that was based on a TV show, featured the original cast, got a theatrical release, and was any good. That movie is Serenity, based on Joss Whedon’s 14-episode sci-fi series Firefly, and it essentially crammed into two hours what the other eight episodes in the rest of the season should have done: finished telling Mal and his crew’s stories. Otherwise, that TV-to-Movie sub-genre is a creative wasteland, full of good intentions and greater profit motives: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, The Simpsons Movie, the Sex and the City sequels, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. With the difficulty of introducing the characters to new viewers while not boring fans; the challenge of stretching out a 22- or 44-minute storyline to feature length; the disruption in routine for cast and crew alike; and the greater imperative to make a film visually interesting (that old chestnut about film being a director’s medium and TV a writer’s one applies here), it’s not difficult to see why big screen adaptations of TV shows fail. It’s a different case for reboots of older shows with new casts. They may be no better — looking your way, Bewitched! — but they come with different expectations and priorities. So when an oral history of The Shield made news yesterday for suggesting the possibility of a post-series movie, I was disappointed that one of my all-time favorite shows might one day be linked to such a disreputable sub-genre. To be fair, creator Shawn Ryan‘s pitch for the film […]


Hollywood Movie Stills

With Christmas fast approaching, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably starting to think about maybe thinking about doing some Christmas shopping. It’s cool. No rush. But what do you get the film geek who has everything when it comes to his DVD/Blu-ray collection? We collectors are a sick bunch, amassing hundreds if not thousands of discs, making it very hard for you to buy for us. Fear not, friend, for there are other movie related gifts that are not in disc form! Once, long ago, entertainment was something printed on pages of paper and bound. These objects, called “books,” were on a variety of topics, including many near and dear to the film nerd’s heart! So relax, check out this awesome selection of books for your film loving friends, and click on the image if you want to add it to your cart.



There are many things to be said about director Joss Whedon, especially now that he’s delivered the highest grossing (to-date) comic book adaptation/superhero movie of all-time in The Avengers. But for all his incredible commercial success in 2012, he’s certainly a guy who has not forgotten where he’s come from. Which mostly includes prematurely cancelled television shows. One of which is Firefly, perhaps his most beloved project. This year at Comic-Con, Whedon got together with Nathan Fillion, the rest of the Firefly gang and a room full of Browncoats to celebrate their wonderful show ten years after its lone season. It all ended with a final question for Joss that turned into one of the most emotional moments you’ll see from Comic-Con 2012. And that moment just so happens to have ended up online, where all can view it (just after the jump).



What is Comic-Con News After Dark? It’s taking over for a few days while Movie News After Dark goes off into the wilderness to find stories unrelated to Doctor Who. It’s taken focus a little too seriously. Also, Comic-Con News After Dark already has plenty of news about Doctor Who, including… Tonight’s top photo: Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Matt Smith, best known as the cast of BBC’s Doctor Who. They appeared today at Comic-Con looking cool. Sunglasses are cool. Also, Karen is my dream girl.


Channel Guide - Large

Space western Firefly is one of those TV shows that every geek is supposed to have seen—it’s Whedon, it’s shiny, it’s a part of the sci-fi canon. Yet, it was only on the air for one season. The upcoming cast reunion at next week’s San Diego Comic-Con is one of the event’s most anticipated panels, but would this be true if the show had gone on for three more years? Would later seasons be able to match the first? Of course, no one can know the answer to that but I think when you consider the show’s enduring appeal, as well as the appeal of one-season wonders in general, you could say that unceremonious, early cancelation is actually a good thing.  When we’re presented with a show where the writing, acting, and production have achieved what feels like a perfect synergy, and then that’s yanked away, it’s infuriating. But maybe we should celebrate that ending.


Joss Whedon

Now that The Avengers is a Hulk-sized hit on North American shores as well as overseas, the big question is what will Joss Whedon do next. As seen in this interview with Collider, the man appears to be pretty damn tired from this monster film that officially wrapped only a couple weeks ago. But Hollywood moves fast, and Marvel Studios moves even faster. Acolytes of Whedon are sounding the charge as if a revolution has occurred that makes the later seasons of his shows pale in comparison. The question is will Whedon be courted by the inevitable Avengers 2? Will he resurrect his TV series onto the big screen? Will Neil Patrick Harris be involved in any way? Here are the main options Whedon has before him.



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly collection of links from around the movie blogosphere that is impressed with the rest of the FSR staff’s ability to cherry pick all the really good news for full articles. That just makes it have to dig deeper. So lets do this. We begin this evening with a new image from The Dark Knight Rises. One of six, to be exact. This one shows Anne Hathaway as Catwoman doing some of her cat burglary with her high-tech ears on. There’s another with Batman and his iPad, which you can see if you click over to /Film and check out the gallery.


1989 Joker Figure from Sideshow

Having just watched The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, I’m in the mood for something slightly more uplifting than watching small children being murdered at the hands of their own fathers in an ironic twist of fate that I may have just spoiled for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it. Ah well, it’s not exactly the most cheery of films anyway, so maybe choose something else from the Pyjama canon of works – perhaps Bananas in Pyjamas or something like that. Anyway, rambling isn’t getting me anywhere, so I’m channeling the spirit of movie merch nostalgia once again to try and cheer the whole ruddy miserable world up. And with that in mind, this week’s cornucopia of merchandising magic comes courtesy of a phenomenal Joker action figure from Sideshow, a set of incredible Art Nouveau posters from a bona fide legend-in-the-making artist and a winning blast from the past from Tiger Electronics…



What is Movie News After Dark? This is a question that I am almost never asked, but I will answer it for you anyway. Movie News After Dark is FSR’s newest late-night secretion, a column dedicated to all of the news stories that slip past our daytime editorial staff and make it into my curiously chubby RSS ‘flagged’ box. It will (but is not guaranteed to) include relevant movie news, links to insightful commentary and other film-related shenanigans. I may also throw in a link to something TV-related here or there. It will also serve as my place of record for being both charming and sharp-witted, but most likely I will be neither of the two. I write this stuff late at night, what do you expect?


Matt Patches

You’ve stumbled upon Circle of Jerks, our sporadically published, weekly feature in which we ask the questions that really matter to our writers and readers. It’s a time to take a break from our busy lives and revel in the one thing that we all share: a deep, passionate love of movies. If you have a question you’d like answered by the FSR readers and staff, send us an email at What movie universe would actually want to live in? Susan C.



It’s been a couple of weeks since the final episode of Dollhouse hit the airwaves, and it’s taken me that long to really process what this season’s highs and lows have led to. While that may not seem necessary to some, the complete adrenaline-high I received in the final few episodes was so much that I needed to step back and retrace the events, right from the start.



Joss Whedon certainly does like working with familiar faces. In fact, he likes it so much that he has made room for one of his favorites in his latest offering.



If there is anything I need in my life, it is most certainly not a free venue for watching more television shows that I’ve avoided getting hooked on over the past few years. Thanks, WB.



This little tidbit comes to us from our most faithful spy, PatientZero, the humanoid who brought us the news about The Blob hitting the big screen in Wolverine. This time, he comes to us with news that will tickle the fancy of any Joss Whedon fan — and we know that there are a lot of you out there.

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