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Entourage gets a lot of flack around the Internet. There’s a lot of talk about how it was just empty escapism, the chance to vicariously live a disgustingly decadent Hollywood lifestyle through its characters for a half hour a week. There’s a lot of criticism about how the show told the same stupid story over and over again, where it looked like the Vincent character (Adrian Grenier) might not do a movie, but then his buddies eventually convince him to do the movie, so then everyone can continue being rich and happy. Heck, people even like to throw around terms like “douchebag” and “bro” when describing the tone of the show. It’s not exactly the best thing HBO has produced, according to most TV/movie geeks. The fact is that a bunch of norms really did like the show though, seeing as it lasted for a ridiculous eight seasons, so even though an Entourage movie is a real head scratcher in the what-the-heck-is-this-thing-going-to-be-about department, it was pretty much bound to always happen. And, if you ask me, anything that promises to give us gloriously huge images of series regular and hot girl from Snow Day Emmanuelle Chriqui projected up on the big screen can’t be all bad. So now that there are reports saying that all of the ts have been crossed and the lowercase js have been dotted in regards to getting an Entourage movie together, probably it’s time we put all of our prejudices about bottle service and self […]


Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Museum Scene

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of those classic comedies, the kind that’s looked at as being timeless, the kind that, no matter what year it is, you can guarantee is currently being played in college dorm rooms all over the country. It works both as ’80s nostalgia and as a story that modern kids can relate to. It’s full of quotes and images that have become oft-referenced parts of our pop-culture vocabulary. But, is this tale of a lazy schemer ditching school to spend a day in Chicago with his hot girlfriend and downer of a best friend really all that funny? Or is it just one of those movies that managed to tap into the zeitgeist of its day, and then rode out its initial juice long enough that it’s become cultural comfort food due to widespread re-watches? If people remember Snow Day at all, it’s likely they remember it as a movie for kids that they didn’t bother seeing. But the few people who have seen it realize that, though it’s a film primarily aimed toward children and tweens, Snow Day is still a satisfying comedy that provides just as many laughs, memorable characters, and affecting moments as any comedy aimed at adults. Which should come as no surprise, because it was put together by a group of guys who worked on the amazing Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete & Pete. So, given the cult status of that show, why is it that I never hear […]


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I remember back in 2008 I had only heard of Entourage in passing. While growing up in Long Island, some of my High School classmates were obsessed with it, and when I got to college my roommate wouldn’t stop talking about it. So in December of 2008 I finally watched the series… I went through the first five seasons in one week, the third season in one day… I was almost immediately (minus that awful pilot) consumed by the show. Vinny’s strive to always provide, Johnny’s constant need for fame without understanding how good he has it compared to most actors in the business, Turtle’s drive to be his own man, E’s desire for a normal life and of course Ari’s need for total control. All these things, despite what some may snark at, served to make something that was more than the glamour-filled exterior that the show sat within.



When three girls as gorgeous as this have something to say, I listen, no matter what the topic of conversation is. This time what they’re discussing is the sequel to Sebastian Gutierrez’s Women in Trouble, which is titled Elektra Luxx in an interview over at Coming Soon. The film tells the continued story of the title character who. after becoming pregnant, leaves her life of being a porn actress and struggles with her place in the world and what it means to be a person of substance. Carla Gugino, who plays Luxx, says of the porn industry, “Porn is a… that profession obviously has a lot of different sides to it. And there was the version where we were to go so much sort of darker and where we were to go into the underbelly of that and the challenges of what it is to choose that as a profession. And then there was the lighter, more harkening to the 40s screwball, melodrama element. And that was more the direction obviously that we’ve gone in.”



