Clash of the Titans 2


An intrepid spy from some exotic corner of the world took a ton snapshots of some giant wooden objects that are supposedly being used for Wrath of the Titans, the sequel, of course, to Clash of the Titans. There’s nothing to lose your mind about (unless you’re one of those people that goes ape-y over prop construction (and there’s nothing wrong with that)) as the photos mostly show an half-built ship, a bunch of barrels, and what appears to be a sunken wreck of something. It’s behind the scenes stuff from Tumba Abierta (entretenimiento fantastico!) which Aint It Cool managed to pick up on. Here are a few samples:



A lot of people have their panties in a bunch over the recent spat of 3D films. Roger Ebert alone has tweeted about it roughly 7000 times and mentioned it in literally hundreds of reviews. What are the complaints? 3D is just a gimmick. It adds nothing to the filmgoing experience. It dulls and muddies the image. It’s just an excuse to jack up ticket prices. Okay, there are some good points in there. But there’s also some that can be argued. The biggest 3D success yet has been James Cameron’s Avatar. Everyone seems to be in agreement that while the movie was pretty bad, it did some interesting things with the 3D technology. Most people credit that to the fact that Cameron used high tech 3D cameras, and didn’t just convert film to 3D afterwards. I would argue that Cameron’s success in the medium had more to do with the blocking and construction of his scenes, which all made sure to painstakingly utilize the possibilities of a three dimensional image in order to create a deep, layered field of action. What Citizen Kane did to revolutionize focused action occurring both in the foreground and the background, Avatar did times ten.


Jonathan Liebesman

Jonathan Liebesman‘s Battle: Los Angeles hasn’t hit theaters yet, but his career and talent seem to be growing. After a mediocre start with Darkness Falls, he delivered a solid entry into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre legacy, a halfway psychological paranoia-fest with The Killing Room, and now he’s set to take what he’s learned battling aliens alongside Aaron Eckhart to the ancient world of Clash of the Titans 2: Titans. Will. Clash. Again. What’s interesting about this is the maturation of a genre director beyond the boundaries of the schlock he delivered in the past. That used to be the way the business worked, and it’s interesting to see it in practice here. Maybe it’ll lead to an American Pink Film movement. Liebesman has shown an ability to grow talent, so this is a great choice – but where does it leave his “300 meets Taken” version of Odysseus being developed over at Warners? Maybe one trip to antiquity will spur on another.

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