Merry Christmas movie/TV/goat-cheese lovers! As part of our week-long gift guide extravaganza thingamajig we’ve put together a list of Blu-rays, DVD and a few other ideas for you to use when shopping for others or for putting on your own Christmas list. Or both. Some of the films below are from years past, but they all hit Blu-ray and/or DVD this year so they totally count for this gift guide. Click on the links to be magically transported to Amazon, AmazonUK and other places where lovely things can be found.


Brotherhood DVD

One of the best things about writing for a movie website like Film School Rejects is access to the “hookers and blow” combo deals at film festivals. That probably counts as two best things, but the takeaway to remember here is that there are the occasional perks to the gig. The actual best thing though (aside from meeting some great and fun fellow movie lovers) is exposure to films I may never have seen otherwise. One such example is this week’s Pick, an American indie that I only caught via screener when it hit theaters… in the UK. Other releases this week include a re-release of Dario Argento’s fantastic Deep Red, a vengeful Djimon Hounsou in Elephant White, the gorgeous Minka Kelly in The Roommate, Jason Statham stretching as an assassin for hire in The Mechanic, Anthony Hopkins drinking Chianti with Satan in The Rite, and more. As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it. Brotherhood A group of hopeful fraternity pledges find themselves in a real pickle when the initiation process results in several serious crimes and one pledge bleeding to death on the couch. This is a fantastic thriller that rarely takes a minute to breathe once the action and suspense starts. It’s also filled with strong performances including what deserved to be a star-making turn by Trevor Morgan. From my my full review… “[This] is a rare and unexpected success in that it takes a relatively well worn plot, jettisons […]


The Reject Report

Liam Neeson throwing elbows, Martin Lawrence throwing his weight, and Alex Pettyfer throwing just about everything in the room with his mind are what’s on the docket this weekend. It’s an eclectic mix of comedy, sci-fi, and mystery/thriller that should prove successful for the overall numbers, but what will come out on top? Let’s see how each of these films breaks down going into the box office.


The Week That Was

With every week that passes, it feels like things just keep getting better and better around here. It’s becoming increasingly easy to put this very column together. New writers and very soon, we’ll have some new columns to tout. There’s a reason why the tagline “The Cure for the Common Movie Blog” now graces our homepage. Because if we’re anything around here, it’s uncommon. And you can find out why with the links that I’ve strategically placed after the jump. It’s all part of a little game I like to call The Week That Was.



A van rolls through the night with fraternity members at the wheel and hopeful pledges packed in back. The initiation rite is simple and suitably stupid… they pull up to a random gas station, the pledge runs in with a ski mask on his head and a gun in his hand and demands the cash from the register. What could possibly go wrong? Especially since the pledges are stopped by another member before entering and handed a small bag of cash to bring back to the van. They never see the inside of the store as the test is simply to see if they have the balls to do it. Kevin (Lou Taylor Pucci) is understandably nervous, but heads in anyway when it comes to his turn. Only they’re at the wrong station, there’s no one there to stop him, and he’s about to be shot in the chest by an equally nervous store clerk. Movies featuring college fraternities usually fall into one of two categories. There are the comedies that focus on panty raids, frat house competitions, and the protein value of fried semen. And there are the dramatic thrillers about conspiracies, date rape, and hazing. Brotherhood falls squarely on the thriller side, but it does so with a breathless pace, a smart script, and far stronger acting than these types of films usually deserve. It’s quite possibly the best of the genre… and yes, I have seen The Skulls.



In a ceremony last night at the Austin Convention Center, the Jury and Audience Award winners for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival were announced. Hosted by comedian Eugene Mirman, the ceremony ran a bit long — and even caused a bit of a ruckus on Twitter, as Variety and other publications released the winners before they were actually announced at the ceremony — but in the end, it was a celebration of an excellent year for SXSW.

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