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Why We Can Look Forward to Remakes of ’90s Blockbusters Like ‘Stargate’ and ‘Cliffhanger’

Kurt Russell and James Spader in Stargate

Lions Gate Home Entertainment

We are getting thick into the era when Hollywood remakes a lot of ’90s movies. We already saw Total Recall and Dredd, and in the news lately are developments on the next versions of Point Break, Cliffhanger and now Roland Emmerich‘s Stargate, the latest to be officially announced. In a way, Godzilla counts, though it’s a redo of a movie from the ’50s more than the previous American take on the monster (also directed by Emmerich). And I’d maybe also include Atom Egoyan’s The Devil’s Knot, which is basically a dramatic redo of the documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders of Robin Hood Hills. That’s not a Hollywood movie, though, and the original wasn’t either.

One thing I realized recently is that I saw a lot fewer blockbusters in the ’90s versus the ’80s. I never saw the 1998 Godzilla. I never saw Cliffhanger. And I didn’t see Point Break in the theater or at a time close to when it came out. Mostly this can be attributed to the fact that I was getting older. For much of the decade I was busy with high school or broke in college (oh, the irony of being in film school and only being able to see one new movie in the theater my freshman year). Also, my dad moved away in 1990, and he’d been the parent who took us to the multiplex every weekend. But I don’t believe it’s necessarily these personal reasons that have me less concerned about remakes of ’90s movies than I’d been with ’80s titles. I think it’s more that especially blockbusters of the ’90s weren’t very good the first time around. More..

Want a ‘Dredd’ Sequel? Sign 2000 AD’s Official Petition

Dredd 3D

Karl Urban said back in May that, “if people want to see another [Dredd] installment then they should be vocal about that because it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects.” Now 2000 AD, the publisher behind “Judge Dredd,” is hoping the actor is right because they’ve launched a petition to ultimately send to Lionsgate.

The enthusiasm is commendable, and those who feel strongly should absolutely do it (while knowing it signs you up for 2000 AD’s email list), but the cold water here is that Lionsgate is going to listen to dollar signs over signatures.

On that front, Dredd was a disappointment at the box office with a reported budget of $45M before marketing and a total haul of $36.5M buoyed mostly by international markets. The movie has done really well on home video, racking up more than $10M on DVD alone this year, and those are the figures the studio cares about. By all means sign a petition to have your voice heard, but attach a .jpg of your Blu-ray receipt if you want it to really matter.

Dispense Some Drunk Justice with a ‘Dredd’ Drinking Game

Drinking Games

The 90s were good in some ways. Other ways, not so much. The odious Sylvester Stallone version of Judge Dredd was one way the 90s kind of sucked. Fortunately, we have a new Judge available on DVD and Blu-ray. Dredd brings back the hard-boiled character in his full violent glory.

With Karl Urban playing the lead role – and not being afraid to stay within his helmet for the whole film – Dredd delivers on R-rated violence and gore. And it doesn’t hurt to have Olivia Thirlby at his side. While Dredd is dispensing justice, dispense yourself a few beers and enjoy the film.


Buy ‘Dredd’ and ‘Sleep Tight’ If You Know What’s Good for You, and Rent or Avoid the Rest of These

Welcome back to This Week In Discs!

As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it.

Discs Section: Pick of the Week

disc brooklyn brothersBrooklyn Brothers Beat the Best

Alex (Ryan O’Nan) is booted from his band, dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his job singing songs dressed like a dayglo moose, and he has no idea what to do next. Luckily, a stranger named Jim (Michael Weston) does, and soon the two set out on a multi-city tour singing original songs backed by a selection of children’s musical instruments/toys and learning the value of friendship and being true to yourself.

