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In the forthcoming edition of Entertainment Weekly, Tom Hardy gets deep on his dedication to Christopher Nolan, his creative aim in The Dark Knight Rises, that damned voice problem, and the dangerous gamble that they’re taking on the villainous Bane. “It’s a risk, because we could be laughed at—or it could be very fresh and exciting,” says Hardy. As for the voice, he calls for patience – noting that with the benefit of time in the context of the movie will let the audience acclimate to the grumbling sound. It’ll no doubt be a fascinating interview, one that exactly zero people will have to be goaded into reading, but it’s more interesting that the star of one of the most anticipated movies of the year, an inevitable blockbuster that will add even more hundreds of millions of dollars to a billion-dollar franchise, is having to defend and explain substantive creative choices. It’s refreshing actually. This isn’t the same plastic, obvious, big-scale, two-hour commercial for toys; it’s a giant experiment in storytelling (that, granted, has the benefit of a giant safety net earned by past performance). Hopefully Nolan didn’t ask Hardy to wear a bag over his head for nothing.



Despite the fact that the world collectively shat their pants at all of the cool included in the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s third Batman joint, The Dark Knight Rises, there was also a rallying cry that begun to spring up after all the explosions and Batplanes had sunk in. It was the cry of, “Hey, what did Bane say? I couldn’t understand him at all!” Tom Hardy, behind the Bane mask, kind of sounds like the son of Michael Caine and Donald Trump gargling marbles, so everybody is now hoping that the line we got from him was just early footage, or a temporary sound mix, or something that isn’t at all indicative of what it’s really going to be like trying to understand the main villain for the entirety of the film. Unfortunately for those with hopes, THR claims to have sources saying that this is definitely what Bane is going to sound like through the whole movie, and that Christopher Nolan doesn’t have many plans to do anything about it. The first source they cite, who is just said to be “working on the film,” says that he is “scared to death” about “the Bane problem.” This could either be taken as evidence that Bane’s dialogue will be an issue, or evidence that somebody working as an extra wanted a little bit of spotlight from the trades and struck while an online controversy was hot to deliver a quote, I’ll let you decide. But further comments in […]


The Dark Knight Rises Villains

The Dark Knight was the first sequel Christopher Nolan ever directed. The Dark Knight Rises will be his first threequel, and there’s something special about his bullet-proof nature. Variety has confirmed the long-believed rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would play Alberto Falcone – the Fredo of the Gotham mob family. He’s a villain to be sure, and one of the best because he’s twisted and weak, an outcast from his own kin in many ways. So it’s another villain added to the pile. Catwoman, Talia Al’Ghul, Bane, and the League of Shadows form the bad guy sundae, and Falcone is the shriveled up cherry on top. Even so, there have been no editorials calling Nolan and company out for their newfound lust for high profile baddies. If Batman was wearing red and blue spandex with a spider logo on the front, this news would cause outrage. It would hit too close to home. So why does Nolan get a pass just four years after Spider-Man 3 vomited out bad guys all over the screen? There are at least three big reasons.



Hopefully the headline is enough of a spoiler warning (and enough for you to go get your grain of salt), but some new rumors for The Dark Knight Rises have…you know…risen, and they aren’t the kind that see Eddie Murphy playing Crazy Quilt. Sorry about that. Try to forget the image that just popped into your head. Instead of broadcasting this on the home page, go ahead and skip ahead of the jump if you want to know some possible details about what characters will be doing what (could it be more vague?). If not, stay golden, Pony Boy, and avoid this post like the spoilery plague.



With the casting announcement of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle and Tom Hardy as Bane, the speculation begins on how these two pieces of the Batman universe will come together to create the puzzle that Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan have brewing in their minds. It’s a puzzle now confined to paper, but it’s a puzzle that demands solving nonetheless. The way to solve it? Pure speculation. The intriguing element to the casting has nothing to do with the actors or the fact that the characters have shown up in previous Batman movies. It has to do with the comic book history of Catwoman and Bane – and the minimal interaction they’ve had over the years. Catwoman is a classic villain, created in 1940. Bane is a modern creation born in 1993. So which comic book storylines will the Nolans draw from to bring them together?



The speculation is over. Eddie Murphy is officially out of the running to play Catwoman for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises because the role has gone to Anne Hathaway (who can be seen looking cat-like to the right). Joining her in the casting news is Tom Hardy (who has long been known to be involved in the movie) who will play Bane. Catwoman is an uninspired choice, and even though Bane was featured in the worst Batman movie of all time, he’s the most interesting piece of the next puzzle. It’s a bit uninteresting to see Selina Kyle again (unless Nolan takes her back to her roots of prostitution and gangster clan heckling), but seeing Tom Hardy play perhaps the most intelligent and most physically formidable villain Batman has faced is definitely a concept worth the price of admission (to a movie everyone on the planet is already planning on seeing). Some odd choices, but by this point, shouldn’t we be placing our faith in Nolan? [Hero Complex]

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