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Mr. Morgan's Last Love

Oh, God, there’s something in my eye. Not tearing up at all at the thought of Michael Caine being sad and lonely in his elderly years. Nope. Mr. Morgan’s Last Love centers on a sweet old widower living in Paris who finds a new lease on life when he meets a radiant younger woman (Clémence Poésy) who reminds him much of his wife. She teaches dance classes! She helps him lighten up! Oh, my God – Michael Caine has a manic pixie dream girl. But it looks like a sweet, heartwarming tale where we’ll surely discover that Poésy’s character is just as vulnerable and in need of a friend as Caine. Isn’t that how these always work? This almost looks like the happy version of Lost in Translation: older gentleman and younger woman strike up an unlikely friendship that doesn’t (appear to) end in mutual heartbreak and anguish. The film is written and directed by German filmmaker Sandra Nettelbeck (No Reservations, Mostly Martha), and co-stars Justin Kirk and Gillian Anderson (though she doesn’t make an appearance in the trailer). Check out the first trailer after the break.



Usually when a filmmaker goes on a string of making a bunch of movies it’s nothing to bat an eyelash at. Hey, he’s a filmmaker, what did you expect? But when that filmmaker happens to be Terrence Malick, then it’s a whole other story. Malick is an infamous perfectionist who usually takes at least five years or so between everything he makes. Dude even waited twenty between Days of Heaven and The Thin Red Line. It’s weird that despite the fact his newest film Tree of Life was just in theaters, he already has his next picture in the can. But it’s even weirder that before that picture has been put together and given a release date and what not, Twitch has already unearthed some information about the next movie he’s making a move on. Once he gets his Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams romance Voyage of Time out of the way, he’s said to be starting up a new film, which will star Christian Bale. That Bale is in the film shouldn’t come as a surprise, he’s worked with Malick before in The New World and he almost took the role Affleck eventually filled in Voyage of Time; but the fact that we look to be getting three Malick movies in two years is a gigantic shock. Who put what in this guy’s Wheaties? Does Malick know something that we don’t, or did he just blow all his money on a gambling debt or something?



This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr puts on a wizard’s robe, wears a colorful scarf and dances around in the woods with his magic wand yelling, “Stupify!” And that’s just to celebrate the release of Fair Game in his home town. He also takes a look at this little independent film that few people have even heard of, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. Sadly, a bizarre mishap with his wizarding skills causes a boulder to fall on his hand and pin him for 93 minutes, which was actually quite fortunate because it gave him just enough time to watch 127 Hours.



The opening and initial set up of Heartless is incredible. Sadly, it takes a wrong turn almost immediately afterward and slowly crawls its way deeper into a hole it can’t quite ever get out of. It’s not at all a terrible movie, but it’s the kind of movie that frustrates with how many good ideas it has that it’s unable to flesh out or capitalize on. Jim Sturgess delivers another empathetic performance as Jamie Morgan – a young man whose self-confidence is completely wracked by a heart-shaped birth mark covering the side of his face. He learns that there’s a gang of demons wandering through London creating chaos, makes a Faustian pact with a sideburned Satan, and lives to regret the decision.



The 2008 film season brought us beauty in both traditional and unconventional ways. While there has been an argument that leading ladies are few and far between, I think there’s a strong case to be made against that. This list of ten female figures will hopefully offer proof of that.



Jim Stugess makes a deal with the Devil in his upcoming flick to ensure that he will be handsome. the only side effect: he must start killing people. Fun!

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