When talking about the upcoming live action version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie his Platinum Dunes production company is helming, fan favorite and media whipping boy Michael Bay wandered into a non-controversy that is apparently still news. Fans of TMNT and Bay-haters alike got all up in a tizzy after the Transformers director made a statement about the film and casually dropped the info that the turtles will actually be aliens, not mutants. I’m surprised you didn’t feel the earthquake that happened shortly thereafter, because the world is ending.



Director Lucky McKee’s most recent film, The Woman, garnered a lot of critical praise at Sundance in 2011 but gained the most publicity when some old codger decided to have a freak out that was caught on tape where he said the film was degrading to women and demanded it be burned. Luckily for the sake of art and free speech, the negative was not burned and the film has indeed been released on DVD and Blu-ray. The film follows the Cleek family and their zany adventures trying to ‘civilize’ a wild woman the patriarch finds in the woods. I put civilize in quotes back there because that’s how the film is officially described, but in my book giving someone a bath and making them wear clothes doesn’t actually amount to trying to civilize them. No, for that, one must teach them proper dining etiquette. Obviously, as this is branded a horror film, the titular woman chained up in the basement must cause some havoc, though she’s not the true villain in this story.


rango smoking before hitting the makeup chair

Kori Titus, the CEO of a not for profit organization called Breathe California, leads a project called “Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!” that catalogues the instances of smoking in movies. After analyzing the recent animated release Rango, they were horrified to report that there are at least 60 instances of characters smoking in the film. Until I read this news I had thought that people who played fantasy baseball were the biggest nerds on the planet. Now I am certain that it is instead the members of Breathe California, who clearly have too much time on their hands. But probably I don’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe watching movies with a clicker in your hand and counting every time you see a cigarette is a perfectly worthwhile way to spend your time. Smoking is a gross, deadly habit after all. The director of The Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, Stanton Glantz, says that, “A lot of kids are going to start smoking because of this movie.” Studies done by his organization have found that kids who are frequently exposed to images of people smoking are two to three times more likely to start smoking themselves than children who rarely see it. That’s amazing. I have done a similar study that has found that kids who are frequently exposed to ice cream are 100% more likely to eat ice cream than kids who have never seen it. I published my research in Popular Science under the title “Obvious Hypothesis […]


Boiling Point

Is that a provocative headline? I’m not sure. No more provocative than my first assignment from Neil Miller for FSR, “Why Blacks Don’t Deserve the Vote.” Just kidding, that wasn’t my first article, my first article was a review of The Pound Puppies on VHS. But really, that joke may be tasteless. Some people may be upset by it. You may run off and tell your friends not to read this article, or this site. By all means, go ahead and do that. Make sure to link them to the article too. So they can see it first hand. So that one article no one in your social group was going to read is now read by all of them. Do it. The more you send it around, the the more hits it gets and the more hits it gets the more Milk Duds I receive in compensation. There seems to be a bit of controversy over controversy these past weeks. Last week we had Ricky Gervais say some funny and mean things (the best kind of things) and people got upset. This week Judd Apatow stole that idea and said a lot of mean things that were barely funny (being just remakes of Ricky Gervais jokes) about the chubby Brit. We’ve also got some thick headed religious types protesting Red State because of its subject matter (I say only protest it if it sucks, or because Kevin Smith is a douche nozzle) and similar socially conservative people up in […]


Tropic Thunder

The controversy surrounding “Tropic Thunder” gets a little more vocal, a little more absurd.


The Golden Compass pointed toward controversy leading it up to its release. But was it really that controversial?

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