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How many of you watched the Peanuts holiday specials over the last few months? For many of us, it’s an annual tradition of viewing the classic Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas shorts starring Charlie Brown and friends, but this was my first time introducing them to my son. Briefly, anyway. I quickly realized that they’re pretty damn depressing cartoons and not always entertaining for little kids. How have they been such a staple for almost half a century? At least my son liked the Snoopy and Woodstock bits in each. Maybe it’s for similar reason that Fox has been focusing on the little beagle and bird duo in their promotions for their upcoming The Peanuts Movie, which is due in November. Then again, there’s not much that’s more depressing than World War I, and so far the primary sequence shown to us in teaser trailers is Snoopy as ace pilot of his doghouse — flying in the style of a Sopwith Camel — over Paris. Sure, it’s as light a tone as Snoopy fighter plane scenes ever are without evoking any reminders of the reality of the Great War. We’ll leave it to good ol’ Charlie Brown to make his most Charlie Brown-est entrance yet in the computer-animated feature talking of how he’s not happy or in the holiday spirit because of Ebola, terrorism, war and other suffering in the world. Chuck and the other human Peanuts characters do show up in the latest teaser, Mr. Brown once again being laughed at cruelly for being […]


Eternal-Sunshine-of-the-Spotless-Mind-eternal-sunshine-scene we love

Every movie site and its grandmother does a list of favorite romantic films or scenes on Valentine’s Day. I thought I’d do something different in anticipation of the lover’s holiday this year and highlight some great anti-Valentine’s Day scenes set on or otherwise involving the Hallmark holiday. They’re not necessarily against love and romance, but they do take shots at the enforced occasion for love and romance. Some of these scenes include death, one is about the end of the world and another features the ignorant poisoning of a beloved comic strip character. If you haven’t got a date for Thursday, don’t want a date for Thursday or have no need for a holiday that tells you to be especially romantic with your significant other on Thursday, the following six scenes and their films are for you. 


ET Halloween

Three more days ’til Halloween (silver shamrock), but the dressing up and trick-or-treating has already begun for those who prefer to get the major celebrating done on the weekend. If your Wednesday evening will now lack door-to-door activity or involve fewer kids coming to your house for goodies, perhaps you would like to watch others partake in costumed candy hunting via this crop of trick-or-treating scenes from films. Or, maybe you just want another excuse to watch the scene from E.T. I will admit, this is my primary reason for compiling this week’s installment of Scenes We Love. But I promise the other videos are worth a look, too.


Reject Recap: The Best of Film School Rejects

Movies introducing slang prefixes are all the rage right now, with Pitch Perfect prompting us to put “a-ca-” ahead of numerous words and now Argo giving us a funny reason to put “ar-” before “go” whenever we use the latter (especially when we use it with profanity, as in the movie). So, let me now employ the pun to invite you to “argo” back through the week with us to revisit the best stories and features from the past seven days. Before the main roundup, let’s highlight the regular content that you can find links for around the main page. This week we posted and re-published a bunch of reviews of new releases (Argo; Seven Psychopaths; Sinister; Smashed; Middle of Nowhere) as well as interviews with Argo star/director Ben Affleck and actor-turned-director Matthew Lillard. There weren’t a whole lot of trailers showcased this week, but you should argo watch the new spots for Hitchcock, Room 237, Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained and join the discussions of each. And finally, regarding our love of shorts here at FSR, in addition to the regular, daily highlights, we watched Pixar‘s new clubbin’ continuation of Toy Story, Partysaurus Rex, and took a look at the shortlist of eight documentary shorts vying for an Oscar nomination. Daniel has also reviewed shorts programs at the New York Film Festival, as well, but there’s a link to all that event’s coverage below. Check out our ten best features from the past week plus some other recommended […]



At 65 years of age, you would think that lovable loser Charlie Brown and his not-so-loyal pup Snoopy would be looking a bit long in the tooth, but the truth is that these two kids couldn’t possibly look any more spry, so what better way to celebrate their 65th birthday than by having them star in their own big screen feature? It was announced in a press release today [via ComingSoon] that Blue Sky Studios (the studio behind Ice Age and Rio) is going to be making another Peanuts movie. This will be Charlie’s fifth chance to get put down by Lucy on the big screen, as creator Charles Schulz’s characters have previously appeared in films called A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Come Home, Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown, and Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don’t Come Back!!). Seeing as how Charles Schulz passed in 2000, you might be wondering who would be willing to step into his legendary shoes and make a new Peanuts feature. As it turns out, Schulz’s son, Craig Schulz, his grandson, Bryan Schulz, and a writer named Cornelius Uliano have all collaborated on the script, and Ice Age: Continental Drift director Steve Martino is set to helm. Sounds like as qualified a team to carry on a legacy as any…but there still isn’t any word on who will be providing the melancholy jazz music.


Drinking Games

Sure, there’s a lot of new DVD and Blu-ray releases this week to get as last-minute stocking stuffers. But none of these really scream “Christmas” unless you’re a huge Woody Allen fan or someone who watches way too much mixed martial arts. (Which, of course, begs the question as to when Woody’s gonna make his neurotic MMA comedy?) So to get into the Christmas spirit in the last couple days before the fat guy in the red suit comes barreling down your chimney, let’s look at a classic. If you recorded A Charlie Brown Christmas a few weeks back, or if you have the copy of the DVD or Blu-ray, here’s a chance to toast that bald kid whom nobody likes.

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