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Any film centered on demonology has an inherent responsibility for success: to make you, the jaded viewer, believe… or at least, to convince you to suspend your disbelief for just a few hours. Whether or not the film’s protagonist(s) are able to do so or not is dependent. In many, like director Scott Derrickson‘s own The Exorcism of Emily Rose, our main character is convinced of the Satanism at hand, desperately trying to get others to listen, while in others, like The Last Exorcism, our lead is one of the last to be convinced of the Devil’s works. Derrickson’s latest, Deliver Us From Evil, is one of the latter tales, in which our hero is slowly pushed to believe, bringing the audience along with him. Ralph Sarchie (played here by Eric Bana) in real-life is a retired NYPD detective, and it’s his memoir upon which this film is based. Bana’s Sarchie strides through his cases, forcefully and professionally, though the grim realities of mankind’s capabilities begin to take a draining and stressful toll on him. Luckily, his cop partner and comic-relief machine, Butler (Joel McHale), keeps him balanced. Sarchie’s neglecting his family life, wife Olivia Munn and daughter, thanks to an overbearing schedule at his poisonous job – and that’s before the demon stuff starts.


Bin Laden Movie Cast

Everyone is currently lining up to fictionally kill the mass-murdering asshole Osama Bin Laden (South Park) for Kathryn Bigelow. It’s obviously a wonderful opportunity for actors to work with the Oscar winner, especially considering how Jeremy Renner’s career blew up after defusing bombs for her. The good news is that all the names that are signing on the line happen to be worth their weight in statues. According to Deadline Destry, Jessica Chastain might continue her dominance with the now-untitled project alongside Mark Strong and Edgar Ramirez (Carlos). Meanwhile, Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) is now confirmed, and Joel Edgerton is double confirmed. Bringing on Chastain, Strong and Ramirez would be a strong move for the production. Bigelow is of course re-teaming with writer/producer Mark Boal for a project that will most likely be controversial due to the subject matter. They’re currently slated for a December release (a date conspicuously after the Presidential election). It’s possible that the date might be moved back due to a congressional investigation into whether the production was given information it wasn’t supposed to have, but December is what to watch for currently. And all of it sounds fantastic. The big question is how star-spangled this thing can get.


Deadly Mike's Attack the Block

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly collection of links and things that will make you smile, make you think and perhaps aid you in getting to that restful state known as deep sleep. Either way, it’s always a pretty fun read. We begin tonight with a new image from Pixar’s Brave, a film I placed on my shortlist as one of the 5 most anticipated movies of the year on my triumphant return to Reject Radio this week. This one shows Princess Merida and her family. There’s so much red hair…



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s holding out for a hero ’til the morning light. He’s gotta be sure, it’s gotta be soon, and he’s gotta be larger than life. We lead tonight with images from this evening’s episode of Community, which took a jaunt into Pulp Fiction territory and played around with some Tarantino aesthetic. I haven’t watched it yet, as I’m contractually obligated to watch it with my lady and I won’t see her until tomorrow night, but I’m told that it was a new high mark for the show.



Biopics tend to focus on the subject’s high and low points with little time for the real lives in between. It’s a problem of running time as films are compelled to force their stories into a two hour window, but two filmmakers in the past couple of years have foregone that route with their own biographical films running well beyond that artificial 120 minute limit. Both films feature criminals as their subject, and both come from French directors. Jean-Francois Richet’s 2008 film, Mesrine, is a two part, four hour look at notorious French gangster, Jacques Mesrine, and stars Vincent Cassel in the title role. Never one to shy away from a challenge, director Olivier Assayas released his own biopic this year. Carlos is a three part, five hour plus epic about the world’s most infamous terrorist. And yes, star Edgar Ramirez’ testosterone-fueled Carlos makes Bruce Willis’ turn in The Jackal look like a that of a pig-tailed little girl…

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