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Not since 2005 has a summer passed without the release of a Pixar film, starting with Cars in 2006. Each June (or May, in the case of Up) has been their official month, all the way up until the release of Monsters University last year, bringing us to 2014: the summer without Pixar. In case this absence has caused you to fall behind on your upcoming Pixar trivia, or you’re just used to obsessing about Pixar each June, we’ve assembled a list of pretty much everything there is to know about the projects they have in the works. Read on for the official facts and an unsolicited theory or two:


It pains me to write this, but 2014 will mark the first year since 2005 without a Pixar film hitting theaters. Deadline Hollywood reports that next year’s The Good Dinosaur is now slated for release on November 25, 2015. That date was previously held by Finding Dory, which will now open on June 17, 2016 (and this was the spot held for Lee Unkrich’s Dia De Los Muertos movie, which will presumably be pushed back as well). Maleficent will now be shuffled up a few weeks into Good Dinosaur‘s spot, and will avoid being sandwiched by the latest Transformers and Fast & Furious outings. It’s not exactly surprising news. A few weeks ago, it was confirmed that Bob Peterson would not be directing The Good Dinosaur and that Pixar didn’t have a replacement lined up. It’s probably for the best that Pixar takes their time with this one and puts out a good film rather than a deadline-adherent one. There’s enough goodwill built up towards the studio that people (such as myself) might hem and haw a little but won’t exactly pick up torches and pitchforks. And this may end up being a boon for Pixar. Their last few offerings haven’t quite hit the same high they used to, and with the studio planning to increase their output from one film a year to one-and-a-half, a little breathing room might be for the best. And this means that the next Pixar film to release will be Inside Out, so everyone start anxiously awaiting […]



This week saw the return of our favorite anti-hero, and I’m not talking about any characters from Kick-Ass 2. Yes, Breaking Bad was the talk of the week, and while that superhero movie sequel was discussed a bunch, it was unfortunately for mostly negative reasons. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t stop thinking about bigger superhero movies, namely of the Avengers franchise. Last Sunday, we got the hint from Vin Diesel that he’s voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. A few days later, Simon Pegg messed with fans and movie bloggers by fake hinting that he’s playing the lead in Ant-Man. The former isn’t confirmed and the latter I don’t think is totally ruled out yet, but this trend of teasing us isn’t going too well. In the past seven days, FSR has brought you a look back at the hits and flops of the summer, a glimpse at the program for this year’s Fantastic Fest and new considerations of the work of Sam Peckinpah, David Gordon Green, John Frankenheimer and Katherine Heigl (one of these things is not like the other). We learned some interesting news about upcoming Pixar films and a fascinating fact about a classic Kubrick movie. And we gave most of the new releases grades in the C-range (at least we like Ain’t Them Bodies Saints). As always, the Reject Recap is here to get you caught up on all these goodies and more. Start your weekend right after the jump.



Despite the recent bout of sequel and prequelitis that Pixar has suffered (arguably from a Patient Zero named Disney), the ships seem to be creatively righting themselves. They’re also apparently tethering themselves to the Golden Gate bridge in order to watch the sunset. The picture above is from Big Hero 6, which is one of many projects that The Mouse opened up about during this year’s D23 conference. It’s one of the biggest signals of Marvel sensibilities merging with Disney — an exciting prospect that could bring some fantastic comic book properties to the big screen beyond the post-Avengers plans through, gulp, 2021. There’s a world out there of comic heroes that may not be right for live-action, and it’s encouraging to see that Disney understands that potential and is willing to take a chance. There are some innovative ideas here, nestled in a comfortable nest of old favorites (and, yes, a few cash-grabs). Luckily for now they all look gorgeous.


Finding Nemo 3D

Well, I guess it’s really true that Dory the fish really does speak whale, because an insider at Pixar has revealed that the animation studio has decided to alter the ending to the script for 2015’s Finding Dory after viewing the documentary Blackfish. Blackfish focuses on the plight of orca whales kept in captivity, and skewers SeaWorld for keeping the majestic sea creatures in bathtub-like habitats. Though the overall plot line of Finding Dory, starring the voice talents of Ellen Degeneres and Albert Brooks, is still for the most part a mystery, early reports stated that the ending had the characters wind up at a marine park, happy as can be. Naturally, with the Blackfish controversy and the ongoing publicity battle the real-life SeaWorld is currently waging, Pixar decided to do some recon and restructure the ending so that the characters do travel to the marine park, but like any totally normal situation that would definitely happen, they have the option of leaving and going back out to the ocean if they choose. When you wish upon a star, etc. Granted, Pixar movie scripts change all the time while in production; this is nothing new. But in this case, the studio is making alterations in direct response to the documentary’s message – good for director Gabriela Cowperthwaite and writer Eli B. Despres.


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There seems to be a lot of negative sentiment around the Internet regarding Pixar making sequels to all of their hit movies. The general opinion seems to be that Pixar’s great strength is its originality, so going back over material that it’s already covered is abandoning what brought it to the dance in favor of lazy coasting. That’s not a completely invalid argument, but the fact remains that millions of children all over the world are going to be ecstatic to hear that there’s a new Finding Nemo movie coming out anyway. Plus, if Andrew Stanton going back to his popular tropical fish property bothers you that much, Pixar seems to have you covered. According to a press release that officially announces their next project, if you don’t want to think of it as a second movie about Nemo and his dad, you can just think of it as the first movie about Dory. That’s because Stanton’s new film with Pixar is officially titled Finding Dory, and it’s officially set to get a November 25, 2015 release. As you’ve probably deduced from the title, the film is bringing Ellen DeGeneres’ forgetful fish character back, and this time they’re pushing her to the forefront. The reason for this? In the press release Stanton explains, “She won the hearts of moviegoers all over the world—not to mention our team here at Pixar. One thing we couldn’t stop thinking about was why she was all alone in the ocean on the day she […]

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