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Crime-related dramas usually do one of two things well. They’re either interested solely in the mystery itself, or they’re more focused on the characters and their journey into darkness. In rare cases, like David Fincher’s Zodiac or Bong Joon-ho’s Memories of Murder, a movie can nail both halves with equal skill and effect. Blood takes the second path, eschewing any real mystery or suspense to focus on two brothers, both in blood and in blue, whose investigation into a teenage girl’s murder leads to a crime of their own. They’re soon tasked with solving the very crime they committed, and as the pressure to close the case mounts the fragility of the two men’s lives begins to crack. Unfortunately they crack and crumble in the ways viewers will most likely expect.


Kristen Connolly in 'The Cabin in the Woods'

What can be said about a movie that you’re not supposed to talk about? A lot, apparently. Recently, Kristen Connolly, star of the new genre-bending horror film Cabin in the Woods sat down with us to talk about her role in the film and the production in general. She also let us in on a few secrets about her earlier career in soap operas and what she wears to cook eggs in the morning. At Kristen’s side was director Drew Goddard to throw in his two cents about how the rumor mill has been treating his movie and why he doesn’t like movie trailers or even posters. And there’s blood. Lots and lots of blood.


The Woman Photo 3

One of the best things to watch over and over and over again was the video from Sundance when a cranky, old sad person walked out of Lucky McKee‘s The Woman because it was a piece of art to get mad at or something. There’s no doubt that McKee has been a fresh voice in horror for years, and his new flick comes out on October 14th so hopefully your loins are girded. Because, according to that cranky person, the movie is way too challenging. What’s not challenging is this small group of pictures from the production. One screams poetry, another shows off some behind-the-scenes fun, and the last simply has blood all over it:



Up to this point I haven’t been all that excited about the upcoming remake of Conan the Barbarian. All of the ads have made it look like a pretty generic swordplay film that could sit alongside the B-level stuff I’d watch on cable as a kid on Sunday afternoons. But then, on last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, we got a great fight scene where Conan star Jason Momoa gleefully slit a guy’s throat and then reached in and pulled out all of his neck guts and his tongue and stuff. It really whetted my appetite to see Momoa slash some more stuff up. And coincidentally enough, now IGN brings us a red band trailer for Conan that gives us almost exclusively tons of that. Momoa growls to us in this trailer that, “When a Barbarian feels thirst, it is a thirst for blood.” It’s a pretty sweet tag line, but it’s also backed up by constant images of Conan hacking and slashing his way through the countryside. This movie seems to be all swirling swords and fountains of the red, sticky stuff. At one point Conan even seems to get amorous when he sees a lady put a sword through a downed opponent’s skull. That’s the sort of dedication to bloodletting that I can get behind. And in addition to the blood showers, we also get a glimpse of burned villages, sacrificed virgins, and what seems to be a much larger scale recreation of the trash compactor scene […]



This is a rough week for the ye old DVD column because fate and coincidence have conspired to keep me from seeing most of the releases. I missed the few that hit theaters, and SXSW has left me with precious little time for DVD watching. So consider this week’s installment a “grain of salt” edition if you will. I’ll return next week with more solid opinions, but for now let’s look at the releases I’m forced to give blind ‘Rent’ recommendations to. There are only two high profile titles hitting shelves, The Fighter and Hereafter, and they’re joined by a handful of slightly recognizable smaller films and some obscure releases that have most likely avoided your radar all together. Like Sugar Boxx… The Switch This Jason Bateman/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy earns the ‘Pick of the Week’ by default as it’s one of the very few releases I’ve actually seen, but luckily it’s actually a pretty good movie. The two play best friends whose lives get turned upside down when he replaces the semen meant for her vagina with his own baby batter. The film is sweet and funny enough, and both actors prove themselves capable and worthy of the genre.


Boiling Point

Dear Mr. Sylvester Stallone, Long time fan, first time letter writer. I recently had the pleasure of watching your film, The Expendables, in theaters. Congratulations on an impressive opening weekend, virtually guaranteeing the green light to proceed with a sequel. I welcome another entry into this celebration of action heroes, past and present. Brutal action fun is missing from theaters these days and The Expendables looks to be the cure, much as Marion ‘Cobra’ Cobretti was the cure for the disease of crime.


Let Me In Poster

Movie-savvy audiences might be in for a surprise soon. I’ve spoken with several trusted sources who have seen the film, and who can articulate their opinions without grunting, and they’ve unanimously praised Let Me In. While the original is aching and beautiful and heart-warmingly cold, the American remake might do what horror remakes struggle to do: be worth it. The positive praise comes with something else today. A new, glorious poster is online and ready to be loved. Just try not to step in the blood:



Speaking from experience, human flesh doesn’t stand up all that well when violently introduced to glass. Unless you live in Hollywoodland, that is.



This article could be about anything – but it’s only about one thing. You’ll have to read on to find out what doesn’t belong in your mouth.



Since Ninja Assassin comes out on Wednesday to slice your turkey for you, I thought you might want to re-read my interview with its director. Sadly for you, it’s on video.



You want more unsettling movies about children in your 31 Days of Horror? Fine, then you got it!



A non-vampire movie with the word ‘vampire’ in the title! A vicious mad scientist whose thirst for blood knows no bounds! He finishes where Dracula left off!



In a tragic love triangle, Monami gives Mizushima a Valentine’s Day chocolate filled with her own blood, changing him into an immortal. The third side of the triangle is Keiko who wants Mizushima all to herself. A fight ensues, but when Keiko accidentally falls to her death from the roof, her mad scientist Kubuki father brings her back to life with the aid of a few of her fellow students’ body parts allowing her to take on Monami in a battle to the death.



We’ve been training all our lives for this, and it’s finally here. Fantastic Fest 2009 promises to remove our eyeballs, pour blood, sex and ninja moves all over them and then shove them right back in our face. These are the 20 films that have us most excited about that upcoming amateur surgical procedure.



These two new clips from Sorority Row are NSFW. As long as that stands for Now, Some Fine Women. And also stands for Not Safe For Work Due to Exposed Breasts. Or Oh Snap Some Girl Gets A Bottle Shoved Down Her Throat.



Either you want to see cute sorority girls prancing around in their underwear or you want to see those bitches get killed. Luckily, the new trailer and pictures for Sorority Row satisfy both needs.



The little horror film that could hits theaters today, and if the trailer didn’t sell you on it or if you’re wary of any horror that comes out, here are a few solid reasons why you should give The Collector the time of day.



Mix up this bloody sweet recipe and you’ll have yourself some fantastic looking fake blood for your Halloween and horror needs.

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