Comic-Con 2010


If you’ve never picked up “The Goon” for a solid Sunday read, you should head to the local comic book store (the one where the owner won’t let you thumb through the pages because it makes them “used”) and pick up the entire series immediately. Actually, volumes 0-3 should be enough for now, but make sure the gas tank is full because you’ll be heading back to the store soon. There’s zombies and skunk-apes and it’s fantastic. News of a film featuring the beloved characters has been around for quite some time, but a very cool teaser trailer made especially for Comic-Con is the first solid proof (beyond a few pieces of concept art) that the film is barreling its way down throats and out back ends. It will be soon enough. Grab a slice of pie and check out the footage:



The release of Iron Man had many effects on fans and the film industry, but one of those effects was the hope that audiences instilled in Marvel as a fresh, young production house. It was taking on its own characters and treating them with respect and reverence. It was placing them in a real world that looked shockingly like our own and made us that a man in a metal suit could fly. The new-for-Comic-Con concept art on display for Thor and Captain America is fantastic. It’s dark, evokes the feel of the World War Z concept art, and feels epic even at its two-dimensional stature. It’s that quality that makes them so frustrating.


Make Your Own Comic-Con 2010

Maybe you don’t want to bother with the crowds. Maybe you’re stuck at home because your brother-in-law is coming up for the weekend. Maybe you forgot to buy tickets. Whatever your situation is, it’s a sure thing that you don’t really want to miss Comic-Con but fate has forced your hand, and the rest of you, to stay right where you are. Which isn’t in San Diego (disregard if living in San Diego). But have no fear, dear reader! We hear your plight and even empathize with it, which is why we have created the essential list of everything you’ll need to have your very own Comic-Con in the convenience of your own home. Trust us. Your brother-in-law will love it.



There’s is no telling what Drive Angry 3D is about. At its barest, it involves a revenge concept with Nicolas Cage being crazy (and revengy). The rumors paint it as a beast of a movie that might be a kinetic meltdown or a version of Bad Lieutenant that’s been stabbed in the chest with an adrenaline needle. Fortunately, none of the concept art for it makes any sense in that context. It’s beautiful and eerie, but it looks a bit like a world where Max Rockatansky started worshiping the devil. See for yourself after the jump. (And remember to Jump Angry.)


Support Our Sponsor: Conception – The new film from Chris Nolan that will Get. You. Pregnant. This week, on a very special Reject Radio, we have more guests than ever before! In preparation for our trip to Comic-Con, Vic from Screen Rant, Danny from the Totally Rad Show, and our very own Robert Fure tell me what to pack and what they’ll be looking forward to when the huge media melee begins. Buy your tickets now for the Squat Thrust Off. We also find some time to review The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Inception.


We're down there somewhere

In a three-way, melee attack of awesome that will leave you wondering how we removed your heart from your chest without breaking the skin, FSR is gearing up to head to sunny San Diego in order to stay indoors all weekend. Interviewer extraordinaire Jack Giroux, Robert “Fists of” Fure and I will be sharing the experience with you from Wednesday night through a hungover Sunday morning. Pack your bags, dear reader, because you’ll be coming along for the ride. Just don’t believe Fure when he tells you he’s a commercial airline pilot.


Edward Norton fires back at Marvel

If your eyebrow is raised from the news floating over the weekend that Edward Norton will not be returning to the Marvel fold as the lovable green menace for The Avengers, you’re probably not alone. We fans have been left standing in flustered silence at several of Marvel’s decisions, but this one might be the most nonsensical from an outsider’s point of view. We tried to gain some perspective, but my calls to Marvel went unreturned – either because they don’t care to comment or because I actually called a local pizza parlor to order lunch instead. Luckily, the studio released an incendiary statement and, like an old, shotgun-wielding man being robbed, Edward Norton fired back in a must-read pair of dueling press releases.



This week, on a very special episode of Reject Radio, we take a look at an Arrested Development, Comic-Con 2009 and 2010, and complete several hours of court-ordered community service.

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