The antidote for your boring day (at least your boring day today) is this new trailer for Girl Walks Into a Bar which might seem like another sequel in the sequence of Sebastian Gutierrez’s Vagina Dialogues (aka Women in Trouble and Elektra Luxx), but even though a lot of the actors are the same, this one seems to take place in a new universe altogether. This trailer is a hell of a lot of fun, which is why I love Gutierrez’s movies. They’re smart, wacky, ridiculous and heartfelt. Plus, there are multitudes of remarkably beautiful women in various states of undress showing off their acting chops like there’s no tomorrow. Write a strongly worded letter to Congress, because there just isn’t anything wrong with that. Check out the trailer for yourself:


Carla Gugino - Sex Scout

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s not what the regulation Sex Scouts uniform looks like! Couldn’t this production have done any research?!” And you’d be right, but you’d be missing the point. In Elektra Luxx, Carla Gugino reprises her role as the titular porn star who has given up the business for baby. And, yes, it’s hers. The funny, sexy, strange, soap-y comedy was written and directed by Sebastian Gutierrez as the meat of a Women in Trouble and Women in Ecstasy trilogy. It’s got the same heart, ovaries and potty mouth as the first, and it now has more Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a sex blogger. Check out the surprisingly not-red-band trailer for yourself:


Carla Gugino as the title character in ELEKTRA LUXX (2)

Women can be smart, strong and sexy all at the same time. It’s true. They can also add to that pile a bit of insecurity, sensitivity and compassion. And about two dozen other emotions and states of mind that men don’t even have words for yet. It is that dynamic nature of women that Carla Gugino and the rest of the cast of Women In Trouble and its sequel, Elektra Luxx, attempt to capture alongside a healthy bit of soap operatics and sexual comedy. Gugino plays a porn star who finds out that she’s pregnant and stands as the center piece of several other stories that intertwine directly and thematically. Both movies are great, and now Elektra Luxx is seeing the light of day and so are these images:



Elektra Luxx picks up where Women in Trouble, the sensational first part of this trilogy to be, left off. We meet Elektra (Carla Gugino), a porn star whose career has just ended with her newfound pregnancy and the untimely death of her rock star lover, Nick Chapel (Josh Brolin).



When director Sebastian Gutierrez woke up this morning, he probably saw it ending a little differently. Just a little, I’m sure. He was likely nervous. His film, Elektra Luxx — the much anticipated sequel to 2009’s Women in Trouble — was due to make its world premiere at the Paramount theater in Austin in the prime slot of SXSW 2010’s opening night. That is, until something unfortunate happened.



After being way down on his luck in Las Vegas, he drove until he ran out of gas and ended up working a desk job at an insurance company an Albuquerque. Now he works for a pompous little man (Peter Dinklage), sits next to a chesty gal named Jill (Sarah Silverman) who wears dresses with big yellow smiley faces on them, and lives in a gated community where the gate doesn’t ever work. For all intents and purposes, he lives a normal life. Sort of.



Steve Carell goes golfing, The Slammin’ Salmon heads to theaters, and Lars von Trier is really depressing. So what else is new?



My love affair with Women In Trouble continues with a slightly mainstreamed-up trailer that gives just a taste of the mayhem. And a taste of the porn stars. And a taste of mild auto accidents.


WIT poster final

The marketing team behind Women in Trouble have realized their strong suits are women in lingerie and 1970s-style text.



We’ve been beating the Women in Trouble drum quite loudly lately, haven’t we? And for good reason, as it was by and large one of our favorite SXSW ’09 films.


Carla Gugino Spells Trouble

A very cool new advertisement for Women In Trouble has popped on the internet on our site. Did I mention it involves Carla Gugino looking sexy as always? I have now. So check it out.



Sebastian Gutierrez’s interwoven story of ten women on the craziest day of their lives is emerging from the festival circuit and coming to a theater near you. Fair warning – Carla Gugino plays a porn star.



Carla Gugino. Connie Britton. Marley Shelton. Cameron Richardson. Emmanuelle Chriqui. Rya Kihlstedt. And Sebastian Gutierrez, the pied-piper who got them all to strip down to their underwear. They all sit down with Cole Abaius to discuss the brilliance of their latest film.



What does it take to make a good, honest comedy driven by a cast completely comprised by women? For one, it needs to take its female characters seriously. Take for example, Sebastian Gutierrez’s new film Women in Trouble.



Of all the things we love, Carla Gugino is definitely near the top. So to hear that Gugino’s next role might be as a smokin’ hot porn star makes us, well, happy.

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published: 01.25.2015
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