Cruel Intentions

Ian Malcolm Oil Painting

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly collective of links and thoughts breaking down all the news and great essays from around the movie blogosphere. A celebration of quality programming, if you will. Thus, it becomes quality programming in and of itself. In short, it’s worth however long it takes you to read to the end (where we’ve strategically placed a Christopher Nolan-themed video as your reward). We begin this evening with the internet’s story of the night, Daniel Day-Lewis’ awesome Abe Lincoln beard, as shot by Virginia local Michael Phillips. He snapped a shot of the highly method actor in a Richmond restaurant (not far from where Steven Spielberg’s film is currently in production). Basically it looks like Abraham Lincoln with jeans on. So yes, that works. Also worth noting: It’s being reported that Day-Lewis has not dropped his Lincoln accent since March. That’s one hardcore mother-effing emancipator, right there.


Unsexy Sequel

Once again we enter the Summer of Sequels. It can be argued the sequel may have originally been meant as a companion piece to an original fan-favorite, but now studios pump them out in hopes to continue making more money off a familiar formula. This is no surprise to anyone who ventures out of their hole and into the shiny lights of the world. Or at least watches TV. Summer movie releases are almost always exclusively geared towards big audiences and the dollar bills they bring with them. And those audiences like to know what they are getting themselves into. This is in no way a bad thing, as I personally cannot wait for more awkward nakedness in the final Harry Potter film (I mean, what was that?) or the potential for shirtless Michael Fassbender time in X-Men: The Last Stand. But as reassuring that watching a hyped sequel can be, they aren’t all The Dark Knight. More often than not the sequel is a disappointment and audiences spend half the movie racking their brains to see if they know anyone with the quantum physics knowledge to build a time machine or a connection at the Ministry of Magic to garner a Time Turner. (I just cannot wait for Harry Potter, I’m sorry!) And in the world of sexy movies, the sequel can be the road block keeping the original from greatness. Basic Instinct excited our minds and tingled our tenders, but when the 2006 follow-up hit screens fans could […]



The last few weeks have been emotionally exhausting and utterly surreal for me, and visiting with some of my favorite movies for advice has been a big help in moving forward. Of course this isn’t the same as talking with a good friend or crying into a whole box of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins (with sprinkles!), but sometimes the stories unfolding on screen just make you feel better in a way talking and eating just can’t. All my time watching movies has taught me if a heartbroken soul can get through it, head held high and sane, so can I. But where do we draw the line between real and too real when it comes to romance and sex in film? Sex complicates, but does it also have to destroy the lives involved? In Cruel Intentions, sex is used as a key element in an emotionally manipulative game between Kathryn and Sebastian, whereas in Y Tu Mama Tambien sex leaves best friends confused about their future, and in Blue Valentine sex brings upon the end of a relationship representing so many couples before and after. In each of these films, the act itself is both poignant and flawed, and no one walks away uninjured.



Brendan Fraser is back to his family film ways in Furry Vengeance, in which his real estate developer fights woodland creatures for their forest.

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