O’Nan also wrote and directed this low-fi gem, and the result is a sweet and funny look at lives in flux. It also features a handful of incredibly catchy songs that may have you checking Amazon or iTunes for availability. (Yes, there is an album.) You’ll find yourself smiling through most of the film, either from the simple and addictive songs or from the familiar faces sharing the screen for a few minutes here and there including Arielle Kebbel, Jason Ritter, Christopher McDonald, Andrew McCarthy and others. [Extras: Featurette, outtakes, live performance, Q&A, short films, trailer]


Year in Review: 12 Great (and 6 Terrible) American Films You Didn’t Bother Seeing in 2012


The movies listed here aren’t necessarily the year’s best, but they’re still great movies that never found an audience during their theatrical run for one reason or another. At least one of those reasons is you, but instead of berating you for failing to support the films while they were in theaters and needed your help, we’re hoping to point you in their direction now. (Which reminds me… go see Jack Reacher!)

But first, a few qualifications. I’ve excluded movies that played in fewer than 100 theaters since that’s the distributor’s fault. I’m not featuring films that made over $30m, and I’m not including subtitled foreign releases which the masses avoid by default. These are only films that had a real chance of making a lot more money, so while I wish more people saw the LCD Soundsystem concert doc Shut Up and Play the Hits, I’m not surprised that it only made $510k.

So here are 12 great movies that failed at the box office but deserved much better (and should be sought out immediately on Blu-ray/DVD, streaming, whatever)… and 6 terrible flicks that you were right to avoid.


Reject Recap: ‘Looper’ Saves Studio Sci-Fi, ‘Dredd’ Sequel Suggestion and 36 Fantastic Fest Reviews

Reject Recap: The Best of Film School Rejects

Jesus H. Franco, it’s been a busy week here at Film School Rejects. Mainly because of Fantastic Fest, of course. Since the last Reject Recap, we’ve posted 36 reviews of films from the event, plus six interviews, including one with Tim Burton. And we’re not done. The festival may be over, but we’ll still be rolling out the coverage for a couple more days. Obviously, this link to all that content, which can take you in reverse through that which you’ve missed and forward to what will appear (once it appears), is a crucial bookmark for you in these post-fantastic times.

Once again, you can easily track through the week’s prominent other features by clicking on buttons around the main page, but here are some links to help you out: reviews (new releases include Pitch Perfect, Won’t Back Down, The Hole, Hotel Transylvania and Hello I Must Be Going); interviews (including Brian DePalma); the Reject Radio podcast (this week was episode 150!); Short Film of the Day and of course your best spot for the most pertinent movie news.

Check out our ten best features from the past week plus some other additional reading after the break.


Fantastic Fest: ‘Dredd’ Writer Alex Garland Shoots Straight, Takes No Prisoners

Fantastic Fest: Alex Garland

In many ways, Alex Garland is not dissimilar from Judge Dredd. He’s tough, he’s fearless, and he doesn’t mince words. Arguably, no one was more qualified to reboot the 70s comic book antihero than Garland. Not only is he a fan of the source material, but he’s also proven time and time again to be one of the most interesting voices in cinematic sci-fi. Films like Sunshine, Never Let Me Go, and now Dredd form quite the imposing catalog. When we sat down with Garland during Fantastic Fest, like Dredd walking into Peach Trees, we got more than we bargained for. More..

Fantastic Fest: Karl Urban On Being The New Law

Fantastic Fest: Karl Urban

Karl Urban is no stranger to genre cinema, it’s where the Aussie actor has made his bones, if you will. Or won’t, just, nevermind. He’s also no stranger to Fantastic Fest. And although he does tend to significantly throw off the handsome curve, his roles in Star Trek, The Lord of Rings, and last year’s alum Red make his presence here at the fest a welcome sight. It doesn’t hurt at all that he’s here this year for the hyper-violent, hyper-badass Dredd. His jaw prominent, and his actions speaking plenty where his actual words are few, we wondered what was going on under the helmet. We sat down with Urban to get the lay of the law. More..

Fantastic Fest: ‘Dredd 3D’ Is The Law


Karl Urban is the law. And finally, that’s something that matters.

Since 1995, the only world we’ve ever known for the character of Judge Dredd, the motorcycle-riding judicial system created by the British writer/artist team of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in the late 1970s, has been the overly silly vanity project starring Sly Stallone in 1995. Stallone’s Dredd was, at best, a parody of the original comic character. And while it delivered a bit of fun at the time, history does not look fondly on the attempt. It wasn’t the film that such a character deserved, despite the unfamiliarity American audiences had with him.

