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Iron Man and Thor - Avengers

Presumably it’s for training, but when Thor goes up against Iron Man, it could be about anything. The drinking schedule, how untidy the Stark HQ is, whether man can make scientific magic the same way Gods can. There’s a lot to fight about, and the trailers all hint that the Avengers are a time bomb waiting to go off. In the new clip from The Avengers, Joss Whedon does the kind of playing that most comic book fans have to do with plastic action figures. He pits two titans against each other, turning Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth into his playthings. Fortunately one of them has a suit that absorbs lightning. Check it out for yourself:


Y: The Last Man

Speaking of Development Hell, New Line is back to the drawing board on Y: The Last Man. The good news? There’s a drawing board. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the production company has hired seasoned television writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia to craft a new script. The pair have experience born from shows like Jericho, Warehouse 13 and Human Target and they inherit a project with a lot of baggage to it. Presumably their hiring drops that baggage completely so that everyone can come to it with fresh eyes that have seen a lot on the small screen, but are just getting started on the big. Arguably, that’s a good thing. It’s a stunning comic book series from the brilliant mind of Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. It demands to be made into an equally impressive film. So far, no one involved has been up to that task, so it’s great that the torch has been passed. As for this latest attempt at finding an anchor, it’s unclear. There’s something exciting about that. Hopefully this is the combination that makes it happen, and makes it happen in the right way.



With massive ratings numbers, AMC has made the call to renew The Walking Dead for a third season. According to the press release, AMC President Charlie Collier was proud of the viewership records being set internationally by the show. That number includes more than 10m that watched the second season’s premiere around the world. Clearly, the zombie invasion is still going strong. This news comes as absolutely no surprise, but it does come with a challenge for showrunner Glen Mazzara to raise the stakes and improve on an already-strong formula for success. There were obvious storytelling differences between the first season and the start of the second, and Mazzara has to find a less ambling direction to drive the story. Not that walking around in the woods for two hours without development isn’t fun. With a third season in the bag, now is the time for them to start tightening up their scripts significantly in order to maintain the level of unease and drama that fans deserve. Taking a television show into a third season is always tricky, so hopefully they’ll get out of their own way, find some ripe stories, and deliver them without resorting to Sheriff Grimes waterskiing over a shark.  



There are few comic books that so obviously needed to be adapted into a mini-series, and “100 Bullets” is one of them. It’s a fantastic neo-noir that works issue to issue just as well as it works as a long-form story with far more going on underneath its surface. Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso created an engaging underworld where a mysterious agent hands you a briefcase with proof of who ruined your life, a gun, and 100 bullets that, if analyzed, will instantly halt any police procedure by federal mandate. It’s a violent golden ticket to get away with murder. Now, according to Deadline Dimsdale, that golden ticket will be heading to Showtime as a new series under the writing and executive producing of David S. Goyer. There’s no doubt that this material is rich and ready for the screen, but Goyer is a bit of a wildcard. He has some phenomenal credits under the umbrella of Christopher Nolan, but he’s also been a part of middle projects and downright unwatchable crap. This is not quite the abomination that Akiva Goldsman writing The Dark Tower is, but it’s not exactly the perfect pairing this show deserves. It’s not like he’s shown off noir chops as of yet (unless you loosely count the Blade movies), and there are definitely a few names that would have caused more of a spark here. Or, like the comic book itself, maybe Goyer has a few surprises up his sleeve.


Priest Trailer

Some of it looks a bit cheesy, but on the whole, the first full trailer for Priest is incredibly promising. Maggie Q tossing all sorts of ninja stars, Karl Urban looking like The Gunslinger and conducting the burning of a town, Paul Bettany brooding and slashing a dagger into some vampires. It’s all good stuff, and it all looks incredible. The blend of science fiction attributes amidst the crumbling visage of an ancient order is a great concept pulled directly from the graphic novel, and the spirit of the Western (including what looks like a great fight on top of a speeding locomotive) is in tact here amongst the gadgetry and blood-guzzling creatures of the night. The CGI vampires are, sadly, a bit I Am Legendary. However, it seems as though director Scott Charles Stewart is taking this a bit more seriously than he took Legion, and that’s a good thing. Go see the trailer for yourself over at Crackle.


Jon Hamm As Superman?

With all that Comic Book Convention 2010 stuff slowly dying out, someone out there in the superhero world had to pipe up and keep the train rolling down the track. After all the Marvel talk, it might as well be a DC property. The rumor of the day is that Jon Hamm – the actor known as Mad Men’s Don Draper and Liz Lemon’s impossible boyfriend – might be up for the role of Clark Kent (a man who, if you look at him without the glasses, resembles Superman an awful lot). This isn’t a done deal, but if it’s headed that way, it’s enough prompting to take a look at the pros and cons of what casting him might mean.


Print to Projector

As the only literate Reject, it’s my duty to find the latest, the greatest and the untouched classics that would make great source material for film adaptations. I read so you don’t have to. This week, Print to Projector presents: American Virgin by Steven T. Seagle Art by Becky Cloonan and Frank Quitely “I’m a virgin.” Synopsis Young Christian author and evangelist Adam Chamberlain extols the beauty of abstinence on speaking tours but has his faith and humanity tested when he learns that his girlfriend Cassie has been beheaded while doing missionary work in Africa. He joins up with his sexually liberal step-sister to go find out what happened, leaving his Neocon mother and delinquent brother behind to spin further down a rabbit hole of cross-dressing, pornography and God.



The rumor of the day is that the “Lost” star might be signing on with Marvel. How super do you want him to get?



We’re not saying he should take on nine villains in the next film, but here are a few to choose from who are up to the task.



The verdict is in: there is no verdict yet on whether Iron Man 2 is great, good, bad or terrible.



This week, on a very special episode of Reject Radio, Brian Gibson and I break down what’s hot and what’s sweaty here at South By Southwest.



Remember that movie that everyone seems to love but hasn’t even been released yet? It’s getting a kick ass sequel.


Scott Summers, he of the truly deadly looks, is to appear in the forthcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine. At least, as far as we can tell.

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