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They said it couldn’t be done. A fifth year of 31 Days of Horror? 31 more terror, gore and shower scene-filled movies worth highlighting? But Rejects always say die and never back away from a challenge (unless you count that time Jack Giroux was challenged to prove that hairy palms don’t come from excessive masturbation), so we’ve rounded up the horror fans among us and put together another month’s worth of genre fun. Enjoy! Synopsis: Written by Stephen King at the height of his fame, Silver Bullet tells the story of mysterious and violent deaths happening in the small Maine town of Tarker’s Mill. At first, they are dismissed as accidents, but soon people suspect a killer is on the loose. Young paraplegic Marty Coslow (Corey Haim) and his older sister Jane (Megan Follows) uncover some evidence that leads them to believe that the killer is actually a werewolf. Marty and Jane try to convince their wayward uncle Red (Gary Busey) that not only is the killer a literal monster but the werewolf has now targeted them because they know the secret.


Over Under: A New Perspective on Films New and Old

Seeing as this is the first go around, you might be wondering to yourself what “Over/Under” is, and rightly so. It’s a new weekly column in which I will take to task a film that has gotten more than its fair share of success and praise, and then champion a related film that comparatively gets little play. This isn’t necessarily to say that the first film is bad and the second one good, just that the disparity in love between the two is a wrong that needs to be righted. But if you choose to believe that what I’m writing is more mean-spirited and antagonistic than intended, that’s fine with me too. Let’s spar in the comments; I could use the attention. For our inaugural column we’ll be looking at John Hughes’s 1985 detention drama The Breakfast Club, a film that the teenagers who work for me still mention as being a classic, and David Seltzer’s 1986 nerd meets girl movie Lucas, a film that I can’t get a darn one of those kids to give a chance.



Haim is probably best known as the accidental vampire hunter from The Lost Boys and from his multiple onscreen pairings with Corey Feldman (who can probably be found mugging and crying for the cameras right now on any station that’ll have him), but he has several other films on his resume worth seeing and remembering… movies that showed him to be an energetic and charismatic young actor always capable of bringing a smile.



If you are headed out to see Crank 2 this weekend, it is likely that you think you know what sort of experience you are in for. Well friends, I’m here to tell you that you have no idea…



Anyone who has a Kiefer Sutherland fetish or an affinity for vampires is sure to love the 1987 cult classic, The Lost Boys. In the same respect, anyone who does love the original is surely terrified by the announcement of a sequel.


The idea of a Crank sequel may surprise some people since the first one was overly obnoxious and stupid. Unfortunately, poor quality isn’t enough to stop the prospects of a sequel in Hollywood.


Corey Haim has decided to jump back on board for the upcoming sequel Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.

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