Welcome back to This Week In Discs! As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it. The Woodsman and the Rain (UK) A small mountain town in Japan is invaded by a film production crew making a zombie movie, but few of the locals seem all that interested. Katsu (Koji Yakusho), an older lumberjack, takes issue with their presence but soon comes to befriend the inexperienced director. The two men learn from each other This is a sweet and unassuming little film that manages laughs alongside a small amount of light drama. The townspeople’s reaction to the film crew ranges from indifference to awe, and it’s a joy seeing Yakusho in a fun, lightweight role. His enthusiasm once he joins the crew is infectious and clear on his face, and it’s an expression anyone who loves movies has shared more than once. Also available on Blu-ray. [Extras: Deleted scenes, interviews, trailers] *NOTE: This is a UK region 2 release meaning US residents will need a region free player to watch.*


The Best Horror Movies of 2012

Another year has come and mostly gone and hundreds, if not thousands, of young, stupid, misbehaving teenagers have been lost at the hands of ghosts, apparitions, psychos, monsters, animals, and families with strange murder dynamics. Like any responsible site, it’s now our job to look back on a year of cinematic chaos and movie madness and sort all of this into an easy digestible list full of horrors! And family films! Because really, 2012 in horror wasn’t all that violent, but it was reflective and satisfying in a familiar way. Onward!


Editor’s note: another SXSW feature is hitting limited release, so please enjoy this Citadel review, originally published on March 19, 2012. Tommy and Joanne are a young couple about to welcome their first child into the world, and to celebrate the imminent arrival (and to feel safer day to day) they’re moving out of their sketchy apartment building known as the Citadel. But before she can even make it to the waiting taxi Joanne is violently assaulted and left with a dirty syringe hanging from her very pregnant belly. Tommy witnesses the attack but is helpless to stop it. The hospital manages to deliver their newborn son, but Joanne falls into a coma from which she never awakens. The weeks and months that follow see Tommy struggle to leave his new flat even as pressures from Social Services and his landlord begin to mount. He lives in fear of the hooded teenage hooligans responsible for his wife’s death, and the night he decides to get the hell out of town with his child is the night they come calling. They take something very precious to him, and now, with the help of a crazy old priest and a kindly nurse, he’ll have to find the strength to stand up to his fears and save what remains of his family. Even if that means returning to the Citadel.


South by Southwest is our favorite film festival not just because it’s in our own backyard (relatively speaking) or because it affords us a chance to eat BBQ on daily basis or even because it means we can sit in the Drafthouse all day but because – wait, no, it’s our favorite film festival for precisely those reasons. What else could you possibly want from a film festival? Good films? Fair enough. Luckily, finding good films at SXSW isn’t hard, not even remotely, which explains why our list of Our 16 Most Anticipated Films came together with no overlap – there’s truly something for everyone. For Rob Hunter, that means a lot of guns and violence, for Dear Leader Neil Miller, he just wants to stop being the last person in America who hasn’t seen The Raid. We even let Jack pick some films too. Sixteen in total, these films encapsulate the variety that makes SXSW so great – stick with this list and you probably can’t go (too)  wrong. Why sixteen films? Because we’re sweet. Or just suffering from anticipatory exhaustion from our favorite film festival. Check out all the movies we’re aching to see after the jump.

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