If you spent the recent 30th anniversary of Police Academy wondering where the comedy franchise’s reboot is already, it seems that New Line might have been doing the same. And now they’ve revealed, via The Hollywood Reporter, that Key & Peele stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are on board as producers of the next movie, which seems to be more of a continuation with an all new cast than a remake. That means we shouldn’t be wondering if the duo will be taking over the roles of Hightower and Jones, respectively, or — less racist in thought — pondering if one of them will be the new Mahoney. Still, we’re in the mood to play casting director, so let’s look at who among Key and Peele’s pals might be right for a part, if not any of the parts we love from the previous seven installments. A number of the guys they’ve worked with are actually old members of The State, which means they’ve all done their share of Police Academy antics on Reno 911 (so have both Key and Peele, as a matter of fact). Another comedic actor they’ve both worked with on more than a few occasions is Rob Huebel, who I could easily see as playing an antagonistic Captain Harris type. And how about their new friend Liam Neeson (aka Liam Neesons) as the academy commandant?


FARGO new Blu release

Welcome back to This Week In Discs! If you see something you like, click on the title to buy it from Amazon. Fargo Jerry Lundegaard (William H. Macy) is a used car salesman with money issues. He arranges to have his wife kidnapped in the hopes that her overbearing father will pay a ransom, she’ll be released, and everyone will come out a winner. Things don’t work out quite the way he planned though, and in addition to two madmen (Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare) holding his wife he’s also got a persistent cop (Frances McDormand) on his tail. The Coen brothers’ sixth feature film was their first to reach a wide audience, and that’s due as much to its fantastic sense of humor as it is its tremendous cast. It tells an incredibly dark and violent tale, but it does so in such a marvelously sweet and humorous way. Macy gets most of the funny lines, but McDormand runs a close second with a performance filled with genuine congeniality. This is actually Fargo‘s fourth appearance on Blu-ray, and by all accounts it’s identical to the 2009 release. This one has better cover art, but the special features are all the same. [Blu-ray extras: Commentary with Roger Deakins, featurettes, trailer]


Van and Mike Key and Peele

Comedy Central has a ratings goldmine in comic duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, stars of the sketch comedy show Key & Peele, and they’re looking to further capitalize on this with development of an animated series based on two of the team’s popular characters. In October, it was announced that Season 4 of the highly popular show was ordered to the tune of 22 episodes, the largest since the first season in 2012, and that’s expected to hit the airwaves at some point during the third or fourth quarter of this year. The comedians and Comedy Central will apparently be spending their time before then developing their animated offering with the help of executive producer Rodney Barnes (The Boondocks, Everybody Hates Chris), Key & Peele collaborator Joel Zadak, Allen Fischer (Wonderland), and Brian Dobbins.



Let’s paint a dark picture: You’ve finally snapped and committed the heinous act of murder. The problem is that you let it happen without properly planning things out. Now, you have this nasty little human corpse lying around. How do you get rid of it? Movies and literature have offered clever ways to get rid of dead bodies for years. In Luc Besson’s Nikita, Victor “The Cleaner” (Jean Reno) uses acid to dissolve bodies in a tub. In Psycho, Norman Bates mummifies his mother and keeps her around for posterity’s sake. And in the Coen Brothers’ Fargo, Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare) feeds Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi) to a woodchipper. Since concentrated acid is hard to come by (right, Mr. White?), and none of us at FSR have very good taxidermy skills, we got to wondering: Is a woodchipper an effective way to dispose of a body?


fx movies

With yesterday’s announcement (via THR) that cable network FX is adding yet another television series to their development slate that comes from movie blood (this one is a spin on 1992’s The Last of the Mohicans, with that feature’s co-writer again returning to James Fenimore Cooper’s novel of the same name for historical entertainment), the network’s transformation from “channel that plays Fox reruns over and over” to “original programming dynamo” seems nearly complete. Well, nearly. The network has steadily turned out solid original television programming over the years – including shows like Nip/Tuck, The Shield, Rescue Me, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Damages, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Archer, The League, Louie, Wilfred, The Americans, and American Horror Story – building the sort of slate that any network would love to have, and yet FX still doesn’t seem to get the same respect as other cable networks with their own original programming (like the current big gun, AMC). So why is that? Because what FX doesn’t have is its own brand identity – there is nothing about these shows that feels indelibly “FX-y.” In fact, every show currently airing on the network could easily be divided up along other network lines (The League could be HBO, and Justified is easily AMC, Louie could have a home at Comedy Central, and on and on). How can FX make “FX” finally sound like any television lover’s favorite network?


Filmmaking Tips from The Coen Brothers

There are a lot of stories about colleagues and reporters asking Joel and Ethan Coen questions only to get the same exact answer from both (or to get one finishing the other’s sentence), so it seems at least plausible that they’d both agree on all these tips – no matter which brother they came from. Joel Coen got his start as an assistant editor on Fear No Evil and The Evil Dead. He and his brother then partnered for their first movie without the word “evil” in the title, Blood Simple., which rightly launched them to prominence where they’d go on to craft Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski, countless other modern classics and a trophy case for all their awards. All of this fulfilled a childhood dream of making movies that started with a Super 8 camera and a hobby of remaking what they saw on television. So here’s a bit of free film school (for fans and filmmakers alike) from two young masters who think exactly alike.


What is Movie News After Dark? It is our nightly promise to keep you on the up-and-up in the world of movie news, interesting links, strange occurrences and developments in the world of Breaking Bad. It is also breaking new ground this evening by defying popular opinion on the new Batman movie and featuring stories about not one, but two pop stars! Tonight’s top story, a first look at pop star Rihanna in Battleship, making her big screen debut as a member of the Naval squad who happen upon some Transformers-esque alien tech in the middle of the ocean and are forced to battle it out via a decades-old board game. B2! Oh, you sunk my interest in her character.


This past weekend saw the cinematic glory of Resident Evil: Afterlife pushing past security to get into your local theater even though it was moving slower than an instant replay in a curling match. The absolute atrocity of this film raises a lot of questions, but one of the first and foremost is whether or not directors should work with their spouses in a leading role. Paul W.S. Anderson, who thinks Milla Jovovich is as big an action star as Sigourney Weaver, is also married to Milla Jovovich, and while we can’t prove causation for the low marks in her performance here – we can certainly point to correlation. We can also point to 9 more husband and wife teams in order to find out if working with your legally bound significant other is really such a great idea.



This week we feature the best movie the Coen Brothers have made and one of the greatest of all time.


If there is one thing we can’t seem to stay away from here at FSR, it is a good discussion about what is the best or the worst movie in any particular category…

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