Remember that modern take on William Shakepeare’s “Cymbeline” that we last saw a trailer for in 2013? It made its debut last fall at the Venice International Film Festival and received mostly negative reviews, so of course they’ve changed the name and now have a new trailer ahead of its release in theaters this March. The new title is Anarchy, which is kind of silly because from its inception the adaptation has been likened to (and now can be seen as definitely resembling) the show Sons of Anarchy. Which itself was already heavily inspired by the tragedies of Shakespeare. While the original play involves a romantic tale of Ancient Britain, in which a war is fought against Rome as a result of the titular king’s meddling in his daughter’s love affairs, this new movie version takes place in the present and is set in the world of outlaw bikers. The new trailer comes our way from John Leguizamo‘s personal YouTube channel — yes, John Leguizamo is doing modernized Shakespeare once again, almost 20 years after appearing in Baz Luhrman’s  Romeo + Juliet. Also, this is a return to modernized Shakespeare for Ethan Hawke and writer/director Michael Almereyda, who teamed up in 2000 for that Hamlet where the “To be or not to be” soliloquy is performed in a Blockbuster Video store (hopefully this one has another major scene located at a business that will be nonexistent in 10 years). Joining them are Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich, Penn Badgley, Anton Yelchin, Kevin Corrigan, Bill Pullman, Delroy Lindo and Dakota […]



Michael Almereyda’s (Hamlet) latest film adaptation of a work of William Shakespeare, Cymbeline, has a lot going for it on the surface. Not only does it feature all of the flowery language and intricate, twisting plot elements that one would associate with a work that was penned by the Bard, but it also features an extensive ensemble cast that’s full of familiar faces, and more action than you can shake a stick at. Almereyda has taken a pretty soap opera-heavy story about love and deceit, set in a world of ancient nobility, and plopped it right down in a modern drug war between a crew of corrupt cops and a gang of unruly bikers, he’s got big stars like Ethan Hawke, Penn Badgley, Dakota Johnson, Milla Jovovich, Anton Yelchin, John Leguizamo, Ed Harris, and a handful of others helping to bring it all to life, and he’s brought more car crashes, machine guns, and explosions to the table than anybody likely ever imagined they would see in an adaptation of a Shakespeare work. What’s not to like? Well, seeing as Cymbeline seems to be trying to be all things to all people, that lack of focus on a clear tone could result in there being quite a few things not to like. At least for the people who have to sell it to audiences.



The cast of Michael Almereyda’s latest modern update of a Shakespeare work, Cymbeline, keeps swelling with notable names. The casting story on this one started with the news that Ethan Hawke, who also starred in Almereyda’s 2000 version of Hamlet, would be lending his hand in an undisclosed role to this film as well, it kept going with the news that Ed Harris had been brought on to play the title character of the piece, King Cymbeline, and somewhere along the lines Penn Badgley and Milla Jovovich were brought on board as well. That’s a pretty solid lineup already, and Almereyda wasn’t event done yet. The latest casting news, from Screen Daily, is that two more notable names have just been brought on board to round out the cast. Said names are Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin and 21 Jump Street’s Dakota Johnson. Given the amount of actors already signed for this one and the fact that Shakespeare’s original story is kind of complex, figuring out who everybody is playing is something of a confusing endeavor. Let’s do our best to untangle the knot.


'Pollock' is visually cool, interesting but shallow

Though Ed Harris is a performer who most people would recognize at this point, he’s still not exactly what one thinks of when they think of a “movie star.” While he’s not exactly a “that guy” character actor who constantly shows up playing small roles, he’s not quite a leading man either. He’s more likely to show up in a movie as the guy behind the guy, just one step behind the hero, or even as the villain, someone who’s probably just as essential to a story as the hero but doesn’t get nearly as much of the credit when box office receipts and reviews start rolling in. Harris is more often than not the highlight of every film he appears in, and he has the chiseled looks and piercing eyes of a leading man, but for some reason he’s never quite broken through to that next level of Hollywood where he’s gotten the opportunity to get the big, showy roles and anchor the big, expensive films. Whether that’s because casting agents think that he’s lacking some sort of intangible quality that makes one a star or just that Harris himself prefers to make a living and build a career doing smaller, often more interesting work isn’t clear. But what is clear is that he’s been one of the best actors working regularly over the last few decades, he’s always a welcome name to see pop up on any casting list, and we now have reason to celebrate, as there’s […]



The best part of the 2000 Hamlet adaptation starring Ethan Hawke may have been seeing Bill Murray attempt Shakespeare and be brutally murdered for doing so. Yet the same creative team behind this previous Shakespeare retelling are at it again. Deadling reports that Hawke and Hamlet writer/director Michael Almereyda will be teaming up once more to put one of the Bard’s lesser-known works – “Cymbeline“- up on the big screen. And just like the previous Hamlet (see also: almost every other Shakespeare play put on film in the last twenty years), Cymbeline will place Shakespeare’s story in the present day. This will reportedly involve two lovers adrift in a sea of dirty cops battling Sons of Anarchy-style biker gangs, with a style not unlike ROMEO + JULIET. There’s no word yet on how this will tie into the actual plot of “Cymbeline,” which involves a king and his daughter, the latter marrying a common man against her father’s wishes. Also, the original play is considered to be somewhere between a comedy and a drama and, from the sound of it, this re-telling doesn’t seem like a laugh riot. But let’s not pass judgement just yet (even though it’s both easy and fun). Hawke has his share of Shakespeare experience – not only with Hamlet, but on the actual stage, having performed in both “Macbeth” and “The Winter’s Tale.” And hey, maybe Bill Murray will show up again. One can always hope.

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