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There’s an age-old debate in the Batman mythos: Does Batman really stop crime? Or does the very presence of Batman, a man gallivanting around in bat ears and a cape, attract costumed criminals that wouldn’t have shown up in the first place, thus doing more harm than good? Gotham, Fox’s shiny new Batman prequel series, set in the grimy corruption of the Gotham City Police Department, throws all this good/evil Bat-debate in the trash. “Nope!” it proclaims, fancifully showing off a parade of before-they-were-villain villains, “Freaks were running around Gotham and committing meticulous theme-based crimes long before Batman ever started doing the same.” That’s already par for the course on Gotham, a prequel interested in a new take — a Batmanless take — on Batman. It will pursue that newness to any end, even if it means scrapping the subtlety and the blurred lines of good and evil that are present in just about every Batman story.


Baby Catwoman in Gotham

Remember that scene in the middle of The Dark Knight Rises where Batman and Catwoman are riding in a horse-drawn carriage through Robinson Park? She says, “I wish we had met sooner. Just imagine: wouldn’t that have been wonderful if we had known each other when we were little? Little Bruce-y and little Selin-y.” And then there was the flashback dream sequence to when they were in a nursery as babies together. And now we’ve got a whole show spun-off from that scene. It’s called Gotham, because “Batman Babies” wouldn’t have been as cool. And it features a little Bruce-y and a little Selin-y, plus a little Ossie and a little Eddie and a little Pammy and a little Jimmy. At least that’s how it feels. In reality, the upcoming series (which has just been picked up for a full season) that looks at Gotham City before Bruce Wayne grew up to be Batman is about a tradition and a trend. The former goes back many decades with comic books, as most popular characters have had “lil” and “baby” incarnations. Even Bat-Baby existed for an issue in 1962. The latter is the soon-to-be-over-saturated concept of giving movie villains their own prequel TV shows. There’s Hannibal and Bates Motel already. Oh, and it fits in line with the already over-saturating idea of filling the TV channels with superheroes. 


trailer cbgb

“50,000 bands and 1 disgusting bathroom.” That sounds about right. The first official trailer for CBGB is here, and inside you’ll find earfuls of music with an accompanying sleazy, slacker charm. CBGB chronicles the opening and subsequent rise to glory of CBGB, a Manhattan club intended to feature country, bluegrass and blues acts (hence the name) but instead became a foundation of the punk rock scene in the 1970s. Alan Rickman, scruffed up with a bushy beard, bushier hair and some suitably unkempt clothing, stars as Hilly Kristal, the club’s owner. Alongside him are Ashley Greene and Donal Logue, as Kristal’s daughter Lisa and ‘Idaho,’ respectively. Check out the trailer below.


Zombieland TV

Amazon recently launched 14 TV-style pilots (including Zombieland), and they’re asking users to provide feedback that will theoretically help them decide which shows to keep and what to do with them. Is it a smart move to democratize the development process or will shows end up cowering in fear below a ravenous mob of faceless. aggregated opinions? Veteran actor Donal Logue weighs in on bringing pilots to the people, shares some Copper-style 19th century Irish American history and drops a piece of advice that should make you change your mindset about finding success. Plus, Geoff wants to warn aspiring writers about the wrong way to present your work. Then, screenwriter Justin Marks and The Bitter Script Reader join us to dig way too deep into what Amazon is trying to do. For more from us on a daily basis, follow Logue (@donallogue), Justin Marks (@justin_marks_), The Bitter Script Reader (@BittrScrptReadr), the show (@brokenprojector), Geoff (@drgmlatulippe) and Scott (@scottmbeggs) on the Twitter. And, as always, we welcome your feedback. Download Episode #16 Directly Or subscribe Through iTunes


Silent Night Trailer

Remember that ’80s era slasher flick, Silent Night, Deadly Night? It’s back! In remake form. Or, maybe not exactly in remake form. It seems like it’s also possible to look at this film as being a loose sequel to the original as well as being a remake, kind of like The Evil Dead and The Evil Dead 2. Either way, when you hear the words “horror movie” and “Silent Night” in the same sentence, you know what to expect: a murderous Santa taking out the townsfolk with an axe. Or, to be more accurate to this trailer, a murderous Santa taking out the townsfolk with an axe, a cattle prod, a wood chipper, and a flame-thrower. Sure, it’s not likely that Silent Night is going to be anything other than exploitative schlock, but seeing as Jaime King makes for a lovely leading lady, Malcolm McDowell is getting the chance to overact, and Donal freakin’ Logue is playing the super-creepy Santa Clause, it’s not likely that it will disappoint anyone who’s just looking for a Christmas movie about people getting killed. And, deep down, aren’t we all just looking for a Christmas movie about people getting killed?


