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It’s the near future, and the world (or at least this part of it) is suffering from a decade-old drought. Two teens in the newly desert-like state of Oregon struggle to survive on what used to be a family farm — Dean (Booboo Stewart) hides out in the attic, Kendal (Haley Lu Richardson) makes runs to the nearby well for water — but their efforts are hampered by his failing kidneys, a roving band of violent marauders and the well’s dwindling water supply. They have a plane in a nearby barn, but it’s in need of a very specific engine part, and it soon becomes clear that they may not last until that piece is found. Dean’s health grows worse each day, and Carson’s (Jon Gries) gang is stepping up their efforts to eliminate threats to the region’s limited water sources. What’s a teenage girl with moderate shotgun and samurai sword skills to do? The Well offers up a smartly-crafted, lo-fi apocalypse that packs in substantial substance and care for its budget. Director/co-writer Thomas S. Hammock delivers a mostly convincing and desolate world along with a highly empathetic lead character who acts as our guide through a life seemingly without hope.



Stuart Gordon‘s 1985 film, Re-Animator, remains one of the absolute best horror/comedies of the last three decades thanks to its spectacular mix of over the top, extremely bloody shenanigans and blackly comic sense of humor. The creative forces on that film (including Gordon, writer Dennis Paoli, producer Brian Yuzna, stars Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs, and many members of the sfx team) joined together on another film a year later that once again adapted the work of H.P. Lovecraft into an eyeful of a movie. From Beyond never achieved the same levels of popularity or infamy as its predecessor, but it remains a fun, sexy and practical effects-filled romp into the unknown. Scream Factory continues their bid to become the Criterion Collection for genre fans by bringing the uncut From Beyond to Blu-ray for the very first time complete with a beautifully restored picture and loads of special features. Keep reading to see what I heard on the commentary track for From Beyond.


Grow Up Tony Phillips

It’s not often that you get to see an exciting filmmaking talent growing and developing before your eyes, but one such example can be found in Emily Hagins. It’s impressive enough that she’s directing a film at the age of nineteen, but when you realize her latest will be her fourth feature? It’s enough to make a person wish for a time machine so they could go back in time to light a fire under their own ass. Hagins’ last movie, My Sucky Teen Romance, was a popular feature on the festival circuit and saw a DVD release last month from Dark Sky Films. Again, impressive for a film featuring no name talent to speak of. (Apologies to the two hundred and forty eight Austin bloggers who appeared throughout the film in various capacities.) She’s stepping up her game for her new film with both a more mature story and some recognizable talent in front of the camera. Genre and indie favorites Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator) and AJ Bowen (The House of the Devil) have signed on to star in Grow Up, Tony Phillips which is scheduled to begin production in the next month or so. Even better, you can have a hand in the film’s production too. Check out the full press announcement below or go straight to the film’s Kickstarter page to help make Grow Up, Tony Phillips a reality (and score some pretty cool swag in the process).


Drinking Games

It might not be October yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start gearing up for some horror movies. One of the legendary gorefests from the 1980s is hitting Blu-ray this week: Stuart Gordon’s tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, Re-Animator. While it didn’t redefine zombie movies, partly because Gordon was paying homage to Frankenstein more than he was the standard walking dead film, Re-Animator was a financial success in limited run theaters and helped launch the career of Jeffrey Combs. It also showed us one of the many uses of glow stick fluid. New on Blu-ray, it’s time to give this film another watch in high definition.


Rejec Radio Logo

This week, we find a bunch of random movie fanatics (including Kevin Sorbo) wandering around the Alamo Drafthouse parking lot during Fantastic Fest and invite them in for a drink and a long conversation. Familiar voices like Neil Miller, Scott Weinberg, Brian Kelley, Rob Hunter, Brian Salisbury, Luke Mullen, Adam Charles join voices new to the show like Mike Saulters, Jason Murphy and Zack The Waiter. Oh, and Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo drops in to talk about his new movie, Julia X. He also brings along the film’s director, P.J. Pettiette. Download This Episode



A young woman slinks downstairs in her underwear to fix another drink, recover from some bad sex and turn on some music. The secluded house far away from any city limit sign offers a perfect opportunity to crank of the volume without any close neighbors calling the cops. When her sugar daddy finds her dead body, he’ll also find a message for him scrawled on the sliding glass doors in blood. Thus begins You’re Next. This blood-splattered couple is just the appetizer though. The real focus of the film is a neighboring family that puts the “fun” back in “constantly bitching.” Paul Davison (Rob Moran) and Aubrey (the legendary Barbara Crampton) are father and mother to the brood. Drake (Joe Swanberg) is the ass-kissing mess stuffed into a turtle neck, Aimee (Amy Seimetz) is the perpetual Daddy’s Girl even in her adulthood, Felix (Nicholas Tucci) is the disaffected middle child of history, and Crispian (A.J. Bowen) is the ridiculously-named good son who acts as our entryway into a night that’s meant to celebrate 35 of marriage but will be invaded by figures in animal masks who only mean harm.

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