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Bradley Cooper has seriously come a long way since he was just that guy I didn’t know at all in the Wet Hot American Summer ensemble. And I have to stress the word “seriously,” because that was a silly movie, and now Cooper is possibly about to receive his third Oscar nomination in as many years for the heavy biographical war drama American Sniper. Even when he’s goofy, as in American Hustle, it’s serious business. (I sincerely doubt he’ll be back for the just confirmed Wet Hot American Summer sequel miniseries on Netflix.) He might not be that far from his Hangover days, but he probably doesn’t need to be doing bad comedies anymore. Is he this generation’s Tom Hanks, then? Maybe not in terms of total likability, but otherwise if so he’s already found his That Thing You Do! Only it’s something a little heavier, more serious, in spite of also being a “comedy.” Deadline reports that Cooper is “hoping” to direct the long in development Black-List-script project Honeymoon With Harry. He would not only make his debut behind the camera but also act opposite his Silver Linings Playbook co-star Robert De Niro. In that movie they’re son and father, here they’d be son-in-law-to-be and father-in-law-to-be, a pair who don’t get along but presumably become best buds after the woman that links them dies just before the wedding. Sound hilarious yet? After the tragic events, they both wind up at the location of the honeymoon destination, unintentionally at the same […]



Are you more likely to see a movie in the theater if it’s followed by an exclusive, live Q&A event featuring that movie’s stars? What if it’s free? What if the Q&A is only via satellite and only temporally but not locally exclusive, and so no possibility of autographs or hugs? What if you still have the chance to submit a question to a relatively reclusive living legend of screen and song, such as Barbra Streisand? What if her answer is that she smoked pot with Peter Sellers? “I was married to Elliot [Gould] and he was with Britt Ekland,” the actress said while being broadcast to viewers in 20 theaters nationwide following a sneak preview of her upcoming film, The Guilt Trip, “and the funny thing is that we went to a restaurant and we started to riff on, like, should we have steak ice cream? It was funny at the time. It’s not funny now, because you’re not high.” People were turned away from the AMC Barrett Commons outside Atlanta on Sunday for this national sneak preview. But that happens all the time with complimentary, invite-style advance screenings. It’s hard to be sure whether there was more interest in this particular film and this particular showing of it that wouldn’t otherwise be there simply because the show was to be followed by a live interview with Streisand and her co-star, Seth Rogen. In my experience at film festivals and special events in New York, I’ve found that the […]


Pacino, Moore, and Renner

It was all the way back in June of last year that we first heard about Dan Fogelman’s Imagine, a movie he plans to tackle as both writer and director. Imagine was said to be a story about an aging rock star who gets inspired to reconnect with his estranged son after receiving a posthumous letter from John Lennon, and the rumor at the time was that Al Pacino was being courted to star. Well, here we are, a year and some change later, and not only has Pacino’s casting solidified, but it turns out he’s brought a couple of other big names along with him. And, in addition to that, new reports give us a little bit more of an idea what this story is all about. According to Deadline Hollywood, in addition to Pacino playing the aging rocker who’s still out there on the road playing all of his old songs, Fogelman has recruited Jeremy Renner to play the part of the adult son, as well as Julianne Moore to play the part of a hotel manager Pacino’s character befriends. Now, about that letter from John Lennon. The additional story bits here are that it was originally meant for a 19-year-old version of Pacino’s character, who had written to his music hero. Unfortunately, the letter was lost in the mail for decades, and delivered its words of wisdom quite a bit too late to get the guy’s life on the right track. All is not yet lost, however, […]


The Guilt Trip Trailer

They’ve been a staple of comedy for as long as people having been waxing comedically about their problems: overbearing Jewish mothers. They poke, they prod, they have a uniform misunderstanding of everything that’s happening in the modern world, and they’re generally able to get under your skin like no one else you’ve ever met. But still…they’re mom. Sounds like a guy being annoyed by and then eventually growing closer to his overbearing mother could make for a good movie, huh? Well, that’s what the writer and director of The Guilt Trip, Dan Fogelman and Anne Fletcher, are hoping, because they’ve made a movie whose entire narrative seems to consist of a cross-country trip taken by a mother and son team played by Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. So, how does it look? Not terrible. Certainly this is well-worn territory to anyone who’s seen more than a few minutes of stand-up comedy or watched more than a couple failed sitcom pilots, but the dialogue in this trailer appears to be amusing enough, and Streisand and Rogen both seem to be spot-on in their interpretations of the archetypical characters they’re playing. For Streisand fans especially, who haven’t been able to see her star in a movie that doesn’t have the word Fockers in the title for quite a while, this one should be a real treat.


Kevin Kline in Last Vegas

Jon Turteltaub‘s “geriatric Hangover” buddy comedy, Last Vegas, has finally locked in its final member of its wolf pack (geriatric wolf pack?). Deadline Henderson reports that Kevin Kline will join Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Douglas in the Dan Fogelman-scripted comedy. The film centers on “old friends who decide to throw a Las Vegas bachelor party for the only one of them who has remained single.” Hilarity (and broken hips?) ensues! Previous articles on the film also refer to a love triangle element to the story, with the bachelor in question (a known playboy) falling for a lounge singer that another one of his pallies (a widower) also has his eye on. There’s no word on who will play who as of yet, but let’s just go for the obvious here – De Niro as the playboy and Freeman as the widower? That sound about right?



