Female Superheroes

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You have to admire the Hail Mary timing of Sony’s almost-announcement that they’d be making a film at some point with some sort of female superhero from somewhere in Spider-Man’s neck of the woods with a potential release date (some time) in 2017. It’s the studio jargon version of, “We’re thinking really hard about it, promise!” but it also depressingly represents the greatest progress in modern superhero cinema yet; Sony has already hired screenwriter Lisa Joy Nolan to make whatever they’re planning an inky reality. Meanwhile, ten movies and a bank vault full of wins later, Marvel is still stuck in neutral on the proposition of seeing a woman’s name standing triumphantly alone on the marquee. At this point, Marvel chief Kevin Feige is familiar with the question. He gets it all the time, and over the past few years his answers have evolved from hollowly specific to insultingly crass to safely vague.


Female superheroes

Briefly: Hot on the heels of plenty of female-friendly news, from the revelation that Ghostbusters might be getting an all-girl makeover to our first look at Wonder Woman, Deadline reveals that Sony is looking to get going on a female superhero movie. That’s right, you read that correctly, we’ve finally got a fresh female superhero movie in actual development.  The outlet reports that Sony is launching “a top-to-bottom revamp of its most important property,” as the beleaguered Spider-Man franchise recently endured a poor critical and financial showing of its latest entry — this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – and a pushed release date for its next installment (from 2016 into 2018). The details on this are super-slim, but we do know that the new superheroine will be tied into the Spider-Man franchise in some way. The film will reportedly arrive sometime in 2017. 


Catwoman Movie

With Marvel yet to announce a female-lead superhero movie and Warner Bros opting to introduce Wonder Woman as part of the ensemble in Batman v Superman: Rumble In the Courtroom, the absence of a female superhero movie is becoming more glaring. It’s not that there haven’t been attempts in the past. Indeed, Supergirl got a feature film before every other hero but Superman (unless you want to count the Batman film based on the Adam West TV series.) However even if you completely discount “team” superhero films like X-Men and Fantastic Four, the gender ratio is seriously imbalanced. Even She-Hulk isn’t safe. This is not going to be another “Why Isn’t There a Wonder Woman Movie Yet?” post. As the author of “The Biggest Challenges Facing a Wonder Woman Movie” I fully understand that’s a tough nut to crack. Similarly, just last month, I addressed the reasonable justifications for Marvel not launching a Black Widow solo film… yet. Having said that, I want to attack the school of thought that says audiences won’t embrace female superhero movies. There have been three major attempts to bring female comic book superheroes to the big screen: Supergirl, Catwoman and Elektra. (Some lesser examples include Tank Girl and Barb Wire, as well as Aeon Flux, but for now I’m going to stick to the big three.) Supergirl grossed a mere $14m at the domestic box office. Catwoman took in $82m worldwide on a $100m budget and Elektra earned only $56m worldwide on a $43m […]


Superhero Toys

Gal Gadot is going to have her own action figure soon. She is — for more than just the cinematic medium — going to become the face of Wonder Woman for a new generation of girls and boys looking to have the Justice League invade Castle Grayskull with the Ninja Turtles. Of course, even though she’ll be immortalized in plastic, she’s still merely a side character in Batman vs Superman. She may even be a cameo, but there’s still probably a toy executive meeting with a Warners executive right now to wring their hands over how well such a toy will sell. As if we needed proof of such a scenario, veteran geek property producer Paul Dini revealed recently that the biggest threat to the smart women in his Tower Prep series lived at Toys ‘R’ Us. Don’t read if you’re one eye roll away from a coma.


Portman - Thor 2 Styled

Last week Natalie Portman said we’d see a female superhero from Marvel on the big screen soon, and Stan Lee said we wouldn’t. Since neither of their last names is “Feige,” both comments come with a dash of salt, but one of them still has to be right. Either the studio is prepping a superheroine lead or they aren’t. Specifically, Portman said that she’d “heard” that both a female and a minority title character were on the way while defending Marvel’s record on strong women. This, shortly after the terrible Thor: The Dark World posters saw her strong character eating her hair. As for Lee, he matter-of-factly noted that, “Probably at one time they’ll make a movie of the Black Widow, but the thing is, the women like these movies as much as the guys, so we don’t have to knock ourselves out to find a female. But we will.” The thing is, he’s right.

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