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Despite the fact that their plates are pretty full already, director Patrick Lussier and his co-writer Todd Farmer are chomping at the bit to get the opportunity to make Halloween 3. In a chat with MTV, the duo have said that once their insane dive into 3D with Nic Cage, Drive Angry 3D, gets it’s home release, and they get through work on a reboot of the Hellraiser franchise, a continuation of the new Halloween franchise that director Rob Zombie started is next on their wish list. “We would love it to go through,” Lussier said. “We would make that the second somebody said, ‘Yes, go make it,’ because it’s a script that we love and a script we’re really passionate about and it’s an amazing character and an incredible franchise, and it would just be a great experience for us to go back to the roots.”



At what point does Nic Cage crossover from actor to Internet meme? Cage’s distinct brand of emotional overdosing, that would send Lee Strasberg himself into a coma, has been fueling the web for the past few years like gasoline on a steadily burning wildfire. Every film that sees release (barely) continues to showcase what the man does best: send reality into the stratosphere. He’s a walking, talking grindhouse film. That doesn’t mean it’s not serious art. Far from it. For every Wicker Man, Vampire’s Kiss or Season of the Witch, movies easier digested in two minute YouTube clips than in their full theatrical glory, Cage spins his explosive techniques into watchable films, like Kick-Ass, Bad Lieutenant and Adaptation. Whether his latest, Drive Angry 3D, fits into the first or second categories, there’s no doubt the man has had successful run thus far. This success puts Cage in the spotlight, but frankly, he’s not the only one (or the craziest) to make a career out of acting nuts. That’s right: I believe there are people more outlandish than Nic Cage in the world and, dagnabbit, the Internet needs to start acknowledging them for the loony performances they deliver:



William Fichtner needs no introduction. He’s headed a sting operation against Ecstasy dealers, had Heath Ledger shove a grenade in his mouth, and now with Drive Angry, he plays a mysterious figure that’s short on talk and big on results. Especially if those results involve a baseball bat and the oh-so-fragile human skull. The Accountant is bound to be an iconic character in the same vein as Pulp Fiction‘s Winston “The Wolf” Wolfe. He’s an unflinching hunter not bound by the laws of this world (or the laws of physics), and Fichtner delivers the usual acting power that he’s known and applauded for. Fortunately, Fichtner was nice enough to take time out to speak with me about the role, his love of cars, and what KC and the Sunshine Band has to do with demons from Hell.



The Nic Cage crazy train just keeps rolling right through the station. Already this year we’ve seen him playing a crazy old man in a wig who sword fights witches in Season of the Witch. Well, get ready to take things to the next level.


Drive Angry

Drive Angry is crazy. Apparently, that’s the impression everyone got from the 3D trailer shown at Comic-Con’s Hall H just days ago. A film called Drive Angry being insane isn’t of much surprise though. Plus, it’s got Nicolas Cage at the center of it, and even he labeled it as a film that falls more in line with his midnight movies (like Vampire’s Kiss and Wild at Heart). Who’s behind this piece of a possibly bizarre and exploitation-esque drive and kill actioner? Shockingly, the director behind My Bloody Valentine 3D: Patrick Lussier. If you’ve seen My Bloody Valentine then you already know Lussier gets this genre and knows how to craft creative, bloody fun. Valentine was a blast and from what Lussier says here, it sounds like he’s found the perfect followup. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Lussier (while wearing my snazzy Hope For a Better Tomorrow t-shirt) to talk about things blowing up, Nic Cage, and hot sex scenes that aren’t about sex.



There’s is no telling what Drive Angry 3D is about. At its barest, it involves a revenge concept with Nicolas Cage being crazy (and revengy). The rumors paint it as a beast of a movie that might be a kinetic meltdown or a version of Bad Lieutenant that’s been stabbed in the chest with an adrenaline needle. Fortunately, none of the concept art for it makes any sense in that context. It’s beautiful and eerie, but it looks a bit like a world where Max Rockatansky started worshiping the devil. See for yourself after the jump. (And remember to Jump Angry.)

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published: 01.27.2015
published: 01.27.2015
published: 01.27.2015
published: 01.27.2015

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