Wolverine 2

With news that Hugh Jackman will be leaving the Avon Man project (which showed at least a bit of comedic promise for the star) in order to grow his mutton chops again as Wolverine, the question must be asked: Are you excited about the prospect of a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine? I imagine like all good questions, the answers are varied, but for those of you who have absolutely no interest (a group that I can sympathize with), what would it take for you to get excited about the film? A particular writer? A particular director? A particular Wolverine storyline from the comics? Say, Hawk Ostby, Alfonso Cuaron, and “Wolverine” by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller? What will get your butt into that theater seat?


A bunch of set photos have been sneaked from the very clutches of the Chicago shoot for Transformers 3: The Search for More Money. There was also the longest news story of the year in which Megan Fox was fired, followed by 12 stories a day confirming, then questioning, then re-confirming that a Victoria’s Secret model had taken her place. The movie doesn’t come out for another year, and although Michael Bay is notorious for keeping things under wraps, there’s already been a sickening amount of information and media spat out upon the face of the internet. Are you already tired of it? If you haven’t thrown up at the mere sight of the title, read more to check out a video of two stunt performers jumping from a high-rise. Enjoy squinting to see them (they’re in the center of the building on the way down): Source: Aint It Cool


There’s been a ton of talk today about who came off looking like a jackass in the great public debate between Marvel and Edward Norton. However, the one key thing that Marvel is counting on is if you’ll head to the theaters even without Norton coming back for Avengers. As a business decision, all of the talk so far means nothing if butts are still in seats. Will yours be there? And are you more interested to be there if Joaquin Phoenix is Hulking out?



A handful of loyalists helped propel Human Centipede to a small sort of success. It may not be a blockbuster, but when’s the last time an indie horror film from The Netherlands saw any screen time in the US at all? There’s no doubt that it reached the audience it was looking for, and the audience that was looking for it found it somewhere in a dark corner, but the news that the film is getting an October 5th DVD release begs an interesting question.



A ton of news outlets are scrambling to understand the Estate Tax so they can write about whether or not “Catcher in the Rye” might end up being sold off in an attempt by the Salinger Estate to avoid the poor house. Fortunately, there’s no chance of that happening for dozens of reasons: the web of legislation it would take, the improbability of the Democrats passing such a bill, the inevitable court challenge that it would face, and the time all of this futile effort would demand shooting it far past the reasonable date where one could force anyone to pay retroactively on 2010 taxes.



It’s rated PG-13, but Mr. T himself is claiming that The A-Team is a bit too violent and sexy for his taste. Especially since it’s being marketed to families and young teenagers. Assuming that he saw the entire film without having his vision blocked by gold chains, do you dare disagree with the T?



Some days I lament moving away from Austin. On those days, I normally go eat at Whataburger and In-n-Out since Tucson has both, and I laugh and laugh. Still, this is a mild concession compared to missing out on the Alamo Drafthouse, the Highball, or Saturday Afternoon Jello Wrestling Hosted By Neil Miller at Reject HQ. However, it’s in Austin that a man has launched a protest against the constant stream of remakes coming out of Hollywood. Take that, Karate Kid!



I’ll make no bones about the film being clearly targeted to women (and a specific market of women at that).



Apparently the short list has been whittled down. Out of these names, who should get the job as the web-slinger?



I don’t think so, but I’m willing to hear a good argument that proves you can be both.

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