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Masaharu Fukuyama in 'Like Father, Like Son'

August is hot and sticky, to the point where many days it gets too uncomfortable to go outside even after the sun has gone down. That’s where a reliable air conditioner and a Netflix account come in handy. There’s bound to be at least a couple days out of this month where you just want to draw the shades, crank up the AC and avoid the sun. But what movies to stream while you’re in seclusion? Start with this list of new additions to the service, which are all worth a look. As always, click on the films’ titles in order to be taken to their Netflix page, where you can add them to your My List.


City of God

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Kennedy and Fassbender

City of God director Fernando Meirelles is just off the publicity tour for his latest film, 360, and already he’s looking to get work started on his next project, Nemesis, which is an adaptation of the Peter Evans book “Nemesis: The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down the Kennedys.” As you would probably expect from that title, Nemesis is set to be a drama focusing on the famous Kennedy family, or more specifically, the rivalry between Aristotle Onassis and Bobby Kennedy. At one point Kennedy investigated the magnate’s business practices and ended up getting him barred from trading in the United States, and the book goes as far as to assert that the conflict between the two escalated to the point where Onassis ended up financing Kennedy’s assassination. That’s heavy stuff involving some very iconic figures, so Meirelles is going to have to put together a pretty amazing cast in order to do the material justice. And, to that end, he’s taken to Twitter in order to stir up some interest from one of the best actors working today. This morning Meirelles tweeted the following, “Fazendo elenco de Nemesis. Que tal Fassbender para fazer o Bobby Kennedy?” I know what you’re thinking…those words look like gibberish. Well, it turns out Meirelles speaks this whole other language that isn’t even English. Luckily, through the magic of Google technology, we’re now able to translate that what he was tweeting roughly reads, “Making cast of […]


City of God Brazil World Cup Round Four

By making it all the way to the Final Four, these films have proven their supremacy, but only one can survive through to the Championship for a chance at eternal glory (that comes around every four years). Spirited Away is already coming into the round as the giant slayer by taking down Return of the King, but City of God took down a favorite of its own in Pan’s Labyrinth. Two underdogs that have proven victorious. Now, one of them has to go home before the big dance. Who will it be?


City of God World Cup Brazil Round Three

So far, the representative from Spain has bested the films it has gone up against with relative ease – seeing some of the largest margins of defeat in the entire tournament. In this round, Pan’s Labyrinth goes up against a bit tougher competition in the highly acclaimed City of God from Brazil. Both films are imaginative and desperate as dramas, but they are world’s apart in the final product. The wild black market of Movie World Cup betting (which is still illegal in the US) still favors Pan’s Labyrinth, but as we’re learning with the other matches in Round Three – the competition is now completely up in the air.


Movie World Cup Bracket Round Three

Wow. What a ride. After a full week of heated competition, we’ve been deposited here at the threshold of Round Three. The teams that survive what promises to be a brutal round of competition will be the final four standing, and will be only one more victory away from standing strong in the Championship Round. Many great films have fallen, and what remains includes a meddling French girl, a haunted hero in a cape and cowl, a man who spies on others, an ex-porn star, a young girl working for a witch, a man who would be king, impoverished youths in Brazil, and a girl caught between the horrors of WWII Spain and a giant faun.


City of God World Cup Round Two Brazil

Out of the few favorites in this competition, City of God and Os Imortais, despite both being fantastic films from down South America way (that’s a joke) remain underdogs in the overall competition. However, fans of drama and international cinema should rise up in defense of both of them. It’s a tough draw that they see each other in Round Two because one of them will be knocked out, but one will live on to face the big boys in the intensifying battle when only 8 films are left. Which one will it be?


City of God World Cup Brazil

A truly difficult pairing, the critically acclaimed City of God faces the importer’s dream film J.S.A. – which is standing in for North Korea considering the inability of that country to show its films to the rest of the world even when they are clamoring for The Respected Comrade Supreme Commander is Our Destiny. Thus, a film about North Korea will have to do. Besides, it’s technically listed as a country of origin. Semantics aside, this match proves to be the most anticipated of the day because it sees two strong contenders squaring off.



We don’t come to mourn Miramax, but to bury you in great films to add to your rental queue.



As part of our epic, two week long Decade in Review, master of the Foreign Objects Rob Hunter lays down his picks of the best foreign language films of the decade.

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