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In Dreams of a Life, writer/director Carol Morley investigates the impossible happening in our interconnected world: in 2003, a young woman died in her apartment, and her body wasn’t found until 3 years later. Was she a shut-in? Some crazy cat lady who kept to herself naturally? Shockingly, no. Joyce Vincent had a healthy social life with friends and admirers. So why was she found with unopened Christmas presents, a television that had been stuck on the same channel and a window that hadn’t been shut in 3 years? That’s the mystery that the trailer promises to solve. With dramatic reconstructions and interviews with those that knew her, Morley sets out to discover how something like this could possibly happen and to learn who Vincent really was. Hopefully she asks everyone why they didn’t notice she was missing:


Welcome back to This Week In Discs! Who wants a free DVD of one of this week’s new releases? As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it. The Story of Film: An Odyssey There have been many documentaries about movies, but all of them can pretty much give up and go home now. This British production was six years in the making, filmed across four continents, covers eleven decades and nearly one thousand films in its quest to offer as complete as possible a look at and into the world of cinema. Film historian Mark Cousins begins his journey in the late 1800s and through fifteen hour-long episodes explores the innovators and the ways they helped the art form grow and transform into the films we have today. Filled with film clips, anecdotes, interviews and a deep knowledge of film history, this is a fascinating look at all aspects of cinema. The only criticism I can muster, and it’s a minor one, is that Cousins’ voice may not be the ideal choice for fifteen hours of narration. [Extras: Booklet]


There are a tremendous number of mistakes that one can make when it comes to film festival attendance, though the least of which is probably showing up late. Which I do. Pretty much all the time. It’s long been my bag to arrive at out-of-town festivals on Saturdays, even if those festivals kick off on Thursdays or Fridays. It always sounds good in theory – a square week of travel (Saturday to Saturday), I get to miss the initial crush, badge pick-up is usually easier, and there’s a lot more excitement from friends when I pop up hours or days after everyone else. But, no matter what, it always means that I get to spend a couple of days wishing that I was already there, which is a nice way of saying I always regret it during the interim. And though that’s personally awful, it does put me in the unique position of understanding, even temporarily, how terrible it feels to not be at a festival when seemingly everyone on your Twitter feed is. In the spirit of wanting to be at SXSW, and because I’ll be feeling mopey and sad until I land in Austin tomorrow at 11AM, let’s have some fun – and watch a bunch of SXSW trailers I’ve pillaged from around the web for some films that us Rejects (read: me, bitter me) are pretty pumped to see. Hey, it’s drier and cheaper than being there! After the break, check out trailers for Fat Kid Rules […]

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