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Sometimes Hollywood charms us and hypnotizes us with its magic. And sometimes it’s so damned capricious with talent that you want to start a national shin-kicking campaign to change the tide. Between celebrities built up and then thrust into obscurity, and talents that never quite see the light of fame, Hollywood is a wasteland of actors who could give the current who’s who a run for their dramatic money. The lucky few get that extra ten minutes of fame that turns them into a split-second repeat whirlwind a la Mickey Rourke, but most live the life of a character actor with the occasional reminder role, or the television guest star who makes Kevin Bacon’s Hollywood web seem a little smaller. Here are nine of the many, the ones that have had me grumbling about their trajectories in recent months:


Drinking Games

How scary is an octopus? Pretty scary if you meet one in the water. How scary are sharks? Really scary, especially if you’ve seen enough of the Jaws films. So a cross between a shark and an octopus – a “sharktopus,” if you will – has got to be terrifying! Well, not really. In fact, it looks rather goofy. But we expect that sort of thing from legendary low-budget producer Roger Corman. The ridiculous sci-fi horror film Sharktopus is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, and the result is an amazing hybrid of shark and octopus, symbolic of the amazing hybrid of Roger Corman and Syfy original movies. Best enjoyed intoxicated, of course.


The Expendables

For many — especially those who love to see things stabbed, shot and ‘sploded with maximum force — all you really need from a legendary badass team-up like The Expendables is the action. There is no need for story or character development, no use for sharp or witty dialog, and no room for romance. It’s all about the loudest and most violent moments that the mind of director Sylvester Stallone can deliver. Nothing else really matters, right? Perhaps. But consider this. The Expendables flick that’s been playing out in your mind since the moment the project was announced is the epitome of a “no holds barred thrill ride,” is it not? A non-stop smattering of violence hung together by a generic, but mostly logical plot. It never lets up, does it? Unlike that movie that’s been playing in your head, the real Expendables film is a mixed bag. Inside this bag is the action that’s been promised from day one, the gigantic men of action making their requisite appearances (if only momentary, in some cases) and plenty of bodies to be piled up at the end of the day. Also in this bag is an unseemly amount of character and plot. Remember that thing you didn’t need in this testosterone-a-thon? Yeah, that’s all there. In just as much bulk as the stuff that you did want.


The Expendables Poster

Lionsgate has just sent over the high resolution poster for Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables. It debuted yesterday elsewhere, but I thought we’d wait until we had something that you could turn into your desktop background. This one may work, as it’s pretty high res.



The production blog behind Sly Stallone’s highly-anticipated actioner The Expendables has released a series of new photos this weekend, including a first look at tattoo artist Mickey Rourke.



The publicist with a production blog strikes again on the set of The Expendables. This time she’s delivering gifts of plenty in the form of moving pictures. That means behind the scenes footage people, try to keep up.



Our friends over at Ain’t It Cool News have revealed the first official photo (above, click the link to enlarge) from the production of Sylvester Stallone’s highly anticipated actioner The Expendables this morning and by golly, doesn’t it look awesome.



Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Trejo have both been announced as joining Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables. To that I can only say… sweet. And to that I can only add… it’s not too late Jean Claude! Apologize for your egotistical idiocy and get your ass to South America! Anyway…



After realizing that Vince may be prevented from starring in Smoke Jumpers due to bad blood with a studio head, he has to seriously consider an offer to star in a reboot of the Benji franchise.

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published: 01.27.2015
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