Enter writer Alex Garland and star Karl Urban, who set out to make Dredd 3D a worthy adaptation. For that matter, lets just forget the past and say what really matters: Enter Dredd. The real one. More..

Movie News After Dark: Dredd, You’re Next, Oogieloves, Skyfall, Looper Art and Fantastic Fest Bumpers

Dredd Concept Art

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly news column that doesn’t always have something to say. But when it does, the geeks of the world listen.

We begin this evening with some great DREDD concept art found by the folks at Comic Book Movie, picked up via Germain Lussier’s ever-excellent Superhero Bits column. The excitement I have for this, one of Fantastic Fest’s big name films, has gone through the roof as more reactions come in, including that of our own Nathan Adams at TIFF. More..

‘Dredd’ Prologue Comic Introduces Us to Ma-Ma

Dredd Prologue

You shouldn’t need a prologue comic or a prequel story to help you understand the story in Dredd 3D. Well, to be fair, you probably won’t need much to understand that whole thing. It’s rather simple. The dude in the helmet is the Judge. He gets to kill bad guys real good. There’s a rookie and a bad guy played by the wife from 300 with a big scar on her face that does not in any way detract from her aesthetic prowess. Bullets. Slow-motion. Drugs. Justice. Boom.

Despite all this, the folks behind the film have put together a pretty rad prequel comic called “Top of the World, Ma-Ma” that tells the story of the film’s baddest babe and her lurid past. More..

Movie News After Dark: Dredd, Antonioni and Coping With a Negative Dark Knight Rises Review

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly column dedicated to what’s happening.

We begin this evening’s rather slim pickings with a shot from Dredd, which is one of a number of images from Dredd that hit the web over the last few days. I will say this: Lena Headey looks pretty fierce as Ma-Ma. More..

Your Ultimate Guide to the Posters of Comic-Con 2012 [Updating...]

Having never previously covered the behemoth known as Comic-Con, I’m currently feeling woefully unprepared (underprepared?) for the experience. But years of monitoring and reporting on the news coming out of the ‘con has prepared me for something – the incredible flood of tangible marketing material that accompanies the convention. We’re not talking about panel chatter, rumors, or announcements, we’re talking hard stuff like posters and banners, material spotted out in the wild of the convention floor as often as it’s released before Preview Night even kicks off that you may one day be able to possess for yourself (and your walls).

After the break, feast your eyes on every poster and banner (within reason) released at Comic-Con, an ever-evolving gallery of both pretty pictures and essential information, including such highly anticipated fare as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Pacific Rim, Dredd, and some very special original works by the likes of Mondo and Gallery 1988. More..

Comic-Con 2012: ‘Dredd’ Clip Packs a Lot of Splatter Into 60 Seconds

After 1995’s Sylvester Stallone-starring take on the “Judge Dredd” comic series shit the bed and offered film and comic geeks little more than a couple of ironic quotables from a pizza delivery guy played by Rob Schneider, it didn’t seem very likely that anyone would take a shot at revisiting the property anytime soon. Seventeen years must be the statute of limitations on this one though, because here we are in 2012, getting a promotional clip for a new Karl Urban-starring take on the material called Dredd.

Having reservations about this film due to past failures in translating the character to live action is understandable, but it’s starting to look like it might not be justified. Dredd recently screened for audiences at Comic-Con, and the buzz coming out of the room was that this new take on the character is much more true to the original comics. Word on the street is that this is a gritty, gory, action-packed shoot ‘em up that has way more in common with the face-punchingly awesome The Raid: Redemption than it does any Sylvester Stallone failures. More..

Comic-Con News After Dark: Cosplay Adventures, Dredd Reviewed and The Dark Knight Smells

What is Comic-Con News After Dark? It’s Movie News After Dark’s alter-ego. As the streets of San Diego fill with hordes of nerd-kind, your loyal nightly movie news column must slip into its costume and become the defender of the sick, the infirm and the unbathed. It’s movie news, but with more booth babes!