Terriers Movie?

It’s a tale as old as TV: great show gets made, nobody watches the first season, the network cancels it before it can find an audience, and then the small but dedicated fan base bitches and complains for the next ten years about how it needs to be brought back, or how there should at least be a movie made out of the property so that they can get some closure. Sometimes, like with Netflix reviving Arrested Development or Firefly spawning the Serenity movie, the fans get their wish and a beloved property ends up getting a second life. But, nine times out of ten, great shows that were gone too soon are dead for good, and all of the whining, complaining, and online petitions in the world won’t do anything to bring them back. The media landscape is changing though, and new technologies and new means of rallying people together are making it easier and easier for creators to take control of their content and not rely on big TV networks or big movie studios to get their stuff produced and distributed. Are we soon going to reach the point where a small but dedicated fan base is all that a show is going to need in order to keep going? That’s what television producer Shawn Ryan is hoping, as he’s told TBI Vision (via Screen Crush) that he’s going to try to use Kickstarter to fund a film version of the awesome and under seen FX private eye […]



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s sorry that it didn’t send flowers. How was it supposed to know that it was your birthday? It’s only a nightly movie news column.. We being this evening with an image of Joss Whedon directing the shit out of The Avengers alongside Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson. It’s part of a group of images that hit the web this week. In moving images news, reports are now saying that a trailer for The Avengers will drop on Tuesday, October 11. They just had to beat the new iPhone to the punch, didn’t they?!


Just Like Heaven

Welcome back to Junkfood Cinema; 100% medically accurate. Because Salisbury has staked the reputation of his chubby little column on my abilities to pen something that will be even in the same neighborhood as his consistently hilarious musings on bad movies and bad food, I will honor him in the only way I know how – by writing about a romantic comedy that centers on a lady in a coma and the dude who loves her. You’re regretting your decision now, aren’t you, Briguy? TOO LATE. I’ve hijacked your precious little column and we’re going straight to the most glorious reaches of heaven above (with a wee detour along the way). What’s the plan? Well, it’s the usual plan. I’m going to roast a terrible film over the coals of a hellfire, gently turning it on a devil-approved spit, and dance around all that horrific burning while the screams stretch up through eight other levels of Hell, said bad film begging for mercy and forgiveness. Then, we’re just totally going to skip Purgatory, because it’s super-boring, but then and only then will I shower the film with love, tickling it gently with little white feathers, with a brief pause to run through a sunlit meadow while a blonde lady plays a harp nearby. Then we’re all going to eat cake. Please open the pearly gates for Just Like Heaven.



Pilot Watch is a brand new, not at all often, feature on FSR where we ‘ll sit down and give you a heads up on all the hot new stuff coming to your boob tube. In this edition of Pilot Watch we have the brand new FX series, Terriers. The show is the tale of ex-cop Hank Dolworth and his buddy Brit Pollack as they start up their own PI agency. It stars Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James and comes to us from the Matchstick Men and Oceans Eleven writer, Ted Giffin. I had the privilege of checking out the pilot for this one, and this is what I thought.


Dinner for Schmucks

This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr is all giddy because he’s been invited to a “Dinner for Winners” (though no one has the heart to tell him it’s really a Dinner for Schmucks). He also puts on his 3D glasses to take a gander at some furry spies in Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Finally, he squeals with excitement about the new Zefron film, but then weeps uncontrollably because Universal didn’t screen it in advance for him.



This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr dives into Oceans, becomes one of The Losers and fomulates a Back-Up Plan



TV’s most interesting detective — who also happens to be on its most clever and intelligently written show — is back. And he’s more interesting than ever.

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