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Like sands through the hourglass, these are the weeks of our lives. Two points if you know what soap opera that’s from. Minus one point for knowing what soap opera that’s from. As if thematically appropriate, this week was a lot of high drama here at FSR. Big casting news was abound, big editorials were written and one of our biggest yearly events, the Sundance Film Festival, kicked off. If you’re a regular reader of this site, it was a great week to be visiting us. If you’re not a regular reader of this site, here’s a list of all the great stuff you missed.



Carla Gugino’s latest film, Every Day, says a lot about the writing and creative process. The story follows a screenwriter (played by Liev Schreiber). It’s one of those films where nearly everything seems to be going wrong for the lead, and a part of one of those falling pieces is working on a terrible seeming television series. The film explores ideas of being unfulfilled by the creative process, how difficult criticism is to take, and how the idea of making films for an audience in mind. These were things I wanted to ask Carla Gugino about in our quick 8-minute phoner, as well as the upcoming (and ultra-cool looking, Sucker Punch). Gugino has a small role in Every Day so talking about the themes seemed to the best topic to explore. And for those of you who are just as excited for Sucker Punch as I am, Gugino says it’ll be a little bit more emotional than you’re probably expecting it to be and will definitely feature Snyder’s stamp of kick-ass action.



There’s something to be said about movies that adamantly refuse to give you whimsical circumstances or endearing characters. There’s something to admire about a movie that refuses to pander to its audience, instead expecting a certain degree of work and a different kind of investment from them entirely. Such is the situation in the indie-family-drama Every Day, the feature writing/directing debut by Nip/Tuck producer Richard Levine. Ned (Liev Schreiber) is a staff writer on a medical melodrama whose cheap theatrics are reminiscent of Grey’s Anatomy, and is growing increasingly sick of the limitations and deep lack of satisfaction experienced in both his personal and professional lives. His wife Jeannie (Helen Hunt, who really needs to be in more movies) has just moved her sick father Ernie (Brian Dennehy) across the country to take care of him at their home, but quickly realizes she is in over her head with the responsibility and the mess. Their openly gay son Jonah (Ezra Miller) is a high school student ready to start dating, but is suffocated by the overbearing paranoia and implicit homophobia of his father. The younger son Ethan (Skyler Fortgang) is suffering from, well it’s never made quite clear – either a dark chronic pessimism or performance perfectionism as a young violin player.


The Reject Report

I know. I know. The Green Reject Report? That’s the best you can come up with? It’s not like it’s a title we might not use every again. When Green Zone hit last year, it opened against a few other notable titles that took the headline (This Week’s Reject Report Is Out Of My League). With Green Lantern hitting this coming June, another opportunity to use this week’s title might present itself. But we don’t think about the future. We cross those bridges when we come to them. So, while we’re eating our red meat and smoking our cigarettes, we’ll just do with The Green Reject Report for this week. Onto the movies.



It doesn’t take detailed instructions to understand why we’ve got the hots for Carla Gugino — in fact, we only really need the opportunity to post a few images…

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