We begin this evening’s first ever edition of Comic-Con News After Dark, or CCNAD, with a look at what it would be like If Comic Conventions Had Warning Signs, courtesy of the folks at College Humor. The one about the Cosplay First Aid Kit is particularly fun, as dressing up like your favorite superhero can sometimes lead to interesting injuries. For those wondering what exactly cosplay is, I’ve included an image just after the jump. More..

What to Expect From Our Coverage of Comic-Con 2012

What to Expect at Comic-Con 2012

Check out a preview of what the Rejects will be up to this year at the San Diego Comic-Con, beginning with SDCC virgin Brian Salisbury…

Having never been to Comic-Con, in fact having never before set foot in the state of California, I can’t help but feel a tinge of trepidation as I pack for San Diego. Chief among these concerns was whether I’d even get an adequate feel of the Con on my first outing as I darted from roundtable to roundtable, from press screening to blogger party. Would I leave my first Comic Con with no legitimate understanding of what keeps people coming back year after year? It was then I decided that, as a noob, it was best to experience the convention as a fan and not an industry professional. I needed to separate these two factions of my personality, to make a clean break from the behind-the-scenes journalism aspect and the intrepid geeks who walk the floor without the benefit of credentials.

That’s when the idea of wearing a mask came into the picture, to disguise myself and resist the temptation of professional perks. I will walk the floors, stand in lines for panels in the various halls, and talk geek shop with the other attendees; providing journal entries for each day. This seems doubly fitting given the amount of cosplay that I’ve heard takes place at Comic Con. I will blend in even under fantastical vestments. So what character would I choose? What hero, outlaw, or monster embodies what I’m trying to achieve this year? It had to be Rorschach. He kept a journal, he documented the strange and the severe, the changing environments around him. Under this face, I will roam the Con. I will take part in nothing to which a regular Joe fan couldn’t easily gain access. If this persona ends up taking over my psyche and I begin pummeling booth thieves and leering creeps snapping pictures of jailbait in Sailor Moon outfits, well, then this experiment will have succeeded. - Brian Salisbury


How to Experience Everything at Comic-Con 2012

From the looks of it Django Unchained, Pacific Rim and Anything Marvel Does Forever are topping the list of the most anticipated movies hitting Comic-Con 2012. The question is, with 400 million (number estimated) other movie panels showing up in San Diego, how will you possibly see everything? And how can you see anything if you aren’t going to be there?

Since the list of events is massive, we’ve teamed up with 14 other movie websites to make sure that every inch of the convention center is locked down. Consider this your portal, bookmark it, and return often to check out the full spectrum of coverage from ours and other fine sites. To get started, here’s a small look at what all of us are most excited to see.


‘Dredd’ Trailer Invents a Reason to Shoot in Slow Motion Forever

Lena Headey in Dredd

The first trailer for Dredd – starring Karl Urban, Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby is just a taste of the inevitable slow motion to come. In the story, Headey’s character Ma-Ma controls all the manufacturing for a new drug that makes the user feel like time is going at 1% of its normal speed. Because when you want drugs, you want something that will make your life feel 100 times longer.

Instead of launching a bunch of well-made PSAs about the dangers of the drug, Judge Dredd and his rookie Judge infiltrate the highrise where Ma-Ma is operating in order to take her down.

It’s Bale’s Batman with a huge helmet on. Enjoy it for yourself: More..

Movie News After Dark: Pacific Rim, Dredd, Why You Can’t Wait for Prometheus and The Films of Tim Burton

Pacific Rim

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a collection of all the things you’ll be talking about tomorrow with your friends. Assuming you have friends. We hope you do. If not, we’ll be your friend.

We begin this evening with the first image from Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, featuring Idris Elba looking badass in a suit that, if our guess is right, allows him to control giant robots or something. Everything about this film makes it a giant, sloppy, wet orgy for nerds. We cannot wait. More..

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