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Editor’s Note: With Landon Palmer busy (read: probably writing a thesis on Sexual Deviancy in John Wayne Films in the Greater Context of Post-WWII America As Seen Through the Work of Southern Filmmakers), the excellent, insightful Adam Charles has stepped in to write this week’s entry. Enjoy. Few things have been as equally discussed and deliberated over the past few weeks than that of who Lionsgate was going to choose to take the reigns from Gary Ross to direct the second installment in The Hunger Games franchise. The first film had one of the biggest opening weekends in history (and it didn’t even require 3D price-hikes to get there), earned a positive majority from critics, and has a dedicated fanbase that defies demographic lines of fandom; and they’re chomping at the bit to see the next adaptation in the series, Catching Fire, as quickly as possible. Neither Lucas, Spielberg, or even Peter Jackson’s franchises could replicate just how much of the domestic populous is waiting for the next picture.


The Hunger Games

Maybe our science fiction writers have failed us with all their damned pessimism, or maybe we’re all just obsessed with the world ending because it’s definitely going to stop spinning this year. Either way, everyone on this doomed planet is currently obsessed with the cold, distant Dystopian futures of hits like The Hunger Games. Now it’s time to figure out what it all means (which also means a bit of psychoanalysis). Good thing the Jennifer Lawrence-starring flick has people hungrily dissecting it for meaning. The results? Old Jewish heroines, our cinematic past, Occupy Wall Street, unspoken sexuality and the anti-Twilight.



This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr is feeling hungry. Of course, this is nothing strange because he’s always feeling hungry. But this week, he’s extra hungry because only one movie is opening wide, and that is the highly anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel, The Hunger Games. So Kevin grabs a bow and arrow, a tub of magical antibiotics, tracker jacker repellant and a big bucket of popcorn to check out what is sure to be the next big young-adult-novel-turned-billion-dollar-franchise. (Spoiler alert: Kevin is still hungry when the movie is over, but that’s no surprise either.)


welcome aboard

Thanks to companies like MasterImage, we will soon be able to watch 3D movies without having to put on those bulky, pesky glasses. They’ve come up with something called “cell-matrix parallax barrier” technology, which sounds like some sort of Lawnmower Man or Johnny Mnemonic-esque immersive Internet world, but is actually just a display screen that projects 3D images. They’ve already started licensing out their work, as Hitashi has used it to create the Wooo, the first ever glasses-free 3D mobile phone, and if VP and GM of 3D display Roy Taylor has anything to say about it, we could be seeing MasterImages’ 3D displays all over the place in coming years, including in cars and airplanes. “We weren’t looking at (airlines and car makers) initially,” says Taylor, “We were focusing on smartphones and tablets, but there turned out to be strong interest.” While cycles of production on cars aren’t quite as fast as cell phones and tablets, and production on new airplanes is even slower, it could be a year or so before we start seeing these 3D screens showing up in luxury automobiles, and a couple years before they’re installed by full service airlines.


The Best Short Films

Why Watch? This short is clever and playful even in the midst of a totalitarian society that forces people to make foam door-stoppers all day. One man breaks away from the hive mind when he finds a machine that plays music. It’s got a little nod to Shawshank and one of the hands-down, all-time best surprise moments of short film history. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. This thing does not go where you think it should. What Will It Cost? Just ten minutes of your time. Does it get better any better than that? Only if we yelled at you over a PA system while you watched. Check out Bartholomew’s Song for yourself:



Welcome back to Junkfood Cinema: voted #1. Every week I force-feed you hot spoon-fulls of hot garbage from my personal celluloid landfill. These stinkers may have fallen short of technically proficient from the time their scripts were greenlit, but they nevertheless occupy a special, greasy part of my heart.



In a Dystopian future, oil reserves are all but gone, and everyone is animated in such a way that their eyes are way, way too big for their heads.

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