When I was a kid, we went on a lot of road trips. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. Summers usually meant that we were gone nearly every weekend in the travel trailer my dad hauled behind his suburban, off for a new campground somewhere in Texas. He even drove that thing to Orlando one year, taking my mother, brother and me to DisneyWorld, staying at Disney’s rustic Fort Wilderness. Great trip, but that is a long trip from the DFW Metroplex. This was the day and age before iPods, iPads, and Kindles, so I usually relegated myself to the way, way back with a stack of comic books, or a science fiction novel. Thankfully, my mom encouraged my reading, and a trip meant that she would pick up a book for me (or sometimes, even let me pick one) from the spinner racks at the grocery store checkout. Speaking of those, do they even exist anymore? These days you never see books for sale at the checkout, and if you do, chances are it’s a Harlequin romance. Blurgh. At one point, my mom picked up a novelization of a movie for me, giving me a chance to read the story before I’d seen the film. I can’t remember exactly which movie it was… probably The Empire Strikes Back. But I readily recall reading novelizations for The Last Starfighter, Tron, The Goonies, Explorers, and even a couple of Knight Rider adaptations, including the classic “Trust Doesn’t Rust” episode, which […]


Hollywood Movie Stills

With Christmas fast approaching, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably starting to think about maybe thinking about doing some Christmas shopping. It’s cool. No rush. But what do you get the film geek who has everything when it comes to his DVD/Blu-ray collection? We collectors are a sick bunch, amassing hundreds if not thousands of discs, making it very hard for you to buy for us. Fear not, friend, for there are other movie related gifts that are not in disc form! Once, long ago, entertainment was something printed on pages of paper and bound. These objects, called “books,” were on a variety of topics, including many near and dear to the film nerd’s heart! So relax, check out this awesome selection of books for your film loving friends, and click on the image if you want to add it to your cart.



While the year isn’t even half over yet, it’s going to be a hard climb for anyone to topple the summer Joss Whedon is having. If The Avengers box office wasn’t enough to give him the best summer ever (it is), his co-writing and producing on The Cabin in the Woods might be the nudge to put him over the top with most fans. Whedon has a few projects in the pipeline (he wrote the upcoming In Your Eyes and is directing his take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing), but what if you need more Whedon right now!? Turn your eyes to the page, dear friend. Titan Books currently has three Joss-related offerings ready for your perusal. We took a look at them to give you the straight dope on whether they’re just for super-fans or if everyone can enjoy. After all, not everyone is a huge fan of Whedon. Indeed, personally, I’m at best 50/50 on the guy, finding serious flaws within some his work, absolutely loving some of it, and having not ever watched a good chunk of it. The following contains spoilers for The Cabin in the Woods and Joss Whedon’s career.


How Movie Fans Survive January

January is a notoriously terrible month for movies because the holiday rush is over, and because there has to be an island of misfit movies somewhere on the calendar. Even though there are a couple of decent-to-good films coming out this month, the dearth of interesting releases is a saddening one. Unless you see it as an opportunity. The movie world is giving you a breather, a chance to step away from the box office for a while and whittle down your dependency on the butter product they’re putting on popcorn now. What are you going to do with all that luxurious free time? Here are a few ideas.



Well, that’s not entirely true. You see, Elmore Leonard, famed author and all around interesting chap, created the character of Raylan Givens in a pair of stories. That character was then brought to the small screen via the excellent FX original series Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant. So like, speaking accurately, Elmore Leonard didn’t actually create the show. Just the character. But you know what? Shut up, I’m trying to give you a free book. With a career that spans 60 years, features forty-four novels, twenty-one feature film adaptations, and three honorary doctorates, Elmore “Dutch” Leonard celebrated his 85th birthday on October 11th. Also cause for celebration, his newest novel, Djibouti, was released on October 12th. If you didn’t immediately run out and buy it, you may be in luck: we’re giving away three copies.



Just before the weekend hit, we received an awesome little package here at Reject HQ: several copies of the latest release from the folks at Titan Books, Star Trek: The Art of the Film. But before we get to giving some of them away, we’d like to show you what’s inside.



Love Star Wars? Love The Shining and Alien? Are you literate? Then get excited.



Hurting for some good science fiction on the big screen? Us too. So we decided to dig into some good books and find ten great reads for Hollywood to adapt and amaze us with epic space battles and post-apocalyptic awesomeness.

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