Last month it was reported that Dan Fogelman’s long-gestating script Last Vegas was finally going to be put into production. After several stops and starts, the story of four aged friends going to Vegas for one last crazy bachelor’s party was said to be going forward with Jon Turteltaub set to direct and Michael Douglas signed on to star. That was what we knew for sure – who would be signed to fill out the rest of the film’s wrinkly but still rocking quartet was up in the air. Early reports had Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken rumored as being likely candidates for two of the characters, and since that time De Niro has indeed become confirmed, but nothing further has been said about Walken’s involvement. Today Deadline Greenwood has some new info regarding the film’s casting process, and how their scouring of Tinsel Town’s old folks homes is going. Apparently veteran actor and all around suave fellow Morgan Freeman is currently in negotiations to join the cast. This can only be seen as a terrific choice, because not only is Freeman a recognizable name who can pull off anything that’s asked of him, but he’s also already got experience being in an old-guys-doing-stuff movie because of his work in The Bucket List.


De Niro and Douglas

Last Vegas is one of those movies that’s been in the works for quite some time, with several years of actors almost becoming attached to it and the movie almost getting put into production already under its belt. Written by Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love), Last Vegas tells the story of a bunch of old guys who are probably too old to be having a bachelor’s party in Las Vegas having a bachelor’s party in Las Vegas anyway. Think of it as the mash-up of The Bucket List and The Hangover that everyone’s been clamoring for. While the initial buzz from The Hangover that was palpable when this project was first being talked about has been significantly lessened over the past year or so, the success of a movie like Bridesmaids has to mean that there have been movie execs out there somewhere looking for a project that could do for old men what that movie did for women; so now a new series of deals has been made that sees Last Vegas moving full speed ahead. Yesterday THR reported that the film is scheduled to start shooting this fall under the watch of CBS Films, and in order to bring the printed word to the big screen they’ve hired director Jon Turteltaub (who made Cool Runnings and 3 Ninjas back to back!) to helm, and a returning-from-a-medical-leave-of-absence Michael Douglas to star. That’s a heaping truckload of Hollywood clout right there, but the parade of news involving Last Vegas isn’t […]


news_affleck politics

In recent years Ben Affleck has been earning praise left and right for his skill as a director. His first two films, Gone Baby Gone and The Town, have largely been far better received by the movie media than any of the performances he’s given over the course of his career. But, it turns out, his first love is still acting. Sorry, everybody. Even as he handles the post-production of his next project as a filmmaker, Argo, he’s managed to find some time to negotiate himself into another job as an actor. Warner Bros. has been sitting on the political comedy, Nathan Decker, for a while. Written by Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love.), it’s the story of a prominent politician who gets disgraced by an affair and is forced to return to his home town in order to deal with lingering issues from his past. Originally it was thought that Tom Cruise was going to star, but his involvement in the project never materialized, and the studio is now looking at it as a starring vehicle for Affleck.


Crazy Stupid Love

In Glenn Ficarra and John Requa‘s Crazy, Stupid, Love., we meet Cal and Emily, a long-standing couple in which only one half of them recognizes that the “standing” could in fact be traded out for “suffering.” Cal and Emily have some lovely kids and a nice house and what appear to be stable jobs, but there’s something missing. Within the film’s first ten minutes, Emily (Julianne Moore) has asked for a divorce (in the middle of a dinner out, no less) and revealed that she’s had an affair (with one her co-workers, played, of course by Kevin Bacon), leading Cal (Steve Carell) to purposely fall out of their car and announce to both their son and babysitter what has just transpired during the world’s worst date night (and Carell knows from bad date nights). And thus begins Cal and Emily’s halting journey to return to a state of normalcy, if not a state of reaffirmed union.



Writer Dan Fogelman is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in Hollywood. He started his career strong by penning hugely successful animated film like Cars and Tangled, and recently he has upped his game by getting a lot of live action projects going. He has written a script for the Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand road trip comedy My Mother’s Curse, he made big money selling the script Crazy, Stupid, Love which is becoming a Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling comedy, and recently he even sold a script for a political comedy with Tom Cruise attached to star. That’s a lot of successful screenwriting he’s got going on. But, not content with just being a titan in the writing game, Fogelman is now looking to get his directorial debut together. The film will be called Imagine, and it’s about one of those old guy rockers who’s still hanging on to the lifestyle, but who wants to become a better person. In this film the catalyst for change is a letter from John Lennon that was sent 40 years earlier but never successfully delivered until recently. Whatever Lennon says in that letter sets the protagonist off on a path that leads to him reconnecting with an estranged son. Originally, Steve Carell was going to play the adult son, but he has had to drop out of the project in an acting capacity due to being Steve Carell. He’s a busy man. Someone who may be able to fit this film […]



Dan Fogelman is one of the most successful screenwriters currently writing in Hollywood. He’s done a lot of huge animated movies like Cars, Bolt, and Tangled, and most recently he sold a script for the upcoming Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling vehicle Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was Warner Bros who paid 2.5 million for the rights to that film, and now they’ve won another bid to buy Fogelman’s next script. Reportedly for quite a bit of cheddar. This one sounds smaller and more character driven than what we’ve seen from Fogelman so far. It even has the usual, indie, ambitious person shamed into going back to their hometown story. This time the main character is a successful politician who has his life and career ruined by an affair that gets exposed by the media. But, despite Fogelman’s success so far, maybe the biggest news about this project is that Tom Cruise is already attached to star. In an industry where the forward momentum of a project can live or die on its attachment to a brand name, that has to be seen as a big asset. Tom Cruise is one of the biggest name brands in Hollywood. Not even videotaped craziness and an attachment to a strange, probably evil religion can ruin this guy’s bulletproof nature at the box office. I mean, other than Knight and Day. That didn’t go so well for anybody. Finger crossed for this one though! Source: Deadline Wichita



Jack Nicholson has reportedly been offered the role of a womanizing playboy in LASt Vegas, the geriatric version of The Hangover. I wonder if he can pull it off?

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