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If modern technologies like video upload sites and HD video cameras small enough to fit into phones are scaring you because of the new possibilities they bring to narcissistic vanity goblins like Internet porn stars and reality TV actors, then King Kelly might be the scariest horror movie you see all year. But, if teenage-aimed movies like Project X, which glorify the most vapid and soulless aspects of party-obsessed youth culture, really get under your skin and make you mad, then King Kelly might be the funniest piece of satire you see all year. Shot entirely on iPhones and telling the story of a teenage girl who makes amateur strip videos (Louisa Krause) looking to get into the world of indie filmmaking (you know, so she can be famous), King Kelly appears to be a brutal skewering of the self-obsession and celebrity worship that’s running rampant in today’s culture. Thanks to advances in modern technology, nearly anyone can now take a shot at becoming famous (as long as they’re willing to humiliate themselves), and the effects of that seem to be a gradual poisoning of our society that’s not looking like it’s going to end anytime soon.


Keanu Reeves Um

The casting for Generation Um… is the kind of thing that leaves me, and probably Keanu Reeves, speechless. Of course, it’s clear that calm breezes, snails running, and actors speaking lines of dialogue to him also leave Reeves speechless. In theory, that makes him perfect for Um…, because any drug-drama that’s name ends with ellipses deserves a bit of the acting powerhouse that is Keanu Reeves. According to Variety, the indie film starting rolling cameras today and also includes Bojana Novkovic (the daughter in Edge of Darkness and possibly the devil in Devil) and newcomer Adelaide Clemens. Apparently the three will play characters living in an oblivion of coitus and cocaine, but it sounds like it’s being shot to show those things, somehow, in a negative light.



I’m not certain how I heard of Someone’s Knocking at the Door and I’m quite sure I never put it at number one in my Netflix queue.  Strange then, that it showed up at my door just the other day in a timely fashion for me to review it for this column before heading off to Comic-Con. SKATD is a strange, strange, strange film. Not for the weak of heart or of stomach, the film is drug fueled and based around the premise, kinda, of a pair of sexual partner killers who murder by using their genitals.  Yes, the film is about being raped to death. How is one raped to death, you might be asking?  Apparently the answer revolved around having a vagina capable of swallowing a human head or a dong the size of my leg. As you might now be thinking, I must warn you: this review is graphic.



In Holy Rollers Bartha plays a Hasidic Jew that loses his faith just in time to find the alluring nature of the drug game.



Pirate Radio is a perfectly balanced comedy with a brilliant cast. Hard to believe it’s only Richard Curtis’s second film as director.



Neil Patrick Harris demands that you pay this game in some form. And who can argue with NPH? Surely not us mere mortals.


The news of using illegal steroids and performance-enhancing drugs is nothing special. We see that every day… in the sports pages.


Would I be overdoing it by calling American Gangster an American masterpiece? I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any other movie this year more than this one.


At first glance, it would be easy to confuse Ridley Scott’s American Gangster for your run-of-the-mill shoot ‘em up actioner, complete with big stars, big guns and big drama. But upon closer inspection, American Gangster reveals itself to be something completely different.

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