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Imagine you’re sitting at home, bored and hungry, and you suddenly get the urge to watch Wet Hot American Summer and eat some Tater Tots. A smile grows on your face in anticipation, but then you remember that not only do you not own this classic comedy on DVD but you’re also fresh out of Tots. (Also you live alone, your car is in the shop, and there are no stores nearby.) What do you do?! If this were the distant future you could probably watch the movie by way of some kind of digital signal stream through your television or wristwatch, but that utopia is not the world we live in my friend. Even if that was possible though, you’d still be Tot-less and hungry. Thankfully, this nightmarish scenario won’t be a reality for too much longer. It seems online retail behemoth Amazon.com wasn’t content with their recent move to rent out the USPS for Sunday deliveries to their Amazon Prime customers, as now they’re looking to get you your merchandise even quicker. Head honcho Jeff Bezos appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes last night and announced that Amazon is testing package deliveries via remote-controlled drones. The goal of the endeavor, currently called Prime Air, is to get purchases to consumers in under thirty minutes. Tiny helicopters, whizzing through the air, racing to and fro with fragile (yet deadly if dropped from a height) packages secured to their belly… what could possibly go wrong? Keep reading for a glimpse into […]



What does it mean to follow orders over instinct? On the outskirts of Las Vegas, Drones finds former fighter pilot Sue Lawson (Eloise Mumford) assigned to operate an unmanned aircraft in order to carry out her latest mission. The order seems simple enough: monitor a specific area for a high value target, and once that target is confirmed, eliminate it. But the target has a face, and a family, and the more Sue analyzes the situation, the more questions she finds herself asking. But Sue is not alone in her mission. She is second in command to pilot Jack Bowles (Matt O’Leary), an easygoing guy with a year of experience under his belt who prefers to focus on the mission at hand and little else. He seems like a guy who has simply played a few too many video games at first — a comparison the film addresses head on within the first few minutes — but his desire to not ask questions is more for self-preservation than ignorance. The two are tasked with watching a residence that seems to have little activity surrounding it, but when it becomes clear the family is preparing for a birthday celebration that will likely bring their designated target home, Sue and Jack work quickly to try and eliminate their target before he reaches his family.


It would make sense that a film co-directed by Amber Benson, known best for her role as Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, would be absolutely adorable. As is true with babies and films alike, adorable human beings create adorable offspring. But there’s more to this story — that of the science fiction comedy Drones — more than just the offbeat cuteness of comedy and workplace romance. There’s also aliens and Earth-obliterating stakes, wonderfully quirky performances and plenty of epic Power Point presentations. Executed with simplicity and smarts, Drones is just the sort of refreshing fair that makes all of the blood and guts of Fantastic Fest easy to stomach for those of us who lack intestinal fortitude.


And the hits keep right on coming… and by “hits” I mean awesome movie announcements from Fantastic Fest 2010’s already incredible film schedule. The first wave of titles was announced last month and included several highly anticipated films like Let Me In, Ip Man 2, Golden Slumber, Outrage, Red Hill, and more. Earlier today the second round of titles was released, and as expected the list of upcoming movies represents probably the greatest gift to mankind since pizza. Fantastic Fest 2010 runs from September 23rd through September 30th. The official press announcement